Global With what and how to wear a silver pendant

With what and how to wear a silver pendant


Sil­ver chains, neck­laces, neck­laces or bracelets com­bined with pen­dants can be a great addi­tion to the look. In order for them to per­form this role well, it is nec­es­sary to choose them cor­rect­ly accord­ing to the shape of the face, fig­ure and style of out­fit. Read our mini-guide and you will be able to choose dif­fer­ent types of neck pen­dants for any occa­sion.


The sim­ple design and min­i­mal décor are per­fect for casu­al, rock or basic busi­ness style. Ele­gant jew­el­ry — a pen­dant with a pre­cious stone hang­ing on a del­i­cate chain — suits any occa­sion and almost any out­fit. Beau­ti­ful­ly har­mo­nizes with the same stone in the ring and stud ear­rings. This is an excel­lent choice for both gen­tle, roman­tic fash­ion­istas and styl­ish busi­ness women who want to com­ple­ment their strict busi­ness style with a fem­i­nine ele­ment and show that an ele­gant lady can always suc­ceed in the harsh world of men.

Pendant in the shape of a heart

Del­i­cate jew­el­ry with a mean­ing that will appeal to every girl or woman, will suit both an airy sun­dress and an evening dress. A sil­ver neck­lace with a heart-shaped pen­dant will always remind you of the per­son who gave it and his feel­ings. It is com­bined with a thin bracelet and long ear­rings.

“Hard Solitaire”

This is how pro­fes­sion­al jew­el­ers call a gem con­nect­ed direct­ly to a chain or through an “eye”. This prod­uct will enchant min­i­mal­ists and all ladies who are look­ing for an incon­spic­u­ous but unique decol­lete dec­o­ra­tion.
The ide­al pen­dant for a neck­lace can also be select­ed depend­ing on which gem it con­tains:

  • trans­par­ent dia­mond — the king of the world of pre­cious stones — suit­able for those who pre­fer ele­gant min­i­mal­ism, are con­ser­v­a­tive and love extrav­a­gant prod­ucts;
  • col­ored stones (emer­alds, rubies, opals, sap­phires, etc.) cre­ate an orig­i­nal play of shades. One main stone is com­ple­ment­ed by sev­er­al small­er ones, which are in per­fect har­mo­ny with each oth­er. Such a pen­dant is a piece of jew­el­ry that is appro­pri­ate both at work, in the office, and at solemn and social events. They per­fect­ly com­ple­ment fash­ion­able out­fits and give self-con­fi­dence;
  • pearls do not always have to be white and round. It can play with dif­fer­ent shades and sur­prise with its unique shape. You can safe­ly wear pearl jew­el­ry every day, and not just with for­mal or for­mal wear. Pen­dants are made with a sin­gle pearl or sur­round­ed by Swarovs­ki crys­tals.

Fashionable pendants in the form of a halo on a chain

A mod­el in which a gem topped with a halo — an insert of oth­er small stones — and sus­pend­ed from a chain is called Halo. It empha­sizes the beau­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the image at fes­tive and offi­cial events. It goes best with clas­sic or evening wear. It is bet­ter to refuse oth­er acces­sories or they should be invis­i­ble.

Photo medallions

Such a gift in a mod­ern ele­gant design is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to remind your­self or about impor­tant events about loved ones. It can be round, sleek and dis­creet, or embell­ished with gems that will turn it into a self-suf­fi­cient shin­ing acces­so­ry that even goes with a clas­sic dress.

Personalized pendant

One of the most pop­u­lar gifts for any occa­sion is not an ordi­nary pen­dant, but a unique piece of jew­el­ry with a spe­cial descrip­tion. A short mot­to, the name or ini­tials of the own­er, a mem­o­rable date or a wish. Engrav­ing can turn a sim­ple prod­uct into a unique acces­so­ry that no one else has. Depend­ing on the shape and font of the inscrip­tion, the dec­o­ra­tion can be used in any style.

