Global How to remove medical stud earrings yourself

How to remove medical stud earrings yourself


Ear pierc­ing is car­ried out using a spe­cial cos­met­ic gun, where ear­rings made of hypoal­ler­genic sur­gi­cal steel are insert­ed. It is a quick and almost pain­less pro­ce­dure com­pared to a nee­dle punc­ture. Holes heal quick­ly in both chil­dren and adults heal quick­ly. How and when to remove the stud ear­ring from the ear will be dis­cussed fur­ther.

How to remove stud earrings after being pierced with a gun (34 photos): how ...

How and when to remove medical earrings?

Usu­al­ly this ques­tion aris­es 1–2 weeks after the pierc­ing pro­ce­dure. This is espe­cial­ly true of how to remove stud ear­rings for a child.

Doc­tors and cos­me­tol­o­gists cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly do not rec­om­mend remov­ing the ear­ring from the ear until the final heal­ing of the ear due to:

  • the pos­si­bil­i­ty of injur­ing your­self / the child, caus­ing severe pain;

  • high risk of infec­tion. Then the heal­ing of the pierc­ing will last longer than in oth­er peo­ple;

  • thread­ing a new ear­ring into an unhealed one will become more dif­fi­cult and painful.

Be patient a lit­tle — an aver­age of 1.5 months, but it’s worth it.

How to remove stud earrings yourself with silicone fasteners?

The fea­tures of this process depend on the type and mate­r­i­al of the fas­ten­er:

  • met­al;

  • sil­i­cone.

It has a soft and elas­tic struc­ture, but over time it is able to hard­en strong­ly. To avoid this and, if nec­es­sary, you can eas­i­ly remove the ear­rings from the ear, they need to be rotat­ed peri­od­i­cal­ly. It does not hurt.

How to remove medical earrings?

The main require­ment is not to pan­ic. Do every­thing slow­ly and calm­ly. This will avoid pain and injury.

In ear­rings with sil­i­cone clasps, a few hours before removal, lubri­cate the fas­ten­ers with veg­etable oil or cream. This will sig­nif­i­cant­ly soft­en the sil­i­cone, and the ear­rings will come out of the ear­lobe almost imper­cep­ti­bly.

How to remove stud earrings after being pierced with a gun (34 photos): how ...

Get your hair out of your neck and eyes. Then they will inter­fere.

To pre­vent the occur­rence of infec­tions, before these manip­u­la­tions, wash your hands with soap and treat them with a dis­in­fec­tant or anti­sep­tic.

There are two meth­ods for remov­ing stud ear­rings:

  1. hold the ear­ring with two fin­gers of your left hand and care­ful­ly pull out the latch with your right hand;

  2. unscrew the ear­ring. Take it with your right hand and at the same time begin to twist it, hold­ing the fas­ten­er with your left so that it does not move.

For the first time, prod­ucts with a met­al clasp can be dif­fi­cult to remove with lit­tle effort.

How­ev­er, if you have any dif­fi­cul­ties — the ear­ring can­not be removed, do not risk it. Con­tact the beau­ti­cian who pierced your ears imme­di­ate­ly. And if an injury occurs, it is bet­ter to con­sult a doc­tor.

When the cloves have already been removed, the punc­ture points in the ears should be dis­in­fect­ed with 3% per­ox­ide, chlorhex­i­dine, or any oth­er alco­hol solu­tion. Apply the prod­uct on gauze or on a cot­ton pad and gen­tly treat the ear with it.

After wear­ing med­ical steel, it is rec­om­mend­ed to switch to prod­ucts made of pre­cious met­als. Gold and sil­ver do not irri­tate the skin at the punc­ture sites, and the ears heal com­plete­ly.

Choose new ear­rings with a small clasp so as not to dam­age an unhealed pierc­ing. Small ear­rings with an Eng­lish clasp are opti­mal.

Before putting on oth­er ear­rings, they should be treat­ed with an alco­hol solu­tion.

It is bet­ter not to remove them for at least six months. Then the ears will adapt and final­ly heal. Then you can buy any ear­rings you like in the Sil­vers online store.


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