Global How to reduce the size of a Pandora bracelet > read on

How to reduce the size of a Pandora bracelet > read on


In this arti­cle, let’s look at the dimen­sions of Pan­do­ra / Pan­do­ra bracelets and what to do if such a long-await­ed gift does not fit. Indeed, very often there are sit­u­a­tions when we are giv­en bracelets, but the donor relies only on his inter­nal mea­sure­ments and in the end the bracelet turns out to be small or large.

If you buy a wom­en’s pan­do­ra bracelet your­self and remote­ly, via the Inter­net, then com­pe­tent­ly approach the choice of size, read detailed rec­om­men­da­tions on how to do this here. If the pur­chase has already tak­en place and you under­stand that the size is not com­fort­able for you, then try to agree on an exchange for anoth­er size. If the pur­chase is made in the Ukrain­ian offi­cial Pan­do­ra store, then an agree­ment will not work — they fol­low the Con­sumer Rights Pro­tec­tion Law, accord­ing to which jew­el­ry can­not be exchanged or returned. If you made a pur­chase via the Inter­net (it doesn’t mat­ter on which site, Ukrain­ian or for­eign), then try to con­tact the sell­er — most often they make con­tact and you can eas­i­ly agree on an exchange or return. The same applies to such a giant of Inter­net sales as Ebay. If Pan­do­ra bracelet returns and exchanges aren’t real­is­tic, then let’s move on to how-to’s and dis­cuss a few options to help resolve this issue.

First. Make sure the bracelet is real­ly big for you — maybe you only think so if you try on an emp­ty bracelet, with­out charms. Try fill­ing the bracelet with the num­ber of charms you plan to wear. If you want a ful­ly filled bracelet in the future, think well, maybe you should not rush to change the bracelet?
In the pho­to, the wrist is 15 cm, the size of the bracelet is 18 cm.


And he, but com­plete­ly filled with charms. See the dif­fer­ence? it does not fall so much, but almost tight­ly fits the hand. It already depends on your pref­er­ences how tight you like to wear bracelets.

Sec­ond. Exchange / sale. There are a lot of announce­ments on var­i­ous forums and mes­sage boards about the exchange of an unsuit­able bracelet. Look, maybe you will find such a per­son and the exchange will be to the delight of both of you. Well, either sale. Of course, this is not entire­ly prof­itable, because you are unlike­ly to be able to sell the bracelet for the price you paid in the store, but maybe a small finan­cial loss will not upset you.

Third. Reduce the bracelet at the jew­el­er. This can be done at any time — at the very begin­ning after the pur­chase or lat­er, when the bracelet has stretched a lit­tle and has become too big for you.
Usu­al­ly, jew­el­ers cut off part of the snake of the bracelet near the part on which the charms are screwed. Then the snake of the bracelet is sol­dered back. Many lovers of ide­al pro­por­tions will protest and say that in this way the pro­por­tion­al­i­ty of the sec­tions of the bracelet will be lost. I will answer that try to mea­sure your bracelet and you will be sur­prised that even with a new bracelet these three sec­tions are not equal, and even more so with a bracelet that is in a sock.
2 new

This is a new bracelet, ser­pen­tine sec­tions between the jumpers 55 mm., 50 mm., and 55 mm. respec­tive­ly. As you can see, the mid­dle sec­tion is 5 mm small­er, but visu­al­ly we did not notice this before, right?


And this is a bracelet that has been worn for sev­er­al years, sec­tions of 65 mm, 55 mm, and 63 mm. dif­fer­ent­ly, but up to about 1 cm). So if you are wor­ried that when you reduce these seg­ments will be dif­fer­ent and it will be vis­i­ble — try to mea­sure your bracelet, maybe it has dif­fer­ent lengths, but you didn’t even notice it. You can also ask the jew­el­er to reduce the sec­tions pro­por­tion­al­ly — he will remove a lit­tle from both sides and the pro­por­tion­al­i­ty of the two sec­tions will be pre­served. I advise you to car­ry out the oper­a­tion to reduce the Pan­do­ra bracelet by an expe­ri­enced, rep­utable jew­el­er who has already encoun­tered this type of work, because giv­ing your bracelet to an illit­er­ate spe­cial­ist you risk get­ting poor-qual­i­ty sol­der­ing and, as a result, you risk los­ing the bracelet if the sol­der­ing point breaks. In the same way, you can short­en a leather bracelet if it is too big for you. The jew­el­er will cut the leather tourni­quet to the length you need. In prin­ci­ple, this short­en­ing oper­a­tion can be car­ried out with any pan­do­ra bracelet, with the excep­tion of the ban­gle. If the ban­gle is too big for you, it’s unlike­ly that you can do any­thing, such bracelets do not decrease. That’s all I can advise if your pan­do­ra bracelet turned out to be great for you. If the bracelet turned out to be small, then unfor­tu­nate­ly you can’t help, at least I don’t know how to increase it. If you know some­thing — share your ways in the com­ments, I will be grate­ful. If you are a cat­e­gor­i­cal oppo­nent of short­en­ing bracelets, then you can try dif­fer­ent ways to wear braceletsthat might help you.

On a leather bracelet, you can tie a knot and thus make it short­er.

If you have 2 or more bracelets, try con­nect­ing them togeth­er, per­haps in this way the dif­fer­ence in length is lev­eled. I hope my advice will help you and your Pan­do­ra bracelets will please you for a long, long time and will fit you!


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