Global PANDORA Certificate of Authenticity / Warranty Certificate

PANDORA Certificate of Authenticity / Warranty Certificate


Today’s post will focus on a ques­tion that I get very often — cer­tifi­cate of authen­tic­i­ty for pan­do­ra jew­el­ry or War­ran­ty cer­tifi­cate / Care and war­ran­ty card. What do buy­ers mean who have heard about this paper, but have nev­er seen it and can­not real­ly explain what it is? Let’s fig­ure it out togeth­er.

Cer­tifi­cate of Authen­tic­i­ty or rather care instruc­tions and war­ran­ty PANDORA prod­ucts is a mini-book­let with use­ful prod­uct infor­ma­tion, war­ran­ty con­di­tions and basic care tips, so that the buy­er knows in which case a war­ran­ty case occurs and what is not cov­ered by the war­ran­ty.

When buy­ing PANDORA jew­el­ry abroad, it is some­times sent. Here’s what it looked like at dif­fer­ent times.

But what infor­ma­tion is inside (cer­tifi­cate from the USA).

Let’s trans­late the main points.


If the prod­uct was pur­chased from an offi­cial store or from a cer­ti­fied deal­er, then it is cov­ered by a 1‑year war­ran­ty against hid­den / fac­to­ry defects. If this is found, the buy­er must con­tact the store where they made the pur­chase to elim­i­nate the defect or replace / return the prod­uct.


Using non-orig­i­nal charms on bracelets may cause dam­age. Stretch­ing of bracelets, chains, neck­laces is not con­sid­ered a defect. Do not expose the prod­ucts to clean­ing with harsh chem­i­cals.


We rec­om­mend remov­ing prod­ucts before going to bed and before phys­i­cal activ­i­ty.

Prod­uct clean­ing. Clean with warm soapy water and a soft tooth­brush. This clean­ing method is not suit­able for pearls. A sil­ver pol­ish­ing cloth is a great way to add shine to your pieces. How­ev­er, it won’t remove scratch­es. Pol­ish­ing cloths are avail­able from Pan­do­ra deal­ers.


These inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts need spe­cial care and if you fol­low all the rec­om­men­da­tions, they will remain in great con­di­tion. It is rec­om­mend­ed to clean in warm water with soap. If the jew­el­ry is par­tic­u­lar­ly dirty, soak for 5 to 10 min­utes. The use of sil­ver pol­ish­ing liq­uids and ultra­son­ic clean­ers should be avoid­ed.
PANDORA pol­ish­ing cloths with clean­ing com­pound are not rec­om­mend­ed for PANDORA Rose™ jew­el­ry. Do not expose jew­el­ry to harsh chem­i­cals, per­fumes, lotions, and remove jew­el­ry before swim­ming.
Please note that the warm pink col­or can inten­si­fy with age, adding a beau­ti­ful vin­tage appeal to the jew­el­ry. This is nor­mal for the fin­ish and PANDORA war­ran­ty does not cov­er this wear.

Stor­age. Your PANDORA jew­el­ry should be stored away from nat­ur­al sun­light and heat in a pro­tec­tive jew­el­ry box. Nev­er use polyvinyl plas­tic bags as they con­tain sul­fur com­pounds which will cause the sil­ver to tar­nish faster. Do not store your jew­el­ry in the bath­room. Please note that our PANDORA gift box­es are not intend­ed for long term stor­age as they are not sealed.

Annu­al ser­vice. Gold and sil­ver are soft met­als and wear out with use. This is true for all gen­uine jew­el­ry. Depend­ing on the degree of wear, it is rec­om­mend­ed to have your jew­el­ry checked by a jew­el­er at least once a year. This is most impor­tant for check­ing the locks of bracelets, clips, attach­ment points and sol­der­ing.


PANDORA jew­el­ry is made in Thai­land.

Bracelet. The bracelet tends to stretch over time when charms are put on it. The clas­sic weav­ing of a bracelet, called a snake, con­sists of many small rings tight­ly twist­ed into a chain. When buy­ing a bracelet, it should be tight enough. There should be no more than room for the thumb between the wrist and the bracelet.

PANDORA Essence Col­lec­tion. To main­tain the flex­i­bil­i­ty of the bracelet, the charms should be dragged light­ly and nev­er force. The bracelets have been spe­cial­ly designed for the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION and are not intend­ed to be used with Moments charms and vice ver­sa.

Oxi­da­tion. Oxi­da­tion dis­ap­pears with time. This is con­sid­ered nor­mal wear and tear and is not a defect. Things that can cause oxi­da­tion to dis­ap­pear: sweat, chlo­rine, per­fume, clean­ing prod­ucts, and sil­ver pol­ish. We do not rec­om­mend using sil­ver pol­ish­ing flu­id and immers­ing jew­el­ry in it, as it destroys oxi­da­tion.

Imi­ta­tion fresh­wa­ter pearls. Avoid expos­ing your pearl jew­el­ry to water, cos­met­ics, creams, chem­i­cals, and clean­ing prod­ucts. Do not use a sil­ver clean­ing or pol­ish­ing cloth as this will dull the pearl. Instead, we rec­om­mend mild soap with warm water. Use your fin­gers to gen­tly brush your jew­el­ry.

Enam­el. All enam­el made in Italy with­out glass, which makes it more durable.

Skin. Leather is a nat­ur­al mate­r­i­al that needs care­ful pro­tec­tion. Avoid water or oth­er liq­uids that can cause dis­col­oration and tex­ture. Leather may stretch over time — this is not a defect. Leather bracelets can be of dif­fer­ent shades — this is a fea­ture of the mate­r­i­al. Use no more than 7–9 charms. When screw­ing on the charm, be care­ful not to dam­age the bracelet where the sil­ver meets the leather.

Tex­tile col­ored bracelets. Made from syn­thet­ic fibers that can be dam­aged or dis­col­ored when sub­merged in water.

Cot­ton chok­ers. Also, they can change over time dur­ing oper­a­tion, and con­tact with water can dam­age or dis­col­or them. There­fore, to keep the chok­er in per­fect con­di­tion, fol­low the care instruc­tions:
– Avoid con­tact with cos­met­ics, creams and per­fumes. Don’t wear them wet.
– Do not expose the chok­er to water and avoid ultra­son­ic clean­ing.
– Ster­ling sil­ver parts must be pol­ished and cleaned in accor­dance with PANDORA sil­ver stan­dards.

That’s all the infor­ma­tion that is pre­sent­ed in this book­let. When new PANDORA prod­ucts are released, the infor­ma­tion also changes slight­ly.

In con­clu­sion, I will say that this book­let is a kind of infor­ma­tive memo for users. When buy­ing in US stores, it is sent extreme­ly rarely, as are prod­uct cat­a­logs. I have not seen them in Euro­pean coun­tries. In Rus­sia, a few years ago I saw this:

And in Ukraine I did not see it at all. In sev­er­al bou­tiques, the sales­peo­ple did­n’t even know what I was ask­ing about. Only one employ­ee under­stood what they were talk­ing about and said that they are not issued in our coun­try. Although one of the old PANDORA fans wrote to me that as soon as the com­pa­ny appeared on the Ukrain­ian mar­ket, these book­lets were in stores. So if any of you have a Ukrain­ian book­let — send a pho­to, I’ll post it here for more infor­ma­tion.

I hope this post was help­ful to you. If you have any ques­tions — write!


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