Global Pandora Fall 2020 Collection — Overview

Pandora Fall 2020 Collection — Overview


Take a mag­i­cal stroll through Pan­do­ra’s fall gar­den with the new Fall 2020 col­lec­tion.

In the new fall col­lec­tion of charms that rep­re­sent hob­bies, peo­ple and places, there is some­thing for every­one! The inspir­ing col­lec­tion also fea­tures ban­gles in three new styles and the incred­i­ble Ring pen­dant reimag­ined.


Bracelet Pan­do­ra Pure­ly

Pearls & Shiny Beads

The Pan­do­ra Pure­ly bracelet is an ele­gant string of sleek ster­ling sil­ver beads and lus­trous pearls. The new bracelet is made in a mod­ern style with bright white pearls in the cen­ter and small and large beads on sep­a­rate sides. A bar­rel-shaped clasp engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo com­pletes the light­weight and ele­gant look.

Pan­do­ra Moments Mag­net­ic Chain Bracelet

It’s always nice to see new Pan­do­ra bracelet designs and we’re espe­cial­ly intrigued by the mag­net­ic clasp bracelet. A bracelet from the Pan­do­ra Moments range can be dec­o­rat­ed with Pan­do­ra pen­dants and charms. How­ev­er, instead of the usu­al fas­ten­ing, the bracelet has a mag­net­ic clasp dec­o­rat­ed with a snake pat­tern. Over­all, it has a rather mas­cu­line design that we real­ly like.

Pan­do­ra Moments Tog­gle Chain Bracelet

Anoth­er new bracelet from the Pan­do­ra Moments line is the chain bracelet with tog­gle clasp. The sil­ver chain has two clips and an ele­gant T‑bar fas­ten­ing sys­tem. At first, we were con­cerned that the bracelet would not close secure­ly. How­ev­er, the close-up image above shows how the T‑bar is actu­al­ly secured in a small­er ring in a sil­ver clasp.

Pan­do­ra Moments Rose Tog­gle Chain Bracelet

The Moments tog­gle chain bracelet is also avail­able in a love­ly pink fin­ish. Please note that there are no clips on the chain on the pink bracelet.


Pan­do­ra Box­ing Gloves Pen­dant

Get knocked out with the new Pan­do­ra Box­ing Gloves pen­dant! An embossed Pan­do­ra crown mono­gram cov­ers the top of the glove, while the Pan­do­ra logo is print­ed on the thumb. The laces are tied into a cute bow, and the oxi­dized effect high­lights the beau­ti­ful seam. The word “Str♡ng” is writ­ten on the top of the glove as a sym­bol of strength, and the phrase “PANDORA ♥ ︎BOXING” is engraved on the sil­ver pen­dant.

Pan­do­ra wavy blue Mura­no glass charm

Sim­i­lar to the col­or of a clear autumn sky, the blue glass charm is anoth­er beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Mura­no piece this year. Shim­mer­ing high­lights shim­mer with­in the charm, while rip­pled glass cre­ates an intrigu­ing tex­ture.

Pan­do­ra Charm “Fluffy Lla­ma”

Lla­mas are the new uni­corns, and we’re excit­ed to see the mania con­tin­ue at Pan­do­ra with the release of the Fur­ry Lla­ma charm! Dark oxi­da­tion high­lights the lla­ma’s curly fur and ear pads. Our favorite details are her tiny heart shaped nose and lit­tle bell around her neck.

Pan­do­ra Skele­ton Girl Charm

Sim­i­lar to the struc­ture of the Bel­la Bot charm, the Skele­ton Girl charm has a large head and dan­gling body. A small bow hangs from her shiny pol­ished sil­ver skull, and hid­den Pan­do­ra hearts are found through­out the piece. Two large hearts cov­er the eye sock­ets of the skull, and an invert­ed heart forms the nose. Two more hearts form the pelvic bone in front and behind the skele­ton.

Charm Pan­do­ra “Rick­shaw”

Like the mode of trans­port itself, the word “rick­shaw” comes from Japan. The sim­ple rick­shaw, which lit­er­al­ly means “a vehi­cle dri­ven by a per­son”, can be found all over the world today. Bright red and green enam­el adds a col­or­ful charm, and clear cubic zirko­nia are set around the rims. A glossy red enam­el heart sits in the cen­ter of the nee­dles and two hid­den hearts are embossed on either side of the han­dle. This beau­ti­ful charm will make a won­der­ful sou­venir.

