Global Pandora Summer 2021 Collection — Overview

Pandora Summer 2021 Collection — Overview


Take a dip in the serene Pan­do­ra Ocean with new col­lec­tionher Pan­do­ra by sum­mer 2021.


Relax this sum­mer with a refresh­ing jour­ney to Pan­do­ra’s ocean filled with iri­des­cent shim­mer­ing waves, wildlife beau­ty and stun­ning sun­sets!

The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2021 Col­lec­tion fea­tures select pieces from the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2020 Col­lec­tion, avail­able online for a lim­it­ed time only. And the new designs per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the pre­vi­ous­ly released ocean-themed jew­ellery. Be inspired by boats, waves, palm trees and sun­sets… and secret trea­sures too!

The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2021 Col­lec­tion was released world­wide online and in stores on Thurs­day, May 27, 2021.


Slid­er bracelet “Blue waves”


Turquoise-col­ored crys­tals are encrust­ed in the sen­su­ous thin line of the wavy bracelet, reflect­ing the beau­ty and seren­i­ty of the ocean. Inspired by the sparkling sea and flow­ing tides, this ten­nis bracelet fea­tures rows of blue pavé on the bracelet’s wavy lines. Fits per­fect­ly on your wrist and the inno­v­a­tive slid­er clo­sure makes it easy to adjust the size of the bracelet.

Pan­do­ra Moments turquoise braid­ed leather bracelet with seashell clasp


This sim­ple turquoise woven leather bracelet fea­tures a pol­ished shell clasp and is per­fect to dec­o­rate your wrists in warm weath­er. Wear it on its own for a splash of turquoise wave on your wrist, or add your favorite Pan­do­ra Ocean themed pen­dants for a unique look. Pan­do­ra rec­om­mends 3 to 5 charms or pen­dants.


Charm pen­dant “Sea Tur­tle” made of Mura­no glass


The most excit­ing charm from the Sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion was the Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Pen­dant, and now it’s back again! A mag­nif­i­cent turquoise-blue Mura­no glass stone forms the body of an adorable sea tur­tle. On the reverse side, a sil­ver rib­bon draws a scaly pat­tern that shows through the glass. Pay atten­tion, one of the cher­ished Pan­do­ra hearts is hid­den among the scales! Glit­ter­ing turquoise stones and clear zir­co­nia stones set in the shack­le add a touch of lux­u­ry.

Charm pen­dant “Shim­mer­ing dol­phin”


The Shim­mer­ing Dol­phin charm is very sim­i­lar to the out­dat­ed Play­ful Dol­phin charm (791541CZ). Azure-blue enam­el is applied to the back of the dol­phin, as if it had just jumped out of the water. The shack­le is ele­gant­ly set with a sin­gle light blue stone.

Open­work charm “Starfish, shells and hearts”


A del­i­cate set of shells, includ­ing a cal­i­co scal­lop, a large shell and spi­ral shells, sur­round a bead­ed starfish and a hid­den heart. The entire marine scene is sur­round­ed by a del­i­cate bead­ed bor­der.

Mura­no glass charm “Wav­ing Ocean”


Pan­do­ra has been releas­ing gor­geous Mura­no glass charms on a reg­u­lar basis, but this navy blue wavy charm still out­per­forms the charms already released! The shim­mer­ing high­lights in the deep blue glass are rem­i­nis­cent of bio­lu­mi­nes­cence. This incred­i­ble Mura­no glass charm is per­fect for both sum­mer and win­ter looks.

Open­work charm “Sea­hors­es in the heart”


Two sea­hors­es face each oth­er on this touch­ing open­work heart-shaped charm. A charm­ing braid­ed rope frame frames the charm. The side faces are dec­o­rat­ed with carved fig­urines and small starfish. Inter­est­ing­ly, some species of sea­hors­es mate for life. Hang­ing from the charm is a disc engraved with the sweet and fit­ting words “When we have each oth­er, we have every­thing”.

