Global Pandora Spring 2021 Collection — Overview

Pandora Spring 2021 Collection — Overview


mag­nif­i­cent bloom, lumi­nous bugs and mul­ti­col­ored friends wel­come You in mag­i­cal gar­den Pan­do­ra!

New col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra to spring 2021 of the year rep­re­sents your­self mirac­u­lous com­bi­na­tion the­mat­ic shame and inspired nature shame. Most inter­est­ingnew com­pi­la­tion bicol­or jew­el­ry with details from 14-karatno­go gold! Cult dec­o­ra­tions Pan­do­ra, such how charm Prince-frog and Embrace swans, also rep­re­sent­ed in updat­ed design. Get ready to be enchant­ed.


Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet with sev­er­al chains from Pan­do­ra Icons Series


Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet with sev­er­al chains from series Pan­do­ra Icons — this is new lev­el beau­ty! Three thin chains fas­tened togeth­er clasp in form event, on which engraved logo Pan­do­ra, a also mono­gram. style his, how and clas­si­cal bracelet, acquain­tances shame from series Pan­do­ra Moments.

Two tone chain bracelet from Pan­do­ra Icons Series


Clas­si­cal bicol­or bracelet-chain again returns in option with con­tem­po­rary clasp in form cylin­der. From sil­ver chains he is dif­fer­ent top­ics, what on clasp from 14-karatno­go gold with both par­ties engraved logo Pan­do­ra. He will be won­der­ful look styl­ized how gold­en, So and bicol­or shame

Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet with sev­er­al chains from Pan­do­ra Icons series Pan­do­ra Rose trim


New bracelet-chain Pan­do­ra Moments with sev­er­al chains also avail­able in beau­ti­ful Pan­do­ra Rose fin­ish.


Charm pen­dant “Palette artist” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series

under­line my cre­ative side with help this cute charm Palette artist! AT cen­ter palettes placed two brush­es, a on long ones embossed tiny heart. Greens, blue, pink, red and yel­low stones in recess­es dif­fer­ent forms por­tray paint.

Detach­able charm pen­dant “Daugh­ter-in-law and moth­er-in-law” from Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


Share love with help detach­able charm-pen­dants daugh­ter-in-law and moth­er-in-law. three dimen­sion­al charm in form hearts is divid­ed on two halves: one part pre­served, a anoth­er can give. On every­one from hearts engraved inscrip­tion Lucky to have you” (“I hap­py, what you in me there is”) . Insidemoth­er-of-pearl enam­el and embossed inscrip­tions daugh­ter-in-law and moth­er in law. Each brack­et dec­o­rat­ed beside tiny hearts.

Charm pen­dant “Con­grat­u­la­tions” in form hearts from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Show beloved man, how you be proud im, with help cute charm-pen­dants Con­grat­u­la­tions. Bright aster­isks with stones from zir­co­ni­um adorn dog­gy, a more one star cut out in sus­pen­sion in form hearts. On facial side engraved words You did it (You did this is), a on reverse side inscrip­tion The sky is the lim­it (Even skynot lim­it”).

Charm pen­dant “I love my house” in form hearts from Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


This filled hearts charm won­der­ful illus­trates phrase House there, where heart, engraved on facial side. Tiny hearts adorn dog­gy charm in form hearts. AT cor­ner placed small house, dec­o­rat­ed shin­ing red stone, a on reverse side over home soars yet one heart.

Charm “Grad­u­ate 2021” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Check suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion study with help charm Grad­u­ate 2021! Grad­u­a­tion hat and rose lie on two books, on spine one from which applied engrav­ing “2021”.

Charm pen­dant “Japan­ese saku­ra, amulet omamori and fan”


Three inter­est­ing ele­ment hang down with thin brack­ets, dec­o­rat­ed trans­par­ent stones from zir­co­ni­um: Japan­ese fan with tiny flow­ers, flower saku­ra and Japan­ese amulet omamori. Details pen­dants man­u­al­ly paint­ed gen­tle-pink, yel­low and pur­ple enam­el.

Charm pen­dant “My Dar­ling dog” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Not break up with their fluffy to anoth­er with help such fun­ny charm! This dou­ble sus­pen­sion con­sists from sev­er­al ele­ments: head dogs with hang­ing down ears, tor­so dogs and tail. Inside flick­er­ing moth­er-of-pearl enam­el sur­rounds writ­ten sil­ver words My best friend (My best anoth­er), a on long ones knocked out prints two lap.

