Global On which fingers and hand do men wear rings — Rules for wearing men’s rings

On which fingers and hand do men wear rings — Rules for wearing men’s rings


Men wear less jew­el­ry on their arms than women. But in busi­ness life, they still can­not do with­out styl­ish jew­el­ry. In addi­tion to watch­es, bracelets and cuf­flinks, up to three rings, includ­ing a wed­ding ring, are accept­able for both hands. After all, a man’s ring is not only an acces­so­ry. Depend­ing on where men wear rings and what mod­els, one can deter­mine their char­ac­ter, oblig­a­tions, sta­tus, achieve­ments and life val­ues.

On which finger do men wear a signet and how to wear rings for women

What ring to choose for a man’s hand?

When choos­ing this acces­so­ry, you should fol­low a few basic rules:

  • color/metal. No mat­ter how much and how much a man will wear rings, he should give pref­er­ence to uni­form jew­el­ry made of one shim­mer­ing met­al or one col­or. It is desir­able that their shade is in har­mo­ny with the watch or bracelet. This means that if a man wears a sil­ver or stain­less steel watch, the rest of the jew­el­ry should be sil­ver. You can not mix prod­ucts from dif­fer­ent met­als. The only excep­tion is an engage­ment ring made of white gold or plat­inum. The rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the stronger sex, who con­sid­er jew­el­ry made of pre­cious met­als too fem­i­nine, should pay atten­tion to black steel prod­ucts;

  • bal­ance. Wear­ing all the acces­sories on one hand is an opti­cal imbal­ance! Sev­er­al rings should be even­ly dis­trib­uted between both hands. Make sure that the items you choose are in har­mo­ny with the watch or bracelets and there are not too many of them. Wear a ring on one hand and a bracelet or watch on the oth­er. If there are sev­er­al rings, then on one hand there is a watch or a bracelet and one ring, and two on the oth­er.

On which hand do men wear rings?

The Romans insist­ed that the wed­ding ring should be worn on the left, since this hand and the amor­is vein are clos­est to the heart.

In Chi­na, hands are giv­en spe­cial impor­tance: the right hand is for giv­ing, and the left hand is for tak­ing. When a Chi­nese man wears a wed­ding ring on the left, it means that he expects to receive more than he gives in a fam­i­ly union.

On which fingers do men wear rings?

In no coun­try in the world there is a sin­gle and offi­cial rule for wear­ing men’s rings — on the left or on the right hand. But in Europe there are 3 things to con­sid­er:

  1. engage­ment and wed­ding rings are usu­al­ly worn on the left hand to be clos­er to the heart;
  2. it is nec­es­sary to bal­ance all the acces­sories: if a man wears a watch on his left hand, then you need to put the ring on his right;
  3. a lot depends on whether he is left-hand­ed or right-hand­ed, and on his dai­ly activ­i­ties.

How to wear rings for men

Usu­al­ly signet rings are char­ac­ter­ized by a pro­nounced sur­face struc­ture — engrav­ing, ini­tials or fam­i­ly coat of arms, only on one side.

Accord­ing to the rules of eti­quette, the signet ring is put on the fin­ger in such a way that it can be read by the per­son oppo­site, and not by the own­er him­self. This piece of jew­el­ry demon­strates how its own­er iden­ti­fies him­self to the out­side world.

Ini­tial­ly, these jew­el­ry items were intend­ed for the nobil­i­ty and wealthy mer­chants. Today, how­ev­er, some try to impress them. This may be incon­ve­nient. Since most mod­ern men have their ring fin­ger occu­pied, they often wear a signet on the index fin­ger, and occa­sion­al­ly on the lit­tle fin­ger.

How to wear rings for men on the ring finger

In Europe, until the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry, only a woman wore a wed­ding ring. It was­n’t until World War I that mar­ried male sol­diers began wear­ing wed­ding rings on their ring fin­gers to remem­ber their wives. Pre­vi­ous­ly, work­ers and sol­diers did not wear jew­el­ry.

