Global What are charms: characteristics, features and meaning

What are charms: characteristics, features and meaning


Sil­ver bracelet not only dec­o­rates the wrist. Thanks to charms — pen­dants sym­bol­iz­ing love, eter­ni­ty, hap­pi­ness and oth­er feel­ings, mem­o­ries and events and moods — it has a sym­bol­ic mean­ing. The main func­tions of charms are dec­o­ra­tive and aes­thet­ic. They are per­formed only when both ele­ments are made with the same high pre­ci­sion, from mate­ri­als of the same qual­i­ty and in the same style. About what charms are and how to choose them cor­rect­ly, we will tell in detail in this arti­cle.

The history of jewelry — bracelets with charms

Pan­do­ra is a Dan­ish brand, a world leader and one of the biggest play­ers in the jew­el­ry mar­ket, known for its high qual­i­ty and hand­craft­ed fin­ish­es. The com­pa­ny’s prod­uct range includes rings, bracelets, ear­rings, neck­laces and pen­dants, as well as icon­ic charms.
In 1982 Per Enevold­sen and his wife Win­nie opened the Pop­u­lar Smyke store in Copen­hagen. In search of new inspi­ra­tion, mate­ri­als and per­son­nel, the cou­ple trav­eled to Thai­land, where they found not only high-qual­i­ty pre­cious met­als and stones, but also high­ly skilled crafts­men with expe­ri­ence in mak­ing orig­i­nal hand­made jew­el­ry.

At the turn of 2000–2004 the con­cept of icon­ic bracelets with pen­dants was born. At the same time, the offi­cial name of the brand was coined — Pan­do­ra. It pro­vid­ed the brand with a spec­tac­u­lar image and finan­cial suc­cess, con­ducive to rapid devel­op­ment. One of the pri­or­i­ty mis­sions of the Pan­do­ra brand is to cel­e­brate fem­i­nin­i­ty. For almost 40 years, since 1982, its cre­ators have been inspir­ing women and encour­ag­ing them to share their emo­tions and express their indi­vid­ual style through jew­el­ry. The design team active­ly traces, ana­lyzes the pref­er­ences and inspi­ra­tions of women from all over the world and brings them to life in the spir­it of Dan­ish design and Scan­di­na­vian aes­thet­ics, based on nature, crafts­man­ship, exquis­ite sim­plic­i­ty and unique­ness. Charms are jew­el­ry that allows women to sym­bol­i­cal­ly pre­serve moments, emo­tions and expe­ri­ences that are impor­tant to them. Trans­lat­ed from Eng­lish, “charm” means charm, so charms are called small pen­dants — jew­el­ry on bracelets that give the image attrac­tive­ness and style.

The history of jewelry - bracelets with charms

Accord­ing to the con­cept, each bracelet with charms on the hand has a mod­u­lar struc­ture — it is assem­bled from indi­vid­ual ele­ments. The first mod­ule is the bracelet itself. It is avail­able in four mod­els:

  1. flex­i­ble chain with a small bar­rel clasp;
  2. hard hoop;
  3. open rim with two beads;
  4. leather lace.

The length of the bracelet depends on the quan­ti­ty, the num­ber of charms. It is equal to the cir­cum­fer­ence of the wrist. For insur­ance, add 2 cm to it.
An impor­tant ele­ment of the first Pan­do­ra bracelet is the clips that pre­vent the pen­dants from mov­ing. At the end, you need to attach a safe­ty chain.

Thanks to the mod­u­lar design, the Pan­do­ra bracelet can be freely changed and changed — add addi­tion­al ele­ments to it, mix dif­fer­ent styles and types of charms. They are made with atten­tion to every detail in the form of pen­dants, which are fas­tened with spe­cial locks, and Euro­pean key rings made of Mura­no glass and pre­cious stones, which are strung on the base. All of them are remov­able, the holes are stan­dard. They can be pur­chased togeth­er with the bracelet or sep­a­rate­ly.

The meaning of the pendants on the bracelet

Charms are not just for women. Under this trade­mark, col­lec­tions of jew­el­ry are also pro­duced:

  • for kids. These acces­sories are giv­en on the occa­sion of bap­tism, com­mu­nion and oth­er hol­i­days. The Angel of Love line fea­tures sophis­ti­cat­ed designs, a vari­ety of heart motifs, white and cream stone pen­dants, and reli­gious fig­ures;
  • for men — black and dark blue leather bracelets or sil­ver mod­els with charms. They are suit­able for both ele­gant and casu­al style — and a busi­ness suit, and jeans.

Charm is a piece of jew­el­ry that comes in dif­fer­ent designs, pat­terns and col­ors. Each tal­is­man has its own mean­ing from ancient mythol­o­gy, beliefs or per­son­i­fies a cer­tain life event.

The meaning of the pendants on the bracelet

The most common meaning of charms:

  • heart — love, devo­tion, loy­al­ty or grat­i­tude to a loved one, moth­er, father, sis­ter, friend or oth­er close peo­ple, friends, col­leagues;
  • let­ters — name, ini­tials, life mot­to or wish;
  • num­bers — impor­tant dates and codes;
  • hob­bies — motor­cy­cle, sail­ing, bik­ing, rock climb­ing, ski­ing, danc­ing;
  • reli­gious or cult sym­bols — infin­i­ty (loy­al­ty to one’s cause, expres­sion of immor­tal mem­o­ry and friend­ship), tree of life (sym­bol of inner strength, vital wis­dom, pros­per­i­ty, abun­dance), dream catch­er (good dreams), clover (wealth);
  • the key and the lock reveal the begin­ning of cre­ation, pow­er;
  • tur­tle — a sym­bol of wis­dom and longevi­ty;
  • dol­phin — a sign of friend­ship, respect, grat­i­tude;
  • the shell con­tributes to an ear­ly preg­nan­cy, and the stroller — the birth of a child;
  • a horse­shoe brings good luck, pro­tects from evil forces;
  • the eye pro­tects from an unkind look and dam­age;
  • starfish gives vital­i­ty;
  • the grail means long life and health;
  • the char­i­ot cor­rects changes for the bet­ter and solves prob­lems;
  • the moon sym­bol­izes new rela­tion­ships and work;
  • anchor — a sym­bol of hope, ide­al for peo­ple in need of sup­port;
  • the swal­low rep­re­sents free­dom. This is a sign of hap­pi­ness, hope, pros­per­i­ty and change for the bet­ter;
  • ele­phant — hap­pi­ness and abun­dance, as well as new oppor­tu­ni­ties;
  • the razor blade is asso­ci­at­ed with uncom­pro­mis­ing and artis­tic soul;
  • the but­ter­fly sym­bol­izes rebirth, a new stage in life;
  • an apple is a sym­bol of knowl­edge, sal­va­tion and longevi­ty;
  • owl — life wis­dom and deter­mi­na­tion;
  • saku­ra — beau­ty, vari­ety, abun­dance.

It is up to you to decide what mean­ing to give to your bracelet, so it is unique and nev­er gets bor­ing. Choose a charm — an orna­ment to your taste from the cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store and order it with deliv­ery through­out Ukraine.


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