Nam very Like an idea this wari­ness, and we won­der­ing ques­tion, can li do his more indi­vid­ual, attach­able image faces our domes­tic ani­mals to front sus­pen­sion.

Charm pen­dant “My Dar­ling cat” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Charm-sus­pen­sion My Dar­ling cat is cou­ple sus­pen­sion My Dar­ling dog. front it hangs down neb cats with ears and mus­tache. Behindtor­so and tail cats. In inter­nal parts charm flick­er­ing moth­er-of-pearl enam­el sur­rounds writ­ten sil­ver words My best friend (My best anoth­er), a on long ones knocked out tiny prints two lap.

Again same, how and in case with pen­dant My Dar­ling dog, us very Like an idea this charm, and we think, what his can light per­son­al­ize, adding image home­made ani­mal own­er on reverse side front pen­dants.

Charm “Elec­tric car” from Pan­do­ra Places series


Nav­i­gate on elec­tric vehi­cles with help such eco­log­i­cal charm! This fun­ny charm cap­tiv­i­ty real­is­tic details, includ­ing spare wheel, lat­er­al mir­rors, hood and lights. Bot­tom on sus­pen­sion applied icon bat­tery and mark 1 ︎%”, denot­ing, what auto­mo­bile on 100% elec­tric. Mono­gram Pan­do­ra placed on front license plate signs, a on rearinscrip­tion L️VE” (“Love), per­formed red and black enam­el.

Charm “Masks com­e­dy and tragedy” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Demon­strate my love to the­ater with help exe­cut­ed details charm Masks com­e­dy and tragedy. The­atri­cal a mask dec­o­rates every side charm. On masks, per­son­i­fy­ing com­e­dy- smil­ing eyes, pink enam­el cheeks and laugh­ing mouth. U anoth­er, depict­ing tragedy- cry­ing eyes, a tear from blue enam­el and mouth with low­ered way down cor­ners. tex­ture charm cre­at­ed volu­mi­nous ruf­fles and ropes with brush­es, inlaid sparkling stones.

Charm pen­dant “Col­or­ful rain­bow” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


New charm-sus­pen­sion col­or­ful the rain­bowthis is glad sym­bol hope in flow of the past of the year. Gen­tle-pink, blue, yel­low, orange and pur­ple enam­el form rain­bow with bright sil­ver star at the bot­tom. stones from zir­co­ni­um and crys­tals rel­e­vant col­ors add charm a spark. Dugku dec­o­rates line tiny stars.

Charm “Fire­fly, which glows in dark­ness” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


The lights own style with help this fun­ny charm-fire­fly. U cute small thin sil­ver mesh wings and tiny heart in cen­ter, but high­light charm is body fire­fly, com­plet­ed from glass, which glows in dark­ness. That charg­ing how from sun­ny, So and from arti­fi­cial the world: glass white after­noon and green­ish at night. On small sil­ver disk engraved cute mes­sage You light up my life(You you illu­mi­nate mine life) on one side, a logo and mono­gram Pan­do­ra on reverse side.

Charm “Rain­bow” uni­corn” from Pan­do­ra Friends series


Anoth­er pan­do­ra, Uni­corn Bruno, plunged in col­or! Rain­bow fin­ish­ing cre­at­ed via draw­ing man­u­al­ly on charm trans­par­ent pink, blue, laven­der, cheesy and green enam­el. More one impres­sive ele­mentpair tiny wings in Bruno on back.

Tri­col­or charm pen­dant “Cross, heart and anchor” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Three ele­ment from met­al mis­cel­la­neous col­ors hang down with sil­ver brack­ets. sparkling sil­ver heart with stones from zir­co­ni­um, anchor with beads in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose and cross from 14-karatno­go gold Pan­do­ra Shine. On side brack­ets embossed heart.

Charm pen­dant “Lei­ka and shoul­der blade” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Charm-sus­pen­sion A water­ing can and spat­u­la per­fect fits for gar­den­ers and lovers nature. Sil­ver water­ing can and spat­u­la descend with mas­sive sil­ver brack­ets. Flow­ers adorn shoul­der blade and dog­gy, a on water­ing can engraved inscrip­tion Live life in full bloom (Liv­ing life in com­plete bloom). bright­ly-yel­low crys­tal inlaid in dog­gy, a in shoul­der bladetrans­par­ent stones from zir­co­ni­um.

