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What to wear with large and massive jewelry > Large necklace earrings


A female image with­out acces­sories seems “naked” — no fin­ish­ing touch­es, like a cake with­out icing and cher­ries. Well-cho­sen mas­sive jew­el­ry for the neck, ears and wrist can not only com­ple­ment the out­fit, empha­siz­ing the dig­ni­ty of the fig­ure and enhanc­ing skin tone, but also change the style. How to do it ele­gant­ly and aes­thet­i­cal­ly, we will tell in this arti­cle.

The main features of wearing massive jewelry and bijouterie in 2021

This year, all over the world, large wom­en’s jew­el­ry is in fash­ion — both long and short. Mas­sive pearl neck­laces in the form of chok­ers are com­bined with met­al plates and clasps. Dense chains are in per­fect har­mo­ny with a clas­sic white blouse, jeans and a black jack­et.

The sum­mer set, con­sist­ing of ear­rings with large pearls and a bracelet with a motif of beach shells, is still in trend.

At the end of spring and sum­mer, tra­di­tion­al large beads will become pop­u­lar again, which, in com­bi­na­tion with gold jew­el­ry, give an excel­lent effect.

As before, mas­sive astro­log­i­cal neck­laces and ear­rings with stars, plan­ets, espe­cial­ly the Moon, and zodi­ac signs are pop­u­lar. Tas­sel and boho dream catch­er ear­rings nev­er go out of fash­ion.

How many large women’s neck jewelry can be worn at the same time?

The answer to this ques­tion is ambigu­ous. It depends on:

  • the size of indi­vid­ual ele­ments of jew­el­ry and oth­er jew­el­ry;
  • col­ors and tex­tures of cloth­ing (pat­terned, smooth, sim­ple, evening);
  • the pres­ence of oth­er mas­sive­ly dec­o­rat­ed acces­sories — shoes, hand­bag, belt, watch.

You can not con­cen­trate too many dec­o­ra­tions in one place. When wear­ing a mas­sive bracelet with stones, do not wear a ring. When choos­ing a neck­lace, do not use dan­gling ear­rings. Depend­ing on how the out­fit looks, there can be from 1 to 4 jew­el­ry. The safest option is 2 ele­ments:

  • ear­rings and bracelet,
  • neck­lace and hand­bag,
  • shoes with buck­les or a brooch and a ring.

If the image is based on an ele­gant black dress, clas­sic black high-heeled shoes and a black hand­bag, you can safe­ly wear mas­sive jew­el­ry around your neck, large open­work ear­rings, a neck­lace and a bracelet.

How­ev­er, it is bet­ter to wear one sol­id col­or jew­el­ry with a print­ed shirt and trousers in a rich col­or. If you go too far with jew­el­ry, then in a mas­sive shiny neck­lace, dan­gling ear­rings and a large hoop with crys­tals, your head will turn into a dis­co ball.

A com­bi­na­tion of a bracelet and a mas­sive watch is allowed. Watch­es should come to the fore here, so choose small bracelets on a thin chain. It is impor­tant that these acces­sories are made in the same style. If the watch is on a wide gold or sil­ver strap, a bracelet with a cord, strap or hand-woven should be dis­card­ed. It is more suit­able for watch­es on a leather strap, which has a less jew­el­ry char­ac­ter. Con­verse­ly, mas­sive bracelets made of pre­cious stones or expen­sive met­als will not look good with a sports watch or with a leather strap.

What massive women’s jewelry for the neck is better to choose — silver or gold, stones or pearls?

It is believed that sil­ver is more suit­able for cool types of beau­ty (win­ter, sum­mer), and gold is more suit­able for warm types (spring, autumn).

If your beau­ty type is:

  • spring (fair skin with warm under­tones, blond, light red or light brown hair and blue or light green eyes), choose jew­el­ry in gold, rose gold, brown and brass;
  • sum­mer (fair skin with a cool under­tone, plat­inum blonde, gray blonde, dark brown or black hair with cool tones, and gray or gray-blue or gray-green eyes), wear sil­ver, plat­inum, steel and white gold;
  • autumn (gold­en com­plex­ion, often with warm freck­les, red hair or with red or brown-red high­lights, and green or hazel eyes), brown, gold or brass jew­el­ry will do;
  • win­ter (very fair skin with a blue or pink tint, strong black hair, dark eyes), sil­ver, plat­inum and white gold acces­sories are suit­able.

The same goes for pearls. It comes in dif­fer­ent shades — white, beige, gray­ish, pink­ish. Once upon a time, a large pearl neck­lace and ear­rings with pearls were worn main­ly by mature women, not com­bin­ing with any­thing. But now, depend­ing on the style of man­u­fac­ture (ele­gant or casu­al) and shape, they will suit young girls, brides, mid­dle-aged busi­ness ladies.

Large jewelry: what is better to wear silver and gold

Until recent­ly, styl­ists unan­i­mous­ly insist­ed that the best com­bi­na­tion is gold with gold and sil­ver with sil­ver. How­ev­er, this rule is grad­u­al­ly becom­ing a thing of the past and the issue of com­bin­ing these two met­als is approached more lib­er­al­ly.

But this does not mean that there is com­plete free­dom. Col­or selec­tion does not affect the final deci­sion. All items of jew­el­ry must match in style. The more impor­tant the event, the less free­dom in choos­ing acces­sories you can afford. A cor­po­rate gala din­ner or a ban­quet is not a place for exper­i­ments, and orig­i­nal­i­ty is wel­comed in a pho­to of a meet­ing with friends or from an incen­di­ary par­ty.

