Global The most expensive and beautiful jewelry in the world

The most expensive and beautiful jewelry in the world


The fact that women love jew­el­ry has long been known. The larg­er the gem­stone and the more col­or­ful the prod­uct, the more expen­sive it is. Wealthy con­nois­seurs of lux­u­ry goods have nev­er spared mon­ey for the most expen­sive jew­el­ry.

The wives and mis­tress­es of the rulers of many coun­tries wore diadems, rings, neck­laces, ear­rings and pen­dants made of dia­monds and emer­alds.

Many of these jew­els have entered the TOP 10 and are now sold under the ham­mer at the most pres­ti­gious auc­tion hous­es in the world. They have an impres­sive his­to­ry and famous own­ers, which we will cov­er in this arti­cle.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is Princess Catherine’s engagement ring.

Pri­or to the Duchess of Cam­bridge, Kate Mid­dle­ton, it was worn by Prince William’s moth­er, Princess Diana. The gem, bought by Prince Charles in 1981, is now val­ued at 10 times the price. At that time, the ring cost 28 thou­sand pounds. Today it is val­ued at £300,000.

The most beautiful blue diamond jewelry in the world

These stones are called “mous­san­ites”. For the first time they were found in 1893 in a mete­orite by the French sci­en­tist, Nobel Prize win­ner Hen­ri Mous­san.

The most famous blue dia­mond is the 112.25-carat rough Hope stone. It was found in India and sold to Louis XIV. After pro­cess­ing, he became 67 carats. Experts con­sid­er them the most expen­sive in the world in terms of esti­mat­ed cost. The price of gen­uine brand­ed prod­ucts with their inserts starts from $1 mil­lion.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is the Riviere necklace.

Accord­ing to experts, the price of this prod­uct is about 2 mil­lion dol­lars. This large dia­mond neck­lace belonged to the British Queen Mary, the first woman to suc­cess­ful­ly rule Britain.

The most expensive jewelry in the world — a gold ring from the brand Bulgari

This piece of jew­el­ry was com­mis­sioned by a well-known Euro­pean col­lec­tor with an insert of an extreme­ly rare blue dia­mond with sig­na­ture engrav­ing of the Sotirio Bul­gari brand in 1984. Its price varies from 6.08 to 30.3 mil­lion dol­lars.

The cost of the most expensive diamond earrings

Apol­lo and Artemis were the names of lux­u­ri­ous dia­mond ear­rings sold by auc­tion at Sothe­by’s in Switzer­land. They were put up for sale for 57 mil­lion 425 thou­sand 478 US dol­lars. This is the world record for the amount spent on a pair of dia­mond ear­rings. Until now, only one blue dia­mond has been paid more.

The Apol­lo ear­ring is the most expen­sive blue dia­mond in the world, sell­ing for $57.6 mil­lion last year.

The pink Artemis ear­ring cost the new own­er $15.3 mil­lion.

Togeth­er they refer to a pair of ancient twin deities who sym­bol­ize strength and beau­ty in Greek mythol­o­gy. Although the ear­rings vary in col­or, their shape and cut match.

Last year, $17.6 mil­lion was raised at the Gene­va Jew­el­ery Auc­tion for lux­u­ri­ous Miroir de l’Amour dia­mond ear­rings. Their name, trans­lat­ed from French, means “mir­ror of love.”

The most expensive antique jewelry — Marie Antoinette necklace

It once belonged to Marie Antoinette, daugh­ter of Empress Maria There­sa and Aus­tri­an Emper­or Fran­cis I. The cost of this neck­lace is esti­mat­ed at 3.7 mil­lion dol­lars.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry is the legendary panther bracelet.

Its own­er, Duchess Wal­lis Simp­son, who once owned the col­lec­tion the most expen­sive and lux­u­ry jew­el­ry, was a very con­tro­ver­sial fig­ure in the British roy­al fam­i­ly. A twice-divorced woman had an affair with King Edward VIII. This emer­ald bracelet was one of his gifts. After the end of the rela­tion­ship, he was sold for 12 mil­lion pounds.

Among the world’s finest jewelry and jewelry is the green diamond ring.

“Green Pearl” was first pre­sent­ed at Sothe­by’s auc­tion. This green dia­mond weighs approx­i­mate­ly 2.52 carats. The ring is val­ued at $3 mil­lion.

The most beautiful jewelry of the twentieth century

This title belongs to the Heart of the King­dom and Maria Joze­fa neck­laces. She was the daugh­ter of King Albert I of Bel­gium and Queen Gabriela Elis­a­beth. In 1930 she mar­ried the Duke of Pied­mont in Rome. Her emer­ald and dia­mond neck­lace is now worth $5 mil­lion.

“Heart of the King­dom” is a mag­nif­i­cent mas­ter­piece of one of the old­est jew­el­ry hous­es House of Gar­rard. Its main fea­ture is the inlay of a large Burmese ruby ​​weigh­ing 40.63 carats and dia­monds of 155 carats. A slight move­ment of the hand — and this neck­lace becomes a tiara for an exquis­ite hair­style.