Shim­mer­ing Nar­whal Charm


This friend­ly sea uni­corn raised its tail up as if it was cap­tured in the mid­dle of a jump. The shim­mer­ing blue enam­el is beau­ti­ful­ly hand-applied onto the body of the ani­mal, cre­at­ing a won­der­ful ombre effect. Nar­whal tusk in the form of a pro­trud­ing sil­ver spi­ral shim­mers beau­ti­ful­ly.

Charm pen­dant “Blue globe”


In this new Pan­do­ra globe vari­ant, a match­less moon­light blue crys­tal is encased in a bead­ed merid­i­an ring that rotates 360°. The beads also frame the bow of the pen­dant, which is engraved with “Won­der­ful World” on one side and the Pan­do­ra logo on the oth­er. This dain­ty pen­dant is the per­fect com­ple­ment to a trav­el style bracelet or a beau­ti­ful way to show your love for our plan­et.

Charm pen­dant “Cin­e­mato­graph­ic clap­per­board”


Cam­era ready, move! This fun clap­per­board pen­dant is per­fect for aspir­ing actors, movie buffs, or even as a sou­venir for La La Land movie fans. The famous striped pat­tern on the clap­ping bar is hand-applied in black enam­el. And on the hinge is an embossed heart. On one side of the crack­er board are engraved the words “TITLE: Pan­do­ra” (“Name: Pan­do­ra”) and the Pan­do­ra mono­gram, and on the reverse side there is an out­line of a star, a heart and the inscrip­tion “Hol­ly­wood” (“Hol­ly­wood”). Anoth­er small heart is applied to the sil­ver bow.

Charm pen­dant “Blue fish”


Feel the very essence of the sea with this lit­tle under­wa­ter friend! Three shades of blue enam­el are applied by hand to the scales of the fish, and the eyes are made using bright zir­co­ni­um stones. Tex­tured lines on the tail and fins add extra detail to this mov­ing charm. The back of the fish and the bow are inlaid with ele­gant beads.

Charm clip “Blue globe”


This pret­ty clip will look great on a trav­el style bracelet. Pol­ished sil­ver con­ti­nents are sur­round­ed by a rip­pling ocean, hand-paint­ed in translu­cent blue enam­el. Our favorite detail is the heart-shaped con­ti­nent of Aus­tralia! This clip does not have a sil­i­cone insert, so it must be fixed on the bracelet (two con­vex par­ti­tions).

Charm “Trea­sure chest”


Grab your map and com­pass and get ready for an adven­ture filled trea­sure hunt! The embossed lines on the starfish-cov­ered trea­sure chest look like it has been hid­den under­wa­ter for years. Open the ele­gant shell-shaped lock and you will see the pleas­ant mes­sage “TREASURE EVERY MOMENT” engraved inside. The chest rests on pol­ished heart-shaped legs, and tex­tured rope han­dles hang down the sides.

Charm pen­dant “Air­plane, globe and suit­case”


Pack your bags and go on an adven­ture with the new Air­plane, Globe and Suit­case pen­dant! Three charm­ing ele­ments descend from the oval tem­ple: an air­plane, a globe and a brief­case. The pen­dant is very detailed — tiny win­dows on the plane, lines of lon­gi­tude and lat­i­tude on the globe, and a hand-paint­ed pink heart on the suit­case. The per­fect addi­tion to a trav­el-themed bracelet.

Charm pen­dant “Palm tree and coconuts”


With the new Palm and Coconut pen­dant, remind your­self of your pleas­ant moments on the sun­ny beach. As with the pre­vi­ous­ly released Sparkling Palm Pen­dant (791540CZ), the new pen­dant fea­tures coconuts encrust­ed with emer­ald green crys­tals. Anoth­er green crys­tal is placed at the base of the palm tree, while a clear cubic zir­co­nia shines on the tem­ple. Oxi­dized lines empha­size the beau­ti­ful relief of palm leaves and grass grow­ing at the base of a tree trunk pol­ished to a shine.

