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How to determine the size of a Pandora bracelet


I have already described the rec­om­men­da­tions of the Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry com­pa­ny in detail in a pre­vi­ous arti­cle, and today I would like to dwell in more detail on more prac­ti­cal tips that will help you fig­ure out and under­stand what size of Pan­do­ra bracelet you need and not make a mis­take in choos­ing so that the Pan­do­ra bracelet is not too small or great. Let’s start with a stan­dard Pan­do­ra bracelet or as it is also called the basis for charms — clas­sic p‑lock bracelet / Icon­ic sil­ver char bracelet / 590702hv.


It is avail­able in sizes from 16 cm to 21 cm — a pret­ty big run-up in order to pick it up for any hand, up to a child’s. Of course, the ide­al option would be to try on in a store, where expe­ri­enced sales assis­tants will help you decide on the size, but this is not always pos­si­ble. Offi­cial Pan­do­ra stores in Ukraine are open in many cities (but unfor­tu­nate­ly, not in all, but only in large ones), and there is no offi­cial Pan­do­ra online store in Ukraine yet, so who­ev­er does not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to get to the store, I hope they will read my rec­om­men­da­tions and they help in choos­ing and buy­ing an orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra bracelet. So, take a tape mea­sure and mea­sure your wrist. To the result you need to add 2 — 3 cm, so you get the size of the Pan­do­ra bracelet that suits you. There are no clear cri­te­ria (add 2 or 3 cm), because each of us likes to wear a bracelet in dif­fer­ent ways: some­one likes a snug fit to the arm, and some­one likes it freer. My wrist is 15 cm, I wear the clas­sic Pan­do­ra base in size 18 cm. See how it looks on the hand.


Of course, if you fill the bracelet with charms, it will become small­er — also keep this in mind when buy­ing. Also keep in mind that sil­ver is a soft met­al and the weav­ing fea­ture of a stan­dard clas­sic base bracelet is such that it tends to stretch dur­ing wear. It stretch­es to about 1 cm. Also, the new bracelet is quite stiff and holds its shape, but over time it stretch­es, becomes a lit­tle soft­er and hangs freely from the hand. The pho­to shows two bracelets — one is new, the sec­ond has been worn for some time.


I can give the same rec­om­men­da­tions for choos­ing the size when buy­ing for sim­i­lar mod­els, for exam­ple clas­sic bracelet with pave lock / sig­na­ture clasp bracelet / 590723cz, .

IMG_3132 IMG_1911

They dif­fer from the clas­sic only in the shape of the lock, and the weav­ing of the chain itself is the same. The same rec­om­men­da­tions apply to bracelets from the col­lec­tion Essence / Essence / 596000 / 596002, if you are going to buy it.

essence bracelet

Just do not for­get that the thick­ness of the Essence bracelet is much less than the clas­sic bracelet, and only spe­cial charms are suit­able for bracelets in this series. Now let’s move on to the rec­om­men­da­tions for choos­ing Pan­do­ra ban­gle bracelet. The mod­els of these bracelets are also sim­i­lar to each oth­er and dif­fer only in the type of bracelet lock or mate­r­i­al (sil­ver, gold, rose gold, pave stones). For exam­ple, these mod­els: engraved Pan­do­ra ban­gle / Always in my heart sil­ver ban­gle / 590722cz.



These bracelets are only avail­able in three sizes: 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm. If you buy this bracelet (if you can not mea­sure in the store), because of its rigid shape, I rec­om­mend tak­ing it 1 size larg­er than your stan­dard clas­sic bracelet Pan­do­ra. This bracelet I wear in size 19 cm. Remem­ber that it does not stretch like a stan­dard Pan­do­ra base bracelet. The fol­low­ing guide­lines will help those who want to buy Pan­do­ra leather bracelet (590705CMP‑D  590705CPE‑D,590734CBL‑D,590734CHP‑D and oth­ers). They exist in sev­er­al vari­a­tions: for 1, 2, 3 turns around the hand, but the main dimen­sions are as fol­lows: for one turn — 17.5 cm, 19 cm, 20.5 cm. If the Pan­do­ra leather bracelet is 2 turns, then its length mul­ti­plied by 2 — 35 cm, 38 cm, 41 cm, if by three turns — 52 cm, 57 cm, 61 cm, respec­tive­ly. There are bracelets with weav­ing, and there are from smooth leather.


Tips for choos­ing these bracelets are sim­i­lar to choos­ing a clas­sic one, just remem­ber that a Pan­do­ra leather bracelet is much more del­i­cate than a bracelet made of sil­ver or gold, and requires more care­ful treat­ment. It is not rec­om­mend­ed to hang too many charms on it, so as not to dam­age or tear it. Regard­ing whether it stretch­es while wear­ing — I did not notice this. I hope that my advice and rec­om­men­da­tions on choos­ing and deter­min­ing the size of a Pan­do­ra bracelet will help you and your pur­chas­es will bring you only joy, and if you have your own secrets, do not hes­i­tate to leave com­ments. But if you decide to buy Pan­do­ra bracelets or charms online cheap­er, be very care­ful to avoid fakes, read detailed tips here.


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