Global How to clean silver earrings > Blackened silver earrings than to clean at home

How to clean silver earrings > Blackened silver earrings than to clean at home


Due to their dura­bil­i­ty and afford­able price, sil­ver ear­rings are very pop­u­lar. Sil­ver does not cause aller­gic reac­tions and is suit­able for any style of cloth­ing.

A sig­nif­i­cant dis­ad­van­tage of these jew­el­ry is the ten­den­cy to oxi­dize and cov­er with a dark coat­ing. It is easy to remove — you just need to know how to clean sil­ver ear­rings cor­rect­ly and safe­ly.

How to clean rhodium plated silver earrings?

How to clean earrings - how to clean gold and silver earrings at home

A thin lay­er of rhodi­um pro­tects the sil­ver from tar­nish­ing. It increas­es its resis­tance to mechan­i­cal and bio­log­i­cal impact. How­ev­er, the rhodi­um plat­ing wears off over time where it comes into con­tact with the skin.

Since rhodi­um-plat­ed sil­ver is very del­i­cate, it is rec­om­mend­ed to use spe­cial prod­ucts to clean it, which will not dam­age the jew­el­ry.

After using a spe­cial prod­uct (accord­ing to the instruc­tions on the pack­age), it is rec­om­mend­ed to thor­ough­ly rinse the jew­el­ry and pol­ish it with a dry and soft cloth — flan­nel or microfiber.

How to clean silver earrings with stones (turquoise, onyx, pearl, sapphire, coral, cubic zirconia/zircon)?

Jew­el­ry with pre­cious, semi-pre­cious and arti­fi­cial stones must be cleaned once a month. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, this is easy, but in prac­tice, the process is com­pli­cat­ed by the fact that many prepa­ra­tions that are designed to remove dirt and restore the shine of sil­ver adverse­ly affect the stones. Turquoise, onyx, sap­phire, as well as cubic zir­co­nia / zir­con, after pro­cess­ing with some of these prod­ucts, lose their bright­ness and bril­liance. The way out of this sit­u­a­tion is to use clean­ing prod­ucts specif­i­cal­ly designed for such jew­el­ry, or con­tact a jew­el­er.

As for ear­rings with pearls or coral, since these min­er­als, due to the porous sur­face, come into con­tact with tap water, as well as with sea, riv­er and lake water, the micro and macro ele­ments con­tained in it dis­col­or these jew­el­ry. When tak­ing water pro­ce­dures, such acces­sories must be removed. Clean them with a mild soapy solu­tion with a damp cloth or tooth­brush.

How to clean amber silver earrings?

Clean­ing of amber jew­el­ry is spe­cif­ic because it is done with­out the use of water. A soft cloth soaked in soapy foam must be wrung out strong­ly. Then — wipe the prod­uct and pol­ish with dry mate­r­i­al. To enhance the shine, use olive or almond oil.

How to clean silver earrings at home effectively and safely?

The choice of clean­ing method depends on why the black­en­ing of these sil­ver ear­rings occurred.

  • If the brown­ing is slight, then it will be enough to clean the dec­o­ra­tions with soap and water, and then pre­pare a bowl, with the bot­tom cov­ered with alu­minum foil. It should be filled with a solu­tion of boiled water with salt (about 5 tea­spoons of salt per liter of water), mix and put jew­el­ry in this mix­ture. It remains to wait until the pol­lu­tion comes off the sur­face. This may take from sev­er­al tens of sec­onds to sev­er­al hours, depend­ing on the inten­si­ty of the black­en­ing of the jew­el­ry. After this time, the ear­rings should be rinsed with water to remove the solu­tion.

  • An even less aggres­sive method for remov­ing minor dirt is to soak the ear­rings in vod­ka or alco­hol, and then rinse with water.

  • Bak­ing soda has long been con­sid­ered a sub­stance that can cope with any dirt. Not sur­pris­ing­ly, it is also used to restore the lus­ter of sil­ver jew­el­ry. It is more effec­tive when used togeth­er with lemon, which con­tains an acid that dis­solves all types of deposits. It is enough to rub the dec­o­ra­tions with the result­ing mix­ture and leave for a while. Then wash and dry them thor­ough­ly.

  • An equal­ly effec­tive way to clean black­ened sil­ver ear­rings at home is tooth­paste, if it does not con­tain sodi­um and bleach­ing ingre­di­ents that can dam­age the struc­ture of sil­ver.

An alter­na­tive to home meth­ods are pro­fes­sion­al jew­el­ry clean­ing prod­ucts, such as wipes soaked in a spe­cial solu­tion, con­cen­trates to be dilut­ed before appli­ca­tion. The advan­tage of such prod­ucts is 100% safe­ty and spe­cial addi­tives that pre­vent the oxi­da­tion of sil­ver. Regard­less of the brand of the drug, care­ful­ly read the instruc­tions for use on the pack­age.

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