Charm pen­dant “Sail­boat”


Embark on a sea adven­ture with the new Sail­boat har­ness! Sim­i­lar to the out­dat­ed Sail­boat charm (791138CZ), this ver­sion of the design fea­tures a tra­di­tion­al boat with wind-filled sails. Rum­bling waves roll on the bot­tom of the boat, sparkling and con­trast­ing with the oxi­dized sur­face. Inside the boat, you can see a tiny steer­ing wheel near the mast, and on the sides are a lifebuoy and an anchor. A sailor’s rope adorns the shack­le, one side of which is engraved with the roman­tic mes­sage “Sail Away With Me”. Although we still have the old ver­sion in our store, we like this new design as well, as it has more detail and relief.

Glit­ter­ing Starfish Charm in Pan­do­ra Rose Fin­ish (788942C01)

Vibrant round cut turquoise stones sparkle on a beau­ti­ful Glit­ter­ing Starfish pen­dant in a del­i­cate Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. A beau­ti­ful pat­tern is engraved on the back of the starfish, and a tiny heart is embossed in the cen­ter.

Shim­mer­ing ocean waves and fish charm


Tiny fish swim in Pan­do­ra’s ocean on this mag­i­cal Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish charm. Under the iri­des­cent blue enam­el, wavy lines and fish can be seen, and on the side, a beach filled with shells and starfish. Above the sea, hand-paint­ed in blue enam­el, a fish in Pan­do­ra Rose has risen. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones set in a charm.

Charm pen­dant “Flamin­go”


Add some trop­i­cal warmth to your style with this pen­dant. “Flamin­go” from pink Mura­no glass. Flamin­go body in Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish, adorned in the cen­ter with pink Mura­no glass cabo­chon. If you look close­ly, through the trans­par­ent glass you can see the grace­ful feath­ers of a bird. The flamin­go grace­ful­ly stands on one leg, and the bow is dec­o­rat­ed with a line of cute hearts.

Charm pen­dant “Pink bal­loon”


Reach new heights with the sparkling new Pink Bal­loon Pen­dant. The new charm is sim­i­lar to Bal­loon Blue (798064NMB), but has a num­ber of dif­fer­ences that go beyond the new warm tone of the Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish. In the cen­ter, a fab­u­lous pink crys­tal entwined with beads looks amaz­ing. Glit­ter­ing, clear zir­co­nia stones adorn the grace­ful bow and base of the bal­loon. The small bas­ket is engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo and two embossed hearts.

Charm “Shin­ing Sun­set”


Infuse your Pan­do­ra jew­el­ery design with sun­shine with the enchant­i­ng Lumi­nous Sun­set Mura­no glass charm. This pic­turesque charm cap­tures a mag­nif­i­cent sun­set, bright pinks, yel­lows and oranges min­gling in the Mura­no glass. Small dots of sheer sequins reflect the light beau­ti­ful­ly, while the Pan­do­ra Rose core adds warmth. A must for Pan­do­ra Mura­no fans!


Charm pen­dant “My four-leaf clover”


Emer­ald green pavé crys­tals sparkle on the four hearts that make up the Pan­do­ra My Four Leaf Clover Pen­dant. The back of the pen­dant is cov­ered with microbeads, so the pen­dant can be worn on both sides. Wear it as a reminder of the beau­ty of nature or give it your own mean­ing — it’s up to you. The My Four Leaf Clover pen­dant will def­i­nite­ly look good with Pan­do­ra Me or Pan­do­ra Essence jew­el­ry.

Charm pen­dant “My com­pass”


A sparkling pink crys­tal shim­mers at the cen­ter of the My Com­pass pen­dant. The four car­di­nal points inter­sect with a pol­ished com­pass bezel, while the star-shaped back of the charm is embell­ished with microbeads. My Com­pass Pen­dant will look great with Pan­do­ra Me or Pan­do­ra Essence jew­el­ry.