Charm pen­dant “Heart and paw” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Give it away trib­ute respect his beloved pet with help new pen­dants Heart and paw. S brack­ets hang down two pen­dants: frame in form imprint quotes in form hearts and disc in form hearts with engraved inscrip­tion “Paw prints on my heart” (“Traces from paws on my heart”). On long ones dec­o­ra­tions placed cute traces from two paws with each sides.

Charm pen­dant “Pur­ple chamomile” from Pan­do­ra Gar­den Series


Charm-sus­pen­sion Pink chamomile in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose from col­lec­tions Pan­do­ra Ves­na 2020 now avail­able in sil­ver option and pur­ple a flower. inflict­ed man­u­al­ly enam­el pass­es from white cen­ter flower to laven­der and pur­ple petals. AT cen­ter flower sparkles trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­ni­um, a brack­et dec­o­rat­ed sil­ver beads.

open­work charm “Pur­ple chamomile” from Pan­do­ra Gar­den Series


Open­work charm White chamomile from col­lec­tions Pan­do­ra Ves­na 2020 now avail­able in charm­ing pur­ple ver­sions. Flow­ers paint­ed man­u­al­ly laven­der, cheesy and pink enam­el, a by open­work charm scat­tered tiny God’s cows and bees.

Charm “Pur­ple chamomile” from Pan­do­ra Gar­den Series


Charm blue chamomile from col­lec­tions Pan­do­ra Ves­na 2020 now avail­able in beau­ti­ful pur­ple shade. petals paint­ed man­u­al­ly enam­el, col­or which is chang­ing from white to pale-pur­ple and pur­ple, thanks to why cre­at­ed stun­ning Effect ombre. AT cen­ter flower with both par­ties inlaid trans­par­ent stone from cubic zir­co­ni­um.

Charm clip with flo­ral orna­ment


This grace­ful the clip dec­o­rat­ed fil­i­gree pat­tern from inter­twined col­ors. lines from oxi­dized sil­ver cre­ate beau­ti­ful tex­tured back­ground and vin­tage style. U this sil­ver clips attrac­tive design, rel­e­vant for dif­fer­ent cas­es.

Sep­a­ra­tor charm “Pink chamomile”


Sim­i­lar clipsFlow­er­ing peach”, new charm-sep­a­ra­tor Pink chamomile rep­re­sents your­self pink flow­ers, alter­nat­ing with bright stones from cubic zir­co­ni­um. Each chamomile man­u­al­ly announced white enam­el, pass­ing gra­di­ent in rasp­ber­ry-red. The clip in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose It has sil­i­cone insert, thanks to why her can reli­ably fix in nec­es­sary to you place on bracelets-chain, but not on bracelets-thread.

Charm “Swans” and heart” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


spe­cial pride col­lec­tions Pan­do­ra Ves­na 2021 are updat­ed ver­sions clas­si­cal bicol­or shame Pan­do­ra with details from 14-karatno­go gold. New charm Swans and heart estab­lished on filmed with pro­duc­tion bicol­or charm Embrace swans (791189). How and in orig­i­nal, two swan inter­twined in form hearts, a a lot heads crowned crowns from 14-karatno­go gold. How­ev­er new ver­sion charm more elon­gat­ed. More one addi­tion­al detailthis is stig­ma Pan­do­ra from 14-karatno­go gold, G585, embossed on gold ovals in grounds pen­dants.

Charm pen­dant “Wed­ding rings” from Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


New sus­pen­sion Wed­ding rings inspired obso­lete ver­sion wed­ding rings (79,999D), a also charm dia­mond ring and pil­low (790549D). Two wed­ding rings hang down with hearts from 14-karatno­go gold, con­nect­ing with mas­sive sil­ver shack­le. One ring inlaid sparkling stone, fixed on clasp from 14-karatno­go gold. Inside both rings engraved inscrip­tions You and I (You and I) and For­ev­er and always (For­ev­er and ever). Tiny heart embossed on facial side brack­ets

Charm pen­dant “S anniver­sary” from Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


Check spe­cial anniver­sary with help this sparkling bicol­or charm-pen­dants. His design echoes with by design filmed with pro­duc­tion charm Glass­es cham­pagne (791150), but new sus­pen­sion S anniver­sary added beau­ti­ful bicol­or details. Roman­tic motive glass­es cham­pagne from gold 585 sam­ples and tiny hearts in cen­ter bril­liant frames. Behind it hangs down sil­ver disc in form hearts with inscrip­tion “Hap­py Anniver­sary” (“S anniver­sary). Thin brack­et inlaid trans­par­ent stones from zir­co­ni­um.