The most beautiful jewelry: diamond bikini and Chopard watch

The leg­endary lux­u­ry watch brand Chopard has released a real mas­ter­piece of jew­el­ry art. This watch con­sists of 874 dia­monds of var­i­ous sizes. The largest stone weighs 15 carats. The dial opens with the help of three large dia­monds, which are pushed aside. This lux­u­ry watch was sold to an unknown col­lec­tor for $25 mil­lion.

The dia­mond biki­ni, released in 2006, is not meant for swim­ming. Susan Rosen designed this extrav­a­gant plat­inum acces­so­ry. It con­sists of dia­monds with a total weight of 150 carats.

The most beautiful jewelry of the XXI century

So far, this title is shared by:

  • exquis­ite Pink Graff ring with an insert of a crys­tal clear pink dia­mond weigh­ing 25 carats. In 2010, it was auc­tioned for $46 mil­lion to renowned jew­el­er col­lec­tor Lawrence Graff;
  • restored by mod­ern jew­el­ers tiara of Colom­bian emer­alds with pearl shape and dia­monds, owned by Princess Katha­ri­na Henck­el von Don­ners­mar­ck. Pri­or to that, it was worn by the trend­set­ter of Euro­pean jew­el­ry fash­ion Euge­nia, the wife of Napoleon III. Today it is worth $25 mil­lion;
  • the most expen­sive in the world — lux­u­ri­ous dia­mond neck­lace with a sym­bol­ic name “Incom­pa­ra­ble” worth $55 mil­lion. It fea­tures the world’s largest inter­nal­ly flaw­less yel­low dia­mond of 407.48 carats and small­er clear dia­monds of 230 carats total. It was born thanks to a lit­tle girl from the Con­go, who acci­den­tal­ly found a yel­low dia­mond weigh­ing 890 carats.

The Most Expensive Jewelry Brands Worn by Actresses at the Oscars

  • The emer­ald ear­rings and ring from the Lor­raine Schwartz col­lec­tion that Angeli­na Jolie wore in 2009 cost $3.5 mil­lion. This set belongs to the cat­e­go­rymost expen­sive jew­el­ryin the his­to­ry of the Oscars. This Amer­i­can actress hes­i­tat­ed to buy dia­monds for a long time. Jolie’s 115-carat dan­gling ear­rings pair per­fect­ly with a 65-carat Colom­bian emer­ald ring.
  • Neil Lane jew­el­ry, which Jen­nifer Lawrence wore to the stat­uette cer­e­mo­ny in 2014, also cost $3.5 mil­lion. In addi­tion to a 100-carat dia­mond pen­dant and a rhine­stone neck­lace, the actress wore a chic set of 10-carat half-mil­lion-dol­lar ear­rings and a $100,000 col­ored dia­mond ring.
  • The 2010 Oscar win­ner for her lead role in The Way to Hap­pi­ness, Kate Winslet, was award­ed a gold stat­uette in Tiffany & Co jew­el­ry. The $3.5 mil­lion set includ­ed a beau­ti­ful white and yel­low dia­mond neck­lace, yel­low dia­mond ear­rings and three bracelets.
  • Char­l­ize Theron’s 2013 Oscar-win­ning look includes late-1950s emer­ald-cut ear­rings, a 57.30-carat plat­inum bracelet from 1959, and a mar­quise-cut dia­mond ring. In 2014, she wore a stun­ning $15.8 mil­lion Har­ry Win­ston neck­lace to the cer­e­mo­ny.
  • Nicole Kid­man’s spec­tac­u­lar 2008 dia­mond neck­lace from L’Wren Scott was worth $7 mil­lion. 7,500 dia­monds weigh­ing 1,399 carats and over 6 mil­lion hours of work by sev­er­al famous jew­el­ers were spent on its hand­craft­ing!
  • San­dra Bul­lock­’s Lor­raine Schwartz bracelet and ear­rings set cost $8.2 mil­lion in 2014. Thanks to these acces­sories, she won the title of one of the most ele­gant­ly dressed and styl­ish stars at the gala evening.
  • The Tiffany Luci­da Star neck­lace, ear­rings and ring that Anne Hath­away was seen wear­ing in 2011 cost $10 mil­lion.
  • The set of jew­el­ry from the fash­ion jew­el­ry house Chopard, in which Cate Blanchett received a stat­uette in 2014 for the film Blue Jas­mine, cost $ 18 mil­lion. It con­sists of stun­ning long white opal ear­rings by Chopard, an open­work bracelet and a mas­sive dia­mond ring.

How­ev­er, the undis­put­ed titlethe most beau­ti­ful jew­el­ry in the world“has a blue dia­mond Heart of the Ocean neck­lace from the famous col­lec­tion of Har­ry Win­ston. Glo­ria Stu­art starred in it in the movie Titan­ic in 1998. Its cost is 20 mil­lion dol­lars.

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