Pendants with zodiac signs

For those who believe that the stars play an impor­tant role in their lives, zodi­ac sym­bol pen­dants are the best gift. They can have a dis­creet design or be com­ple­ment­ed by a sparkling gem­stone that match­es the horo­scope. This prod­uct will be a tal­is­man and will dec­o­rate clothes both week­days and hol­i­days.

Symbolic hand pendant

This is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to styl­ish­ly, unob­tru­sive­ly and taste­ful­ly indi­cate your thoughts, feel­ings and atti­tude to the world. Thanks to the vari­ety of motifs, styles and dec­o­ra­tions, each one can cre­ate their own orig­i­nal bracelet in the Shamb­ha­la style. It looks best in boho and coun­try styles.
Moth­er’s love pen­dant is the per­fect gift for the birth of a child

A moth­er or woman who has giv­en birth to a new life deserves a valu­able gift — a Moth­er’s Love pen­dant to a chain or bracelet. This is a sim­ple mod­el or with a bril­liant gem­stone cho­sen accord­ing to the month of the baby’s birth or the favorite col­or of the one who will wear the jew­el­ry.

Pendant — floral jewelry

This prod­uct fas­ci­nates every­one who is close to nature and admires her bound­less inge­nu­ity. Motifs of flow­ers or trees, hid­den in clas­sic and non-tra­di­tion­al designs, com­bined with light sum­mer clothes or evening dress­es, will turn a fash­ion­ista into a gen­tle for­est nymph.

Pendant in the form of an animal or a bird

A charm­ing acces­so­ry with a play­ful design and dis­creet details, cre­at­ed in accor­dance with the lat­est fash­ion trends inspired by the world of fau­na. Those who have a favorite pet (dog, cat or par­rot) can choose a pen­dant with its design and always wear it close to their hearts or on their wrists.

What is a silver pendant — an ornament in the shape of a cross?

This is an attribute of a sacred nature. It is put on the child after bap­tism. Adult women and men wear sil­ver cross­es of com­plex shape, min­i­mal­ist mod­els on ele­gant chains, as well as amulets, faces of saints and guardian angels.

How to choose the right silver pendant

  • Growth. A large neck pen­dant looks bet­ter on tall peo­ple. If you are short­er than 165 cm, some jew­el­ry may draw too much atten­tion to your­self.
  • Face shape. Those with a tri­an­gu­lar heart-shaped face should choose longer pen­dants with a heav­ier decor ele­ment. The V‑shape of such a neck­lace will har­mo­nize well with the shape of the face. For peo­ple with a round or square face, short chains and chok­ers that fit snug­ly around the neck are suit­able. Own­ers of an oval face shape can wear pen­dants of any type.
  • Neck length. Short necks or if there are many wrin­kles, it is bet­ter to dec­o­rate with longer, hang­ing pen­dants. On a long neck, volu­mi­nous acces­sories will look good.
  • Body com­po­si­tion. Full women with large busts should avoid pen­dants that draw too much atten­tion to the chest. It is worth choos­ing gen­tle, almost imper­cep­ti­ble pen­dants.
  • Out­fit. Pen­dants and neck­laces look very nice with a turtle­neck or busi­ness dress in the cool sea­son, pro­vid­ed that the pen­dant should more or less match or con­trast with the col­or of the golf / stand-up col­lar. This com­bi­na­tion will dec­o­rate the image and add chic to it. Wear­ing jeans and a T‑shirt does­n’t mean you can’t look ele­gant in them. On a T‑shirt, a pen­dant with one or more chains looks inter­est­ing if the knitwear is smooth and sol­id. Then the pres­ence of a small dec­o­ra­tion will add ele­gance to the image. For an open V‑neck neck­line or blouse, the pen­dant should not be too long. Then you may need to add it with a short pen­dant around your neck.

Pen­dants made of sil­ver or gold always attract a lot of atten­tion. In order not to look like a Christ­mas tree, you need to com­bine with them small ele­gant ear­rings, a thin ring or bracelet. Choose prod­ucts from the cat­a­log from our online store and order with deliv­ery to any city in Ukraine. If you have any dif­fi­cul­ties with the selec­tion of suit­able prod­ucts, please con­tact our con­sul­tants — they will help you make a good choice.


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