Charm pen­dant “Can­dle with a cake who after­noon birth” from Pan­do­ra Peo­ple series


S sil­ver brack­ets with embossed in form hearts hang down two ele­ment: three-dimen­sion­al can­dle with flame from 14-karatno­go gold and round disc with engraved inscrip­tion (“Make a Wish ) Order it desire. oxi­dized heart dec­o­rates reverse side.

Charm pen­dant “Cas­tle” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


New charm-sus­pen­sion Cas­tle sim­i­lar on out­dat­ed charm Cas­tle and crown (791133PCZ). On both shame pic­tured charm­ing Cas­tle with roman­tic tow­ers. dif­fer­ence are in vol­ume, what on new ver­sions there is mono­gram Pan­do­ra from 14-karatno­go gold on front parts of the cas­tle, then how in old under amulet pic­tured gold­en crown from 14-karatno­go gold. Except that, new charm rep­re­sents your­self sus­pen­sion, on bot­tom parts which engraved mes­sage Life is a fairy tale (Lifethis is sto­ry”).

Charm “Roy­al” crown” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


On through­out many years Pan­do­ra cre­at­ed mul­ti­tude vari­a­tions crowns. New charm Roy­al crown rep­re­sents your­self com­bi­na­tion filmed with pro­duc­tion charm from 14-karatno­go gold with dia­monds Majes­tic crown (750453D) and sil­ver charm Roy­al crown (790930). Two sides crowns made from 14-karatno­go gold and dec­o­rat­ed orna­ment. Sil­ver pearl shines on oxi­dized edges, a crowns charm flower from 14-karatno­go gold­en!

Charm “Frog Prince” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Updat­ed also charm Prince-frog (791118). How and in orig­i­nal ver­sions, in the new one it’s a shame Prince-frog head frogs crowns small crown from 14-karatno­go gold. U smil­ing sil­ver frogs eyes more, how in orig­i­nal it’s a shame, and smooth back. Then how in obso­lete it’s a shame Prince-frog on back frogs bicol­or emboss­ing.


open­work charm “Lon­don” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


New exclu­sive charm Lon­don per­fect fit for queens! Buck­ing­ham palace cap­tured by both par­ties pen­dants-but­tons, a over himarch from sparkling trans­par­ent stones. Among oth­ers detailstiny carved hearts and inscrip­tion LONDON (Lon­don), engraved on the side.

Charm pen­dant “Chi­nese opera” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


Demon­strate my love to Chi­nese cul­ture with help this charm­ing exclu­sive charm. Char­ac­ter dressed in tra­di­tion­al out­fit: dress, paint­ed bright­ly-red enam­el, and head dress, inlaid sparkling blue, red and trans­par­ent stones in head clothes. Pink-white enam­el sched­uled face per­former, a in dog­gy charm insert­ed one pre­cious stone.

Charm “French roost­er” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


French cock­er­el flaunts, pac­ing and shak­ing feath­ers on his tail. Young cock­er­el wears gives with paint­ed man­u­al­ly details red, white and blue col­ors.

Charm pen­dant “Pret­zel in form hearts” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


Filmed with pro­duc­tion charm-sus­pen­sion Pret­zel (791218) was with love con­vert­ed in charm Pret­zel in form hearts! twist­ed in heart salty bun it hangs down with sim­ple striped brack­ets.Sil­ver pearl dec­o­rates ante­ri­or part pen­dants, a logo Pan­do­ra stamped on reverse side.

Charm “Cana­di­an beaver” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


Sym­bol Cana­da, North Amer­i­can beaver sits, squeez­ing big, paint­ed translu­cent red enam­el, maple sheet. On pad­dle-like tail beaver engraved lines, a two his large teeth act front.