Pan­do­ra Heart Stetho­scope Pen­dant

Peo­ple who work in the field of health should be appre­ci­at­ed for their car­ing and impor­tant work. The new heart-shaped stetho­scope pen­dant makes a won­der­ful gift for a nurse or doc­tor. A sil­ver stetho­scope hang­ing from a thick ring forms the shape of a heart with a sparkling stone in the cen­ter.

Charm Pan­do­ra “Horse”

Over the years, Pan­do­ra has pro­duced a vari­ety of horse charms. Sim­i­lar to the recent Lucky Horse charm (791744), the new ver­sion fea­tures a head with a flow­ing mane. The updat­ed prod­uct is miss­ing a bri­dle, which sym­bol­izes free­dom, and the horse’s curls flut­ter in the wind.

Pan­do­ra Baby Slip­per Pen­dant

Raise your hand if you love Pan­do­ra’s two tone charms!

We’re thrilled that Pan­do­ra is mak­ing more two-tone charms, and the new Baby Slip­per Charm is a per­fect exam­ple of this. A small shoe hangs at an angle from a sim­ple sil­ver ring. On one side, a heart-shaped dec­o­ra­tion engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo. Dark oxi­da­tion accen­tu­ates the edge of the sole and beau­ti­ful stitch­ing. Glit­ter­ing 14k gold laces are tied into a cute bow to com­plete the eye-catch­ing design. In the pic­ture above, you can see the “G585” stamp in 14k gold that is embossed on the top of the laces.

Although this pen­dant is called “Chil­dren’s Slip­per”, it is not exact­ly child­ish. Inspired by the icon­ic Con­verse Chuck Tay­lor shoe, it can also be used as an adult pen­dant.

Pan­do­ra Bear, Fox and Squir­rel Pen­dant

A trio of for­est friends hug togeth­er on a two-piece Pan­do­ra pen­dant. A friend­ly bear, a smart fox and a cute squir­rel adorn the bead­ed front ele­ment. On the back is a sil­ver cir­cle with the words “Life is bet­ter with friends” and a tiny carved heart at the bot­tom.

Charm Pan­do­ra “Ele­phant Ellie”

Pan­do­ra has released many dif­fer­ent ele­phant charms over the years. Their newest ver­sion, Ellie the Baby Ele­phant, is most sim­i­lar to the recent­ly released Lucky Baby Ele­phant charm (791902). Both sit in the same posi­tion and hold their tor­so high. How­ev­er, Ellie the Ele­phant has a small tail on the back and sits with its front two paws touch­ing the ground. Oxi­dized lines out­line his bright eyes and high­light lines and wrin­kles.

Pan­do­ra Inlaid Snake Clip Charm

A ser­pen­tine pat­tern adorns one half of this wheel-shaped clip, while the oth­er half looks like it has been bathed in glit­ter­ing stones.

Charm Pan­do­ra “Blue-eyed Fox”

Often used as a sym­bol of intel­li­gence, fox­es are also known for their agili­ty and play­ful­ness. The new Blue Eyed Fox charm is craft­ed from pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver. Her black enam­el nose explores the scents in the air while blue crys­tals shine mis­chie­vous­ly from her eyes.

Pan­do­ra Glit­ter­ing Twist­ed Snake Charm

Over the years, Pan­do­ra has pro­duced a wide range of snake pen­dants. The new Glit­ter­ing Twist­ed Snake Charm is sim­i­lar in design to the pre­vi­ous Glit­ter­ing Snake Charm (791539CZ). Both snakes are dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia and coiled into a tight spi­ral. How­ev­er, the new charm has a sleek­er look with an addi­tion­al snake pat­tern and a sleek, shiny head.

Pan­do­ra Open Heart Snake Charm

Sim­i­lar to the recent­ly released Open Heart Bead­ed Charm (797516), the new Open Heart Charm has the same shape and tex­ture, but fea­tures a snake pat­tern. A band of sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia adorns the charm on both sides.

