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Neckline jewelry > How to choose jewelry for the neckline of a dress


Many women choose neck jew­el­ry at ran­dom, not real­iz­ing that their type depends on the type of neck­line. How­ev­er, intu­ition does not always work in mat­ters relat­ed to fash­ion. Ear­rings and rings do not affect the neck­line as much as all kinds of chains and pen­dants.

If you want to look fash­ion­able, check out a few sim­ple rules and tips on how to match your neck­line jew­el­ry to help you improve your style. In this arti­cle, we will list the main prin­ci­ples for choos­ing jew­el­ry and cos­tume jew­el­ry for dif­fer­ent types of cloth­ing cutouts. Let’s focus on acces­sories that will dec­o­rate the out­fit and empha­size the fem­i­nin­i­ty and sex­u­al­i­ty of every girl and woman.

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V‑neck embellishment

The biggest prob­lem with match­ing the V‑neck of any dress is that it should­n’t be too short or too long. Then it will look too provoca­tive, espe­cial­ly for women with large breasts.

If you have a V‑neck, you should wear some­thing asym­met­ri­cal. This type of neck­line is hor­i­zon­tal, so you should choose a long open­work pen­dant. or choose a neck­lace with a sim­i­lar line, where you can adjust the length of the chain on which the pen­dant is locat­ed, accord­ing to the depth of the cut.

Ladies with large breasts should opt for short neck­laces with a pen­dant. The ide­al jew­el­ry for a V‑neck is a chain that resem­bles the let­ter V or tapers down. Geo­met­ric pen­dants on a long chain are in fash­ion.

Ladies with very large breasts should opt for a short­ened ver­sion of such jew­el­ry so that the neck­lace does not “fall through” between the breasts.

Del­i­cate neck­lace with pen­dants is per­fect for a deep and small V‑neckline. It attracts atten­tion, adds sub­tle charm to the image and unob­tru­sive­ly com­ple­ments the style.

How to choose the right embellishment for a boat neckline

Boat-shaped neck­line is an orna­ment in itself. In this case, the neck­lace can break the whole styl­iza­tion and make the image too bulky. Then you should aban­don the pen­dant, even a del­i­cate one, and choose dec­o­ra­tive gold ear­rings that will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the out­fit.

For blous­es with an oval boat neck­line, styl­ists rec­om­mend sev­er­al types of jew­el­ry:

  • one-piece chain with a fash­ion­able pen­dant;

  • beads of medi­um length, con­sist­ing of sev­er­al threads. They look good with cut-out T‑shirts or embroi­dered blous­es;

  • short neck­laces close to the neck.

The same prin­ci­ple applies to any asym­met­ri­cal cutout shapes, which are also very dec­o­ra­tive in their own right.

A long soutache neck­lace, a long chain with a rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed pen­dant, and large round neck­laces will suit a blouse or dress with a boat neck­line. This will draw atten­tion to the face and décol­leté and hide full hips.

One of the hottest trends of recent sea­sons is neck­laces made up of mul­ti­ple chains or mul­ti­ple iden­ti­cal neck­laces worn at the same time.

How to choose jewelry for a straight neckline of a dress

In the case of sleeve­less dress­es with a straight neck­line, almost any jew­el­ry will look beau­ti­ful — both a long expres­sive neck­lace that is worn over clothes, and a del­i­cate one worn close to the neck. This is also a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to start wear­ing styl­ish chok­ers that are back in style right now.

An absolute fash­ion hit, which is com­bined with a straight neck­line, is a à la rosary neck­lace. It visu­al­ly length­ens the neck and opti­cal­ly nar­rows the shoul­ders.

A long slant­ed pen­dant paired with a plung­ing neck­line accen­tu­ates fem­i­nine curves.

  • For those with large breasts, choose medi­um-sized long neck­laces and pen­dants. Round shapes should be avoid­ed.

  • With a small chest, round neck­laces made of small ele­ments look good. Avoid long neck­laces with huge pen­dants.

  • Women of short stature should pay atten­tion to long neck­laces with large pen­dants. They opti­cal­ly length­en the fig­ure.

Jewelry on the neck under the round neckline of the dress

The answer to the ques­tion “what jew­el­ry to choose for a dress with a round neck­line” is an ele­gant pearl thread or chain with many geo­met­ric pen­dants.

With a round neck­line, short neck­laces look best. You just need to make sure that the dec­o­ra­tion does not over­lap the clothes — it will look much more beau­ti­ful near the neck, empha­siz­ing the col­lar­bones.

A round neck­line near the neck is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to opt for large dec­o­ra­tive round neck­laces. Espe­cial­ly on smooth blous­es and dress­es, they will look har­mo­nious and draw atten­tion to the face.