Charm pen­dant “Duri­an is king fruits” from Coun­try Exclu­sive series


This charm-sus­pen­sion con­sists from two halves duri­an. yel­low pulp fruits won­der­ful pic­tured at help coat­ings Pan­do­ra Shine from 18-karatno­go gold, a sil­ver pearl embod­ies prick­ly peel the fetus. On long ones charm engraved nick­name duri­an KING OF FRUITS (KING FRUITS). Undoubt­ed­ly, in duri­an strange taste, which the rep­re­sents your­self com­bi­na­tion spicy, sweet and creamy. But he espe­cial­ly famous their smell, which the, by words writer Richard Ster­ling, bet­ter Total described how aro­ma of tur­pen­tine with onion, sup­ple­ment­ed sports toe”.


Charm “Blue hunter dreams” from Pan­do­ra x UNICEF series


Sup­port coop­er­a­tion Pan­do­ra and Chil­dren’s Fund UN with help this is new blue ver­sion leg­endary charm Hunter dreams. Feath­ers hunter dreams cov­ered translu­cent blue enam­el, a cor­re­spond­ing col­ors azure-blue stone sparkles in cen­ter charm. Believe in the pow­er of your Dreams” (“Believe in strength their a dream) engraved above charm. Pan­do­ra will donate 15 euro from sales every­one charm, to help needy chil­dren in every­one the world.


Bracelet with elon­gat­ed clasp pave from Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions series


Add a lit­tle glit­ter in own image with help lat­est bracelet from series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions in beau­ti­ful fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose. sparkling stones laid out diag­o­nal in rows on front parts fas­ten­ers, a on rear side engraved Pan­do­ra logo.

Charm clip “Blue heart pave” from Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions series


Add shine his bracelet from series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions with help clips-hearts blue heart pave. Sil­ver charm dec­o­rat­ed 38 flick­er­ing crys­tals dif­fer­ent shades blue, placed by diag­o­nals. By carved heart on reverse side clips viewed tex­ture bracelet. Logo Pan­do­ra engraved side charm.

Charm clip “Pink pave” from Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions series


light-pink stones from zir­co­ni­um con­nect with crys­tals rasp­ber­ry-pink col­ors in this sparkling it’s a shame-clips from series Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions. On reverse side charm engraved logo Pan­do­ra and mono­gram.


Ban­gle bracelet “Cheshire cat from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


The steps in The side mir­a­cles with bracelet Cheshire cat from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles from series Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra. Cheshire cat, famous his mis­chie­vous smile, dec­o­rates clasp bracelet. Tail cat curls up on rear parts fas­ten­ers, a on smooth bracelets engraved famous phrase alice Curi­ouser and curi­ouser’” (Every­thing more won­der­ful and more won­der­ful”).

Slid­er bracelet “Mick­ey” from Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series


AT bracelets-slid­er in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose present char­ac­ter­is­tic dis­tinc­tive trait Dis­ney! Instead ordi­nary fas­ten­ers-ball hereclasp in form mick­ey Mouse. emer­ald-green, pur­ple and turquoise stones sur­round image leg­endary of the cas­tle Dis­ney, embossed on clasp. More two trans­par­ent stone inlaid in bal­loons on ends threads bracelet.

Charm pen­dant “Grad­u­a­tion hat Mick­ey” from Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series


Cel­e­brate suc­cess­ful high school grad­u­a­tion with help this fun­ny pen­dants Grad­u­a­tion hat mick­ey! Tra­di­tion­al grad­u­a­tion cap in style Dis­ney with fun­ny ears mick­ey by to the side. Charm paint­ed dark-blue and black enam­el, a in dog­gy inlaid trans­par­ent stones from zir­co­ni­um.

Charm pen­dant “Mick­ey and Dum­bo” from Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks series


mick­ey fun wav­ing hand, enjoy­ing trip on attrac­tion Dum­bofly­ing an ele­phant. Hat and fill­ing Dum­bo paint­ed man­u­al­ly enam­el blue and mus­tard col­ors. Rel­e­vant by bloom stripes adorn dog­gy cute charm.

Charm pen­dant “Bot­tle “Drink me” from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


Alice decreased in size, to become enough small and fit in bot­tle with potion! Face and hair alice por­trayed at help lung oxi­da­tion, a her dress and legs vis­i­ble through translu­cent blue enam­el bot­tle. On bot­tle hang­ing sil­ver label with inscrip­tion (Always) (Is always) on one side and curi­ouson anoth­er. On oval long onesembossed curls in vin­tage style.