Charm pen­dant “My swal­low”


The My Swal­low charm was orig­i­nal­ly announced as part of the Pan­do­ra Me sum­mer 2020 col­lec­tion, but for some rea­son was nev­er released. The bird has final­ly arrived! Sym­bol­iz­ing free­dom and the end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties of the future, this ster­ling sil­ver charm is encrust­ed with sparkling clear zir­co­nia stones. On the reverse side of the pen­dant are microbeads, so the charm looks beau­ti­ful on both sides. The “My Swal­low” pen­dant will be in har­mo­ny with jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Me or Pan­do­ra Essence series.

Charm pen­dant “My world”


A bril­liant com­bi­na­tion of red, pink, yel­low and pur­ple cubic zir­co­nia crys­tals and stones is placed in the My World pen­dant. The reverse side of the pen­dant is dec­o­rat­ed with microbeads. The My World pen­dant will look har­mo­nious with Pan­do­ra Me or Pan­do­ra Essence jew­el­ry.


Charm pen­dant “Glit­ter­ing Min­nie Mouse ears” from the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


Add sparkle to your Dis­ney-inspired look with the adorable new Glit­ter Min­nie Mouse Ears Pen­dant! Min­nie’s icon­ic bow is hand-paint­ed in bright red enam­el and embell­ished with pol­ished sil­ver specks. The black enam­el is cov­ered with dark gray sequins, which gives a spe­cial appeal to the ears of the mouse. Cher­ry red stones are inlaid in the shack­le of the pen­dant.

Charm pen­dant “Cas­tle in hon­or of the 5th anniver­sary of Shang­hai Dis­ney­land”


Cel­e­brate the 5th Anniver­sary of Shang­hai Dis­ney­land with this com­mem­o­ra­tive pad­lock pen­dant. The tops of the tow­ers of the Shang­hai cas­tle are hand-paint­ed with bright blue enam­el, and a lilac stone in the shape of a heart is insert­ed into the bow. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set with a large num­ber five that dan­gles from the front, and the mes­sage ‘Year of Mag­i­cal Sur­pris­es’ is engraved on the bot­tom of the pen­dant. The logo of Shang­hai Dis­ney­land is engraved on the base of the cas­tle.

Charm pen­dant “Stitch and the cas­tle” from the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series


The Stitch and the Cas­tle charm is our favorite Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks charm! Giant Stitch climbs up the leg­endary Dis­ney cas­tle with his mouth wide open and teeth bared. Stitch’s lock, back, and ears are hand-paint­ed with pur­ple, lilac, and blue enam­el, while the char­ac­ter’s nose and eyes are hand-paint­ed with shiny black enam­el.


Pen­dant with a cul­tured fresh­wa­ter pearl


Express your­self with the trea­sures of the ocean with this stun­ning fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl pen­dant. This lux­u­ri­ous pen­dant fea­tures a radi­ant fresh­wa­ter pearl dan­gling from a del­i­cate bead­ed shack­le. Our favorite lit­tle detail is the tiny sil­ver heart at the bot­tom of the pen­dant.


Hoop ear­rings with cul­tured fresh­wa­ter pearl


Show off the per­fect beau­ty of imper­fec­tion with baroque fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl hoop ear­rings. A nat­u­ral­ly shaped fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl dan­gles from pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver hoop ear­rings engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo on the inside.


Ring “Seashells”


Sil­ver beads and shells alter­nate to form this ocean-inspired ring. Wear them as a per­son­al state­ment or pair them with oth­er nau­ti­cal themed rings for the per­fect beach look.

Shin­ing Seashells Pan­do­ra Rose Ring (188946C01)

The Shin­ing Seashells Ring is also avail­able in Pan­do­ra Rose and is set with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Wear with a Sil­ver Seashell Ring for a beau­ti­ful mixed met­al design.


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