The cus­tom of wear­ing a betrothal on the left hand is valid in most of Europe (France, Italy, Por­tu­gal, Swe­den, Fin­land, Slo­va­kia, Switzer­land, Croa­t­ia, Slove­nia, Roma­nia and the Span­ish Autonomous Com­mu­ni­ties of Cat­alo­nia and Valen­cia), as well as in non-Euro­pean coun­tries such as Ire­land, USA, Aus­tralia, Botswana, Cana­da, Egypt, New Zealand, South Africa.

It is cus­tom­ary to wear the sym­bol of mar­riage on the right hand in Bul­gar­ia, Greece, Geor­gia, Lithua­nia, Latvia, Mace­do­nia, the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion, Ser­bia, Ukraine, Aus­tria, Bel­gium, Den­mark, Ger­many, Hun­gary, Poland, the Nether­lands, Nor­way, in most of Spain, Colom­bia, Peru, Cuba and Venezuela.

In Turkey, Lebanon, Syr­ia, Roma­nia and Brazil, some men buy both engage­ment and wed­ding rings at the same time. They wear their engage­ment rings on the ring fin­ger of their right hand until the wed­ding day. After the mar­riage, the dec­o­ra­tion is moved to the left.

Dur­ing a Jew­ish wed­ding, a woman receives a ring on the index fin­ger of her right hand, but then moves it to the ring fin­ger of her left hand. Men either leave the acces­so­ry on the index, or even take it off.

In most Mus­lim coun­tries, with the excep­tion of Iran or Jor­dan, the exchange of wed­ding rings is not part of the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny. They get a tat­too on a joint. It’s roman­tic, but not prac­ti­cal in a divorce. The sit­u­a­tion is sim­i­lar in Goa and India.

The clas­sic choice of jew­el­ry for men, which can be worn both every day and on spe­cial occa­sions, is a sim­ple ring made of yel­low or white met­al, med­ical steel or pal­la­di­um.

What men’s ring to wear on the middle, index, thumb and little finger?

On the mid­dle fin­ger, men rarely wear jew­el­ry. This is due to the fact that it is locat­ed next to the ring fin­ger. Two rings next to each oth­er can inter­fere and cre­ate dis­com­fort. On the mid­dle fin­ger, the ring is in the mid­dle of the hand, which is asso­ci­at­ed with jus­tice, order­li­ness and struc­ture.

Psy­chol­o­gists note that rings worn on the mid­dle fin­ger of the right hand are most often bought for them­selves, and not for a gift. Wide designs, bright and mas­sive acces­sories are cho­sen that draw close atten­tion to the hands.

The index fin­ger of men has been occu­pied for many cen­turies by a signet with a fam­i­ly coat of arms. It was made with a minia­ture con­tain­er for poi­son or snuff. Lat­er, this dec­o­ra­tion began to be worn on the lit­tle fin­ger. The index fin­ger is the most com­mon­ly used these days, so it stays blank. Since it sym­bol­izes self-con­fi­dence, ambi­tion and lead­er­ship, the dec­o­ra­tion on it tes­ti­fies to the desire for pow­er, the desire not to be who the per­son is in real­i­ty.

An unusu­al phe­nom­e­non for Euro­pean cul­tures is wear­ing a ring on the thumb. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, he asso­ci­at­ed him with mas­culin­i­ty and pow­er. With a thumb ges­ture with a jew­el, the Roman emper­or decid­ed between the life and death of his sub­or­di­nates. Regard­less of whether it is a left or right hand, such an orna­ment gives a man con­fi­dence in his strength and the cor­rect­ness of his actions.

The pres­ence of jew­el­ry on the lit­tle fin­ger indi­cates that its own­er is elo­quent and able to con­vince. The lit­tle fin­ger was named after Mer­cury, the god of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and per­se­ver­ance. The ring on it is worn by peo­ple with extra­or­di­nary tal­ents, smart and inven­tive.

Know­ing on which fin­gers men wear rings and rings, take a look at the cat­a­log of our Sil­vers online store, which presents men’s acces­sories with inter­est­ing designs. If you plan to wear the ring dai­ly, choose the hand and fin­gers that are most com­fort­able for you.


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