The Span­ish heart-shaped cutout calls for a chok­er or neck­lace around the neck. It will look good with more mas­sive beads that will dec­o­rate it like a col­lar.

A blouse with a wavy neck­line looks great paired with a very short trans­par­ent neck­lace or a longer one end­ing below the bust line. This visu­al­ly increas­es the size of the breast, and prop­er­ly select­ed jew­el­ry attracts the atten­tion of oth­ers.

Golf jewelry, sweaters, turtlenecks or blouses with a closed neck

Most women, putting on turtle­necks, com­plete­ly refuse jew­el­ry, believ­ing that they do not fit this type of neck­line at all. This is mis­take.

A T‑shirt, sweater or turtle­neck dress is a great back­drop for a neck­lace. In this case, you should choose expres­sive, prefer­ably long mod­els that will not merge with the mate­r­i­al. It is impor­tant that the jew­el­ry has a dif­fer­ent shade — con­trast with the clothes or be sev­er­al shades lighter / dark­er than it is.

If you have cho­sen a turtle­neck, you need to wear long jew­el­ry with it — a neck­lace with a sin­gle pen­dant or beads with a knot at the end.

Embellishments for a square t‑shirt neckline

With blous­es with straps or with T‑shirts, you can afford any neck­lace and chains, because they will all look very good.

If you’re into shop­ping, buy­ing into ads, and buy­ing jew­el­ry that does­n’t suit you, wear it with a plain t‑shirt — you’re sure to find it looks good with a bright neck­lace.

How to choose jewelry for the neckline of a dress with a collar, blouses and shirts

As in the case of a turtle­neck, women are afraid to choose dec­o­ra­tions for clothes with a col­lar, there­by refus­ing them. And the rules in this case are real­ly sim­ple.

If you are wear­ing an open col­lar, v‑neck dress acces­sories will work. But when fas­ten­ing but­tons to the neck, you need to put on a neck­lace under the col­lar, just like men put on ties. Avoid V‑shaped chains that will blend into such an out­fit.

Opt for round neck­laces that end in a longer dan­gling chain that goes into the neck­line.

Two or three chains can be worn with plain dress shirts — a short neck­lace around the neck, a medi­um-length chain with a small ele­ment, or the longest chain with a pen­dant ele­ment that can pass under the blouse.

Wear­ing a blouse with an asym­met­ri­cal neck­line, ditch the neck­lace, replac­ing it with long dan­gling ear­rings that opti­cal­ly length­en the neck.

If our out­fit ends right at the neck or it’s a shirt with tight­ly but­toned but­tons, choose eye-catch­ing ear­rings or a bracelet. If the shirt is plain, to add a lit­tle jew­el­ry accent, choose beads at the neck or sev­er­al chains of dif­fer­ent lengths.

It is not so much the length of the neck­lace that is impor­tant, but its appear­ance. It can be sil­ver or gold with pre­cious stones. You will look ele­gant and very sexy at the same time.

How to choose the right jewelry for the shape of the neckline of a T‑shirt or dress with straps

Incor­rect selec­tion of jew­el­ry under the neck­line of the dress visu­al­ly short­ens the neck.

Short neck­laces with a small pen­dant are suit­able for T‑shirts or dress­es with an oval neck­line. A strap­less dress or top, unless sequined, calls for a rich, eye-catch­ing, and chunky neck­lace.

The chok­er will look great with strap­less blous­es and corsets. It will accen­tu­ate the neck­line and draw atten­tion to the face. You can add small ear­rings to it, and the image will be per­fect­ly bal­anced. A chain with one pen­dant or a large neck­lace will also suit this type of out­fit.

Sleeve­less dress­es and blous­es give you a lot of free­dom when choos­ing acces­sories, because most mod­els look very good on them, espe­cial­ly those that are worn around the neck. They opti­cal­ly slim the fig­ure. Corals, neck­laces and chains wrapped around the neck sev­er­al times will be an excel­lent choice. A black pen­dant neck­lace adds seri­ous­ness. It will look chic in the evening style.

Now that you know what jew­el­ry and cos­tume jew­el­ry goes with dif­fer­ent neck­lines, take a look at your wardrobe and jew­el­ry box. You will def­i­nite­ly find that you can cre­ate com­plete­ly new kits from what you already have. The basic prin­ci­ple that should always be fol­lowed: the dec­o­ra­tion should reflect the shape of the neck­line. Although some­times it can be bro­ken. If you want to diver­si­fy your acces­so­ry wardrobe, you will find many inter­est­ing options in the Sil­vers online store. Deliv­ery of goods is car­ried out through­out Ukraine.


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