Pan­do­ra Heart Piano Pen­dant

Make music with the adorable new Heart Piano Pen­dant! Pan­do­ra pre­vi­ous­ly released the Royale pen­dant (791503), but the new ver­sion has a lot more detail. The piano keys are hand-paint­ed in black and white enam­el, and the heart-shaped lid is raised. The tre­ble clef adorns the sil­ver ring, and the Pan­do­ra logo is engraved on the top of the piano.

Pan­do­ra Love­ly Squir­rel Charm

Although the squir­rel is part of the rodent fam­i­ly, it is far more pop­u­lar than its rat and mouse cousins! In the new charm, Squir­rel is espe­cial­ly adorable with her big fluffy tail and beau­ti­ful black enam­el eyes. Lit­tle oxi­dized hearts are imprint­ed on her paw pads, anoth­er cute detail!

Pan­do­ra Dream­catch­er Heart Charm with 3 Feath­ers

The dream catch­er is one of the most pop­u­lar Pan­do­ra charms. Like the Holy Dream­catch­er (797200), the new Dream­catch­er charm fea­tures three dan­gling feath­ers and an intri­cate open­work design. How­ev­er, a new ele­ment in this ver­sion is a heart shape with a beau­ti­ful pat­tern on the inside that twists inward towards a tiny heart in the cen­ter. Two charms are engraved with the inscrip­tion “Dreams of the Heart”.

Pan­do­ra Let­ter Board Pen­dant

The new “Writ­ing Board” pen­dant is per­fect for teach­ers! Hang­ing from a sim­ple sil­ver ring is a slate board with a tex­tured wood frame. The words “Learn” and “S ♡” are writ­ten on both sides, and a heart-shaped sponge lies on the edge.

Pan­do­ra Dream­catch­er Heart Charm with Two Feath­ers Rose

The Pan­do­ra Pink Dream­catch­er charm is again sim­i­lar to the sil­ver ver­sion, but with sil­ver and pink feath­ers hang­ing from the ring at the bot­tom of the charm. Like the pre­vi­ous ver­sion of the Pink Dream­catch­er (787200C00), the two nib ver­sion is engraved with “Fol­low Your Dreams”.

Charm Pan­do­ra “Helm and Anchor” Rose
Embark on a won­der­ful adven­ture with Pan­do­ra’s new Pink Helm and Anchor Charm! Fan­cy fab­u­lous pink cubic zir­co­nias are insert­ed on both sides of the open­work steer­ing wheel, and a pat­tern of carved hearts is on the side. Under it swings a small anchor with a rope.

Charm Clip Pan­do­ra “Shim­mer­ing Anchor” Rose


This smooth but­ton clip is embell­ished on both sides with an anchor motif. Fan­cy fab­u­lous pink cubic zir­co­nias

ShPan­do­ra arm in wavy pur­ple Mura­no glass Rose


Cre­ate majes­tic style by pair­ing ele­gant pur­ple glass with rose met­al. Sim­i­lar to the Bril­liant Mura­no Glass (788107), this charm has a beau­ti­ful wavy tex­ture with shim­mery glit­ter inside. How­ev­er, the new charm has a deep­er shade of pur­ple and has a snake pat­tern at its core.

Pen­dant Pan­do­ra “Apple” Rose


Tempt your­self to try the Pink Apple Pen­dant! The exquis­ite ring is dec­o­rat­ed with sparkling stones, and the apple has an inter­est­ing rough tex­ture. Our favorite detail is the heart-shaped leaf and stem on top of the apple.

Pan­do­ra Heart and Snake Pen­dant Rose


This cute pen­dant con­sists of two ele­ments. At the front, a sparkling snake coils into a heart shape. The phrase “Where there is love, there is mag­ic” is engraved on the back of the smooth heart. Trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nias adorn the thin ring and part of the snake.

Pan­do­ra Pur­ple Flower Charm Rose

The open­work flower charm looks bright with its petals, which are hand-paint­ed in glossy translu­cent pur­ple enam­el. A large clear cubic zir­co­nia is set in the cen­ter on both sides, and small­er stones adorn the edges of the petals. An intri­cate leaf pat­tern adorns the side of the pen­dant.

Pan­do­ra Mono­gram Charm

The Pan­do­ra Mono­gram charm is now avail­able in 18k gold plat­ing. Although we are not sure if it will have a glob­al release.



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