Global Tags, labels and samples on Pandora products

Tags, labels and samples on Pandora products


I am writ­ing this arti­cle as an answer to the most pop­u­lar ques­tions — should there be tags on Pan­do­ra prod­ucts? What marks should be on them and where to look for them?

I answer in order. It all depends on the coun­try in which you made the pur­chase, because dif­fer­ent coun­tries have their own leg­is­la­tion that gov­erns the sale of jew­el­ry and before buy­ing it is bet­ter to get acquaint­ed with them so that there are no unnec­es­sary ques­tions lat­er. In the USA, where I bring prod­ucts from, when sell­ing jew­el­ry, there are enough fac­to­ry marks that the com­pa­ny puts, these are “s925 ale” and “585 ale” and this applies not only to the sale of sil­ver, but also gold. There are no tags, prod­ucts often come in these bags:

copy zip bag copy

It con­tains the arti­cle of the prod­uct, its bar­code, mate­r­i­al and coun­try of ori­gin.
If you break through the bar­code — it shows that it is made in Den­mark, although we know that the only Pan­do­ra pro­duc­tion plant is locat­ed in Thai­land. I can explain this dis­crep­an­cy by the fact that the prod­ucts first go to Den­mark, to the com­pa­ny’s head­quar­ters, and from there they are sent to stores all over the world.
In some Euro­pean coun­tries, as well as in Ukraine and Rus­sia, the sale of gold and sil­ver is pos­si­ble only upon obtain­ing per­mis­sion from the Assay Office (in dif­fer­ent coun­tries this struc­ture has dif­fer­ent names). The stamp of the cor­re­spond­ing coun­try is also put there. Sil­ver and gold items are brand­ed dif­fer­ent­ly.

This is what the Ukrain­ian hall­mark looks like on a Pan­do­ra charm.

Ukrainian stamp1, copy 2

There are two iden­ti­cal charms in the pho­to, and the hall­marks on them are in dif­fer­ent parts. That is, the place for the stig­ma is not impor­tant.
If you decide to buy a charm from a sell­er who says that he bought it in a store in Ukraine, then be sure to ask for a pho­to of this mark. It is small, not quite notice­able, but it should be.

brand close

Of course, with inten­sive and long wear, any hall­marks and sam­ples may be slight­ly erased. Here, for exam­ple, is my charm, which has almost erased the fac­to­ry mark, and, as we see in the pho­to above, it is more clear­ly marked than the sam­ple of the Assay Office of Ukraine.

A copy of the erased brand

The tags on the charms are attached by the store — this is also the norm of the leg­is­la­tion of Ukraine. The price tag should indi­cate the name, weight of the prod­uct, mate­r­i­al, price and coun­try of ori­gin.

Bracelet price:

bracelet11, copy 2

Copy bracelet22

Charm tags:

charms 11 copy 2

Please note that the tags on the charms began to be attached to thin sil­ver threads.
The tags on the bracelets have so far remained, as before, on thin white waxed threads.
The tags them­selves are ordi­nary lam­i­nat­ed paper, which is very easy to fake, which is what many scam­mers use now. Very often began to receive com­plaints from deceived buy­ers. Remem­ber that it is easy to forge a tag, but there is no stamp of the assay office of Ukraine. So I repeat once again — if you buy a charm from your hands and they offer it to you with a tag — ask for a pho­to of the hall­mark of the assay office of Ukraine.

Many peo­ple ask, is there a mar­riage in Pan­do­ra prod­ucts?
Yes, of course, even such a famous brand is not immune from this. There have been sev­er­al cas­es in my expe­ri­ence. Of course, if you bought prod­ucts in a store, it is eas­i­er to solve this moment than when order­ing prod­ucts from abroad. War­ran­ty when pur­chased in the USA is 1 year for Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry and 3 years for watch­es. If a defect is detect­ed, for­eign sell­ers will cer­tain­ly not refuse com­pen­sa­tion, but in most cas­es they will ask you to return the defec­tive prod­uct, and this, you see, is a lit­tle prob­lem­at­ic.

Ukrain­ian stores give a 2‑year war­ran­ty on fac­to­ry defects. If you your­self, through care­less behav­ior, dam­aged the bracelet or charm, of course, there will be no guar­an­tee.
If you already have a break­down, con­tact the store where you pur­chased the prod­uct. Sell­ers give it for exam­i­na­tion (oral for free, writ­ten 200–250 UAH). If the exam­i­na­tion estab­lish­es that this is a man­u­fac­tur­ing defect, you will be repaired the prod­uct, or if it is not pos­si­ble, then a refund. The exam­i­na­tion takes about 5 busi­ness days. If it is found out that the dam­age occurred mechan­i­cal­ly (dur­ing wear), the war­ran­ty will not apply.
The war­ran­ty does not cov­er aggres­sive clean­ing of prod­ucts (for exam­ple, using chem­i­cal clean­ers), as they change the appear­ance of prod­ucts — they eat black on bracelets and charms. There is also no guar­an­tee for the stretch­ing of bracelets and chains — an increase of 1 cm in size is with­in the allow­able range.

What to look for when buy­ing Pan­do­ra prod­ucts to avoid mar­riage

Often, mar­riage is found in the locks of bracelets — there­fore, when buy­ing, be sure to test the bracelet for “close-open” sev­er­al times. If the lock opens very eas­i­ly, it is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly change it to anoth­er one, since lat­er the clasp may loosen. If this hap­pened and there is no way to take it to the store, you can try to fix it your­self — just press the met­al tab in the bracelet lock. If this does not help, then it is bet­ter to take it to a jew­el­er.

Rarely, but still there is a mar­riage in pavé charms — be sure to inspect the charm before buy­ing so that all the stones are in place. Often I find infor­ma­tion that I bought in a store, didn’t real­ly look, but at home I already noticed. To avoid this — care­ful­ly check in the store.

Also rare, but still there is a mar­riage in the inter­nal thread of the charm. I came across as too nar­row a thread that could hard­ly be screwed onto the bracelet; and too wide, through which the bracelet sim­ply slipped. If a nar­row thread devel­ops over time, then, unfor­tu­nate­ly, noth­ing can be done with a wide one.

I will also write about mura­no — be sure to check for cracks inside the glass. A dif­fer­ent size of Mura­no is not a mar­riage — these are the fea­tures of man­u­al pro­duc­tion of prod­ucts.
I hope that my advice and rec­om­men­da­tions will help you make the right choice. If you have addi­tion­al ques­tions — write in the com­ments, I will try to answer.


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