Charm pen­dant “Door han­dle and key from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


open Door in The side mir­a­cles with help charm-pen­dants door han­dle and key from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles and start his an adven­ture! Sus­pen­sion dec­o­rat­ed beau­ti­ful details, which recre­ate mem­o­rable the scene, where Alice talk­ing with enchant­ed door pen. S brack­ets hang down two ele­ment; ele­gant key and three-dimen­sion­al door han­dle with bizarre muz­zle. On reverse side engraved inscrip­tion A new Adven­ture (New an adven­ture”).

Charm “Teapot on Day unbirth from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


Alice arrived in time how once to tea! Join to par­ty and enjoy cup tea from beau­ti­ful blue enam­elled ket­tle. Malyamkin, mouse Sonia, peeps out from ket­tle, a grace­ful Pock­et times hang down with chains. See, now 5 hours, it’s time drink tea!

Charm “Crazy tea par­ty Hat­ter from alice in For­eign Mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


Charm Crazy tea par­ty Hat­ter from alice in For­eign Mir­a­cles cap­tiv­i­ty amaz­ing details! reduced Alice in blue dress, paint­ed blue enam­el, costs on edge hats, con­sid­er­ing tiny but­ter­fly upstairs hats. Paint­ed man­u­al­ly yel­low, pink and red enam­el ros­es, play­ing map and price tag 10/6 hats placed side hats. famous phrase from alice in For­eign mir­a­clesWere all mad here (We all here crazy) engraved on side side charm.

Charm “Cheshire cat and cater­pil­lar Absolem from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles” from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra series


This sil­ver charm in form but­tons skill­ful­ly detailed and filled char­ac­ters from fairy tales about Alice in For­eign Mir­a­cles. On one side charm we vis­i­ble smil­ing Cheshire cat, seat­ed in framed curv­ing under by the wind branch­es trees. On anoth­er side pic­tured Alice, stand­ing among mush­rooms beside with cater­pil­lar Absolem. Above charm engraved phrase Noth­ing is impos­si­ble (Not noth­ing impos­si­ble”).


Neck­lace “Key” and flower” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


Dis­tinc­tive trait this charm­ing neck­lacebig sil­ver pen­dant in form the key with flower from 14-karatno­go gold in cen­ter. stig­ma Pan­do­ra for 14-karatno­go gold, G585, engraved on reverse side pen­dants.


Stud Ear­rings “Flow­ers” from Pan­do­ra Pas­sions series


These grace­ful ear­rings-cloves, inspired flow­ers, cre­at­ed in style each-deco. Four sil­ver petal con­nect anoth­er with to anoth­er, form­ing flower, a more small petals from 14-karatno­go gold shine in cen­ter.

We in delight­ed from col­lec­tions Pan­do­ra to spring 2021 of the year! Obvi­ous­ly, what com­pa­ny Pan­do­ra and her design­ers are lis­ten­ing to reviews fans, and we hap­py see So a lot bicol­or mod­els. AT this new col­lec­tions each will find what-that spe­cial for myself, from fun­ny charm Rain­bow uni­corn to ele­gant ear­rings-studs Flow­ers”.

Our favorites in this col­lec­tionsBracelet Pan­do­ra Moments with sev­er­al chains and clips in fin­ish­ing Pan­do­ra Rose, a also charm elec­tric car””. A bicol­or charms-pen­dants Prince-frog and Swans and heart must have each in his col­lec­tions. Also us very liked ear­rings-studs Flow­ers”.

Nam always liked his­to­ry Alice in For­eign mir­a­cles, that’s why we in delight­ed from new fan­tas­tic pen­dants and bracelets on this sub­ject! Bracelet-Ben­gal Cheshire cat from alice in For­eign mir­a­cles, charms Ket­tle on Day unbirth and Crazy tea par­ty Hat­ter, a also open­work charmsall this is in list our desires.


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[ad_1] Dec­o­ra­tive brooch is in trend again! This orig­i­nal acces­so­ry can make any image bright and attrac­tive. brooches were known as ear­ly as the Bronze Age, around 1500–1300 BC. They

Is it possible to give a silver bracelet to a guy > Silver bracelet as a gift for a man on his birthday

[ad_1] Choos­ing a gift for a man is not an easy task, so many women and girls have prob­lems with what to give their loved one. There are hun­dreds of