Global How to use hairpins and pin up your hair correctly

How to use hairpins and pin up your hair correctly


A new fash­ion trend is a well-for­got­ten old one. Hair­pins, which every­one knows and keeps in a box, emerge from the shad­ows, bold­ly appear­ing in the fore­ground. They dec­o­rate hair­styles like acces­sories, empha­siz­ing tails, buns and pin-up shells. The times when they were hid­den under the strands are behind us. Now in vogue are hair­styles adorned with gold, sil­ver, met­al and even neon hair­pins. These “invis­i­bles” are able to turn ordi­nary every­day styling into a work of art and an ele­ment of expres­sion of one’s own indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. Learn how to cre­ate orig­i­nal styles using dif­fer­ent hair­pins and get inspired by fash­ion show hair­styles in this arti­cle.

We pin hair: hairpins, crabs and stealth

How to properly pierce studs

Most peo­ple use bob­by pins the wrong way and then think they are poor qual­i­ty because they don’t hold the hair. In fact, you need to stab with the bent side down. This allows the frilled sur­face to lift the hair and the flat sur­face to hold it in place for added charm.

Pin­ning indi­vid­ual strands or hair back, it is more cor­rect to fix the strands with hair­pins both from above and from below.

To give a high hair­style a secure fix­a­tion, you need to cross two long invis­i­ble ones, attach­ing them from above and below. This method is espe­cial­ly good for peo­ple with thick hair.

To avoid dam­ag­ing the scalp and pulling out hair, use hair clips with plas­tic ends.

To ensure the dura­bil­i­ty of the hair­style, before fix­ing the hair with hair­pins, sprin­kle it with hair­spray or use dry sham­poo. This con­tributes to their tighter fit to the hair.

How to fix a bunch of long hair with hairpins

The own­ers of long hair have the largest num­ber of hair­style options. If the curls are up to the shoul­ders and below, in the sum­mer dur­ing the hot peri­od, you can make a high tail, shell or bun. This is a pin-up style that belongs to the time­less clas­sic canon. Year after year, he reigns supreme on the cat­walks and sets glob­al trends. This hair­style is suit­able for almost any style of cloth­ing and any face shape. It opens the face and eyes, thanks to which the girl or woman always looks neat and fresh. There is some­thing grace­ful about the free casu­al­ness of this hair­style.

There are several types of bundles:

  • the eas­i­est option — the one that is made when cre­at­ing the “pony­tail”. On the last pass of the hair through the elas­tic band, it is not com­plete­ly per­formed, but forms a bun­dle around which the rest of the strands are wrapped;
  • dou­ble is noth­ing more than two bun­dles twist­ed on both sides of the head. They can be worn high on the head or low. In both ver­sions, they are made in the same way: they make two pony­tails and wrap the hair around the elas­tic band. Fixed with hair­spray and hair­pins;
  • French the ele­gant bun appeared in the 1940s. He looks very ele­gant. To make it, you need to comb all the hair to one side and stab it at the back of the head with hair­pins. It is impor­tant that they be less in the mid­dle, cre­ate a ver­ti­cal line, or be crossed togeth­er. Hair should be direct­ed to one side of the head ver­ti­cal­ly upwards;
  • Span­ish — This is a low strand of hair that fits just above the back of the head or on the side. It is desir­able that the hair be per­fect­ly smooth. Like the French ver­sion, the Span­ish beam has two ver­sions. Loose and casu­al­ly tied hair at the back of the head can be worn every day, and impec­ca­bly pinned curls — with an evening dress or with a busi­ness suit at offi­cial meet­ings. A tiny dec­o­ra­tion attached next to the bun (hair­pin, braid or flower) gives the hair­style an indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter;
  • Eng­lish — resem­bles a Span­ish bunch, but it should be stabbed high at the crown. For this, a spe­cial elas­tic band is per­fect — a beam filler. It even­ly dis­trib­utes the strands of hair, cre­at­ing a large smooth “bagel”. The Eng­lish ver­sion also has a loose, casu­al ver­sion that can be worn every day. You just need to pin up the hair at the crown and wrap it around the elas­tic band to get a neat bun. All this can be fixed with var­nish and studs. Many women use a dec­o­ra­tive elas­tic band instead (the icon­ic spring — invis­i­bob­ble is per­fect for this);
  • wed­ding — a neat hair­style, often dec­o­rat­ed with hair­pins, mesh, satin rib­bon or spec­tac­u­lar braid.

How to pin your hair with hairpins depending on the length

Even short hair can be pinned up in a bun. It’s a lit­tle labo­ri­ous, but very effec­tive. It is cre­at­ed using tiny hair­pins called “toads”, each of which holds and holds one strand of hair togeth­er. If the length of the hair allows, the strands can be twist­ed into small snails and pinned tight­ly at the back of the head — one next to the oth­er. Anoth­er solu­tion is to attach one arti­fi­cial strand to the crown, which is made in the form of a fin­ished bun­dle. It is impor­tant that the hair­style is the same col­or as the hair.

The sim­plest bun­dle of curly hair is obtained by col­lect­ing them in a pony­tail and grad­u­al­ly pin­ning each strand up with hair­pins, twist­ing it slight­ly.

For a semi-long bun of hair, you may need a base in the form of a hair­pin or elas­tic band. If your hair is thick, you can pin each strand sep­a­rate­ly to cre­ate a roman­tic wreath.

A bun for long hair will always look spec­tac­u­lar. It does not require jew­el­ry, fillers and hair­pieces. All you need to do is wrap your hair tight­ly around the elas­tic band, then fix with hair­spray and secure with hair­pins.

Now you know how to use hair­pins cor­rect­ly and use them to cre­ate sim­ple, but beau­ti­ful and ele­gant hair­styles.

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