Global What silver jewelry to choose for curvaceous ladies

What silver jewelry to choose for curvaceous ladies


The life of cur­va­ceous women is not easy. For many years, the well-estab­lished canon of extreme har­mo­ny with ide­al shapes and pro­por­tions has been heard. How­ev­er, this has changed a bit late­ly. Peo­ple began to appre­ci­ate the beau­ty of XXL mod­els, their fem­i­nin­i­ty and sex appeal. After all, it is not the size that deter­mines the attrac­tive­ness of a woman, but how she looks, moves and what style she has.

Despite this, all own­ers of seduc­tive round­ness of the body are con­cerned about one burn­ing ques­tion — how to visu­al­ly empha­size the dig­ni­ty of your fig­ure and hide its flaws. Yes, with the right clothes, you can visu­al­ly lose a few pounds. But few peo­ple real­ize that jew­el­ry for women has a sim­i­lar effect. Use­ful tips on how to choose them, we will share in this arti­cle.

General recommendations on how to choose jewelry for obese women

General recommendations on how to choose jewelry for obese women

Most cur­va­ceous beau­ties believe that expen­sive jew­el­ry can only be worn by fash­ion mod­els with per­fect shapes or celebri­ties, as these acces­sories attract a lot of atten­tion. In fact, ladies in the body pre­fer ele­gant jew­el­ry of tra­di­tion­al design. You can also exper­i­ment with mod­ern trendy jew­el­ry. The main con­di­tion is that they must fit into the image, com­ple­ment it and place the right accents so that it looks expen­sive. When a woman has impec­ca­ble taste, she exudes lux­u­ry and sophis­ti­ca­tion, kilo­grams and cen­time­ters on the waist and hips become an addi­tion­al advan­tage instead of extra ones! There­fore, cheap Chi­nese jew­el­ry for women in the body from the under­pass or the whole­sale mar­ket will not work. Even if funds are lim­it­ed, you need to choose repli­cas — high-qual­i­ty copies of mod­els from well-known jew­el­ry brands.

  1. Con­sid­er the ratio of body size and jew­el­ry. Against the back­ground of mag­nif­i­cent forms, too large sil­ver jew­el­ry for women will look just as ridicu­lous as very small ones. Thin chains, rings and ear­rings will be invis­i­ble, which will make the look bor­ing. And mas­sive prod­ucts with wide inserts or stones will look rough, vul­gar, and even hard to wear. To main­tain bal­ance, medi­um-sized acces­sories for obese women are need­ed.
  2. Pay atten­tion to your build and physique. If you have nat­u­ral­ly inher­it­ed beau­ti­ful grace­ful fin­gers, it is not a sin to empha­size them with a thin and ele­gant sil­ver ring. The main thing is that jew­el­ry for over­weight women should be away from the prob­lem area. If you are sat­is­fied with the length of the neck or the shape of the hands, wear jew­el­ry of any size, both large and small, on them.
  3. Do not abuse the amount of jew­el­ry. Wear­ing every­thing at once is a bad idea. This will make the image over­loaded, sim­i­lar to a Christ­mas tree hung with toys, and even add a few kilo­grams. Ide­al­ly, you should use no more than 3 col­ors in clothes and cos­met­ics, no more than 3 acces­sories. But it should not be large jew­el­ry for women, which gives the effect oppo­site to what is expect­ed. One piece of jew­el­ry should be promi­nent, while the rest should be sub­tle to com­ple­ment it.
  4. Fol­low the rules of ver­ti­cal lines. They stretch the sil­hou­ette of mag­nif­i­cent beau­ties and help them to build. Give pref­er­ence to long neck­laces for obese women, beads, chains with elon­gat­ed pen­dants or pen­dants dec­o­rat­ed with oblong stones.

What color is better to choose jewelry for obese women

When choos­ing jew­el­ry acces­sories, col­or does not always play a deci­sive role. A uni­ver­sal solu­tion, choos­ing which you def­i­nite­ly won’t go wrong, is such options as prod­ucts in tra­di­tion­al black and white col­ors (items with a black and white pat­tern on enam­el), lacon­ic gold or sil­ver, col­or­less trans­par­ent stones (mod­els made of white gold with cubic zirko­nia). Styl­ists insist that thanks to a restrained range, the like­li­hood of mak­ing a mis­take is min­i­mal. And how to choose and wear jew­el­ry made of sil­ver or gold with bright stones — you need to get used to this. Gems tend to attract atten­tion, so they can acci­den­tal­ly empha­size not only the mer­its, but also the flaws of the fig­ure. No one for­bids play­ing with col­or, only you need to know the mea­sure in every­thing. Prod­ucts with bright stones are suit­able for a plain black or gray dress — they will give the image a touch of com­plete­ness.