How to wear large earrings

Styl­ists rec­om­mend choos­ing such jew­el­ry so that their shape is oppo­site to the shape of the face.

  • Round face (the same length and width, low fore­head and pro­trud­ing cheeks) will appear even more round if you wear hoop ear­rings or balls, a cir­cle-shaped neck­lace, clothes with a round neck­line. Ide­al for opti­cal reduc­tion and length­en­ing — large tri­an­gu­lar ear­rings, a sim­ple long neck­lace and a V‑neck blouse, dress or jumper. Sus­pend­ed, rec­tan­gu­lar, square, as well as mod­els of ear­rings with a char­ac­ter­is­tic sharp shape are accept­able.
  • tri­an­gu­lar face (broad fore­head, sharp chin and pro­nounced cheeks), on the con­trary, it is bet­ter to round off with jew­el­ry that will expand the low­er part of the face and give it a more reg­u­lar shape. It is nec­es­sary to give pref­er­ence to the most expres­sive, geo­met­ri­cal­ly sharp forms. Choose ear­rings with dan­gles, in which the most mas­sive ele­ment will be at the lev­el of the chin and will draw atten­tion to this place, mak­ing the face visu­al­ly wider. Avoid dan­gling ear­rings, which will make your face look even longer and slim­mer, out of pro­por­tion.
  • square (clear­ly defined cheek­bones, wide jaw and fore­head) — looks bad in hang­ing mas­sive ear­rings of clear geo­met­ric shapes, end­ing at the lev­el of the chin. They will make it big­ger and wider. Regard­ing what to wear with large round ear­rings end­ing above the jaw­line, dia­mond-shaped neck­lines, tie-shaped neck­laces and angu­lar pen­dants should be avoid­ed.
  • For an oval face (it is as pro­por­tion­al as pos­si­ble) the eas­i­est way to choose jew­el­ry, neck­line and glass­es. Large geo­met­ric jew­el­ry will draw atten­tion to the cor­rect fea­tures of the face. In this case, most acces­sories are suit­able, except for drop-shaped or egg-shaped ear­rings and glass­es, as well as dan­gling ear­rings that end below the lev­el of the chin. The face in them may seem too long, because they opti­cal­ly break the ide­al pro­por­tions.

What to wear with large women’s jewelry, correctly combining colors

Mas­sive gold jew­el­ry around the neck will look best when worn with some­thing from warm shades. Ear­rings, bracelet, neck­lace or ring in this met­al go well with red, yel­low and orange, as well as with rich plum, gar­net or ruby ​​col­or. Do not wear gold jew­el­ry with a white shirt or dress. This met­al pairs much bet­ter with creamy white or beige.

Cold-col­ored clothes are more suit­able with sil­ver jew­el­ry with pre­cious, semi-pre­cious and Swarovs­ki stones, not only blue, turquoise, pur­ple or green, but also pas­tel and basic col­ors — black, white and gray.

What to wear with a massive necklace?

  1. With an evening dress with a straight neck­line. To opti­cal­ly length­en your neck, wear a neck­lace with shin­ing ele­ments that reach­es the chest. Avoid thin, tiny pen­dants and petite chains. This type of jew­el­ry is too casu­al and inex­pres­sive, it does not match the evening char­ac­ter of the dress.
  2. With an asym­met­ri­cal neck­line, which is in fash­ion this sea­son. Not only because it will help to change the pro­por­tions of the fig­ure (opti­cal­ly reduces too mas­sive shoul­ders). A volu­mi­nous neck­lace in the form of an open hoop, beads, a dou­ble chain with an asym­met­ric cut pen­dant give the image fem­i­nin­i­ty and ele­gance. Avoid baroque round shapes and pen­dants end­ing below the bust line, which can break the pro­por­tions of the fig­ure.
  3. With a turtle­neck col­lar that suits girls and women with a long neck. The mate­r­i­al from which the clothes are sewn is the back­ground for dec­o­ra­tion. If your neck is too long, put on a mas­sive XL neck­lace with an eth­nic-style pen­dant. This will opti­cal­ly short­en it and give the image a com­plete­ly new char­ac­ter. Avoid over­ly dec­o­rat­ed jew­el­ry. They are get­ting old.
  4. With a sharp V‑neckline. This solu­tion is for women with small breasts. For a V‑neck, you should choose a neck­lace with shiny ele­ments that will match its shape. Such dec­o­ra­tion will give the image a fes­tive and sen­su­al char­ac­ter. It is impor­tant that the neck­lace does not get between the breasts and does not hide under the clothes.
  5. With boat neck­line. It is very ver­sa­tile, suit­able for both casu­al and evening wear. A short neck­lace made of a chain or crys­tals will add light­ness to the fig­ure, empha­size a slen­der neck and illu­mi­nate the face. If the neck­line is dec­o­ra­tive, the neck­lace should be straight. Avoid a large pen­dant on a long chain — it will break the pro­por­tions based on hor­i­zon­tal lines and opti­cal­ly add a few kilo­grams.
  6. With shirt col­lar. The style of a strict blouse is best con­trast­ed with open­work chains with crys­tal pen­dants. They will add ele­gance to a for­mal look. Avoid too long pen­dants that can dis­ap­pear under the fab­ric of your shirt and too large intri­cate­ly shaped neck­laces.

Now you know what to wear with a large neck­lace, ear­rings, rings, watch­es and bracelets. You can make an indi­vid­ual set of jew­el­ry and make your look more styl­ish and com­plete.


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