What color is better to choose jewelry for obese women

From theory to practice: choosing jewelry and bijouterie for obese women

Ide­al neck jew­el­ry for girls and women with appe­tiz­ing shapes is a long falling neck­lace, a chain with a pen­dant or a neck­lace end­ing above or below the chest. These acces­sories will cre­ate ver­ti­cal lines that will give your fig­ure the desired slim­ness and even make you appear taller. It does not mat­ter what kind of met­al it will be — gold or sil­ver, plat­inum or med­ical alloy. Dec­o­ra­tion should not be too small: it will be lost on a mag­nif­i­cent body. To add zest to the image, bet on some­thing orig­i­nal and bright.

  • If the fig­ure of a woman resem­bles an hour­glass or a pear, you should choose the longest pos­si­ble chain with a pen­dant. It will help empha­size the pres­ence of the waist.
  • If the main prob­lem area is the stom­ach, too long, reach­ing the navel, neck jew­el­ry will not work: they will only empha­size this imper­fec­tion of the fig­ure. Mod­els of medi­um length, which are select­ed tak­ing into account the shape of the neck­line, focus on the chest and neck.
  • For girls with large breasts, lay­ered beads are suit­able. The effect of visu­al weight loss is achieved due to dif­fer­ent lengths of threads or chains. How­ev­er, they should not be very thin. It is also impor­tant that the length of the first chain or thread is not more than 40 cm, this will empha­size the pres­ence of a sec­ond chin. For this rea­son, Rubens beau­ties can­not wear chok­ers (neck­laces).

From theory to practice: choosing jewelry and bijouterie for obese women

Even more prob­lems for over­weight women may arise with how to suc­cess­ful­ly choose a gold or sil­ver ring.

Mas­sive rings will not dec­o­rate, but rather spoil the whole look, because they look ridicu­lous and taste­less, even if the gem costs a for­tune.

Var­ie­gat­ed stones are appro­pri­ate only on grace­ful hands with long fin­gers, but it is desir­able that they be of medi­um size.

To make the hand look as ele­gant as pos­si­ble, the ring should be with an insert with an oblong stone. This is how the rule of ver­ti­cal lines works: the cor­rect geom­e­try visu­al­ly stretch­es the brush, then the fin­gers look thin­ner.

Small and thin rings for full fin­gers are not an option, because such dec­o­ra­tion will not be vis­i­ble against their back­ground. Since there should be no more than 3 acces­sories in the image, in this case, a medi­um-sized ring is prefer­able.

Ear­rings for obese women, pro­vid­ed that the mod­el is cor­rect­ly select­ed, give their own­ers charm and grace. A win-win option is hang­ing ear­rings with a dec­o­ra­tive part in the form of straight lines. Choos­ing such sil­ver and gold ear­rings is one way to visu­al­ly length­en the neck. But you need to take into account the length of the sus­pen­sion part. When the neck is short and mas­sive, the acces­so­ry should hang slight­ly. If it ends at shoul­der lev­el, it will visu­al­ly short­en the neck by a few cen­time­ters.

Round-faced and round-cheeked ladies of a mag­nif­i­cent com­plex­ion have a taboo on con­go ear­rings, because this round jew­el­ry will fur­ther empha­size the round­ness of the fig­ure. In this case, you need to give pref­er­ence to clear geo­met­ric and teardrop-shaped forms.

Small car­na­tions or studs are also unde­sir­able, because they will not only be lost against the back­ground of a mag­nif­i­cent fig­ure, but also visu­al­ly increase the ear­lobe. An excep­tion is the case when there are sev­er­al holes in the ear — 2 or 3. Then hang­ing ear­rings are put into the main hole, and studs or small rings are put into the rest.

A bracelet is the only piece of jew­el­ry that the own­er of appe­tiz­ing forms can com­plete­ly rely on her taste and not fol­low the rules. Despite the absence of strict require­ments for the selec­tion of such an acces­so­ry, ele­gant mod­els that play­ful­ly fall on the wrist are prefer­able. They will make the brush grace­ful and empha­size the beau­ty of well-groomed hands. Del­i­cate bracelets with a dis­creet orna­ment will add a touch of light­ness and ephemer­al­i­ty to the image. They will look good with a short sleeve blouse, cre­at­ing the effect of slim­ming the arms.

Sil­ver brooches are expe­ri­enc­ing a real renais­sance again. Once con­sid­ered a grand­moth­er’s attribute, today they have become a man­i­fes­ta­tion of retro, glam­orous and vin­tage style. Pinned in the right place on a blouse, brooches will help achieve a very favor­able visu­al effect. Lush ladies should first of all opt for sim­ple, dis­creet brooches of medi­um size and nat­ur­al shapes.

Now you know how to choose the right jew­el­ry made of sil­ver or gold with mag­nif­i­cent forms. It does­n’t mat­ter what shape you are though. The main thing is to be able to cor­rect­ly empha­size the dig­ni­ty of your appear­ance with the help of acces­sories. The cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store has jew­el­ry that can cope with this and oth­er tasks of this kind. Choose, order with deliv­ery through­out Ukraine — and you won’t regret it!


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