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How to choose earrings? Types, shapes, colors


Jew­el­ry is always nice, but you feel spe­cial plea­sure when you choose them. They empha­size female attrac­tive­ness, allow you to get to know your­self bet­ter and look at ordi­nary things with dif­fer­ent eyes. What should you choose ear­rings? Just buy what you like. So choose those who do not both­er with the top­ic or the spe­cial mes­sage of the thing. Dec­o­ra­tion is not just beau­ti­ful, but as infor­ma­tive and har­mo­nious as pos­si­ble. And all this still has to fit the type of face! Agree, a dif­fi­cult task! Let’s talk about one of the most ancient jew­el­ry — ear­rings.

How did the earrings come about?

Ear­rings were first men­tioned in the his­to­ry of Ancient Egypt. An inter­est­ing fact is that men were the first to wear them. The acces­so­ry served as a tal­is­man against evil spir­its and evil forces. They wore such dec­o­ra­tion only among the nobil­i­ty. Women, for the first time, ear­rings were used as an orna­ment in the ears in ancient Rome and Greece. It was an ordi­nary met­al disk, but lat­er they began to dec­o­rate it with addi­tion­al ele­ments or make it in an unusu­al shape.

In the New Age, the Catholic Church for­bade wear­ing ear­rings. The acces­so­ry was pop­u­lar among thieves, sailors, gyp­sies. Wear­ing it was bad man­ners and a sin. Already in the 15th cen­tu­ry, ear­rings began to take on new forms, they were dec­o­rat­ed with pearls and pre­cious stones.

An inter­est­ing fact is that the old Russ­ian word “ear­ring” in trans­la­tion means “ring”. This form was the first female jew­el­ry of this style. Mod­ern ear­rings are a huge selec­tion of shapes, col­ors, stones and themes. Pan­do­ra ear­rings are so orig­i­nal. By the way, the god­dess Pan­do­ra her­self, accord­ing to leg­end, was a noble fash­ion­ista, and ear­rings were one of her main dec­o­ra­tions. To match, the shape of her face and out­fit, her ear­rings were cho­sen for her by Athena her­self, the god­dess of wis­dom and jus­tice.

What do modern earrings look like?

Pan­do­ra is a brand that per­fect­ly shows all the charms and pos­si­bil­i­ties of such jew­el­ry as ear­rings. Mod­ern ear­rings — there are sev­er­al types:

  • Car­na­tions”. Most Pop­u­lar. This is a small piece of jew­el­ry that is attached to the ear­lobe with a spe­cial “stud” pin. Hence the name.
  • Ear­rings mono. Ordi­nary jew­el­ry, looks like an ear­ring. Its pecu­liar­i­ty is that it is worn only on one ear.
  • Chan­de­liers. Mas­sive dec­o­ra­tions, “pen­dants”. It is rich­ly stud­ded with stones, often made in sev­er­al tiers.
  • Tun­nels. Orig­i­nal jew­el­ry that is insert­ed into the hole on the ear­lobe. Their pecu­liar­i­ty is that the ear­ring must be inside the hole, and not just hang on the lobe.
  • Con­go. Just round ear­rings.
  • For pierc­ing. Used for pierc­ing only. Most often it is “car­na­tions”.
  • Cuffs. Ear­rings that are attached not only to the lobe, but also to oth­er parts of the ear.

Pan­do­ra per­fect­ly com­bines dif­fer­ent styles. Among the brand’s jew­el­ry, you can find “studs” (“Flo­ral Lace”, “Sil­ver Hearts”, “Blue Round”), con­go (“With Pan­do­ra Logo”, “Pearls”), cuffs (“Open Heart”) or “pen­dants” (“Shoot­ing Stars”, “Sin­cere Love”, “Mag­ic Feath­ers”).

What to look for when choosing jewelry?

A dif­fi­cult ques­tion is faced by the rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the fair half, when there are a lot of dif­fer­ent pro­pos­als around. What to choose? How to buy ear­rings that will suit your skin tone, face type and over­all style of cloth­ing? Choose mod­els with pre­cious stones or clas­sic pure met­al? These and many oth­er ques­tions con­stant­ly arise when you start choos­ing ear­rings.

The cor­rect approach to this prob­lem is already half of its solu­tion. What are we pay­ing atten­tion to?

  1. Met­al. First of all, we sweep aside every­thing that we are aller­gic to or intol­er­ant to. If there are no health prob­lems, but only spe­cif­ic addic­tions, we choose what we like. No spe­cif­ic wish­es? Then choose sil­ver or com­bined met­als. The Pan­do­ra brand is rich in such jew­el­ry. He pro­duces a lot of prod­ucts made of sil­ver, but coat­ed with 18 carat gold. Ide­al for price and qual­i­ty. For exam­ple, the Pan­do­ra Shine col­lec­tion includes all such prod­ucts. There are sev­er­al types of ear­rings of dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions — “But­ter­fly”, “Hon­ey­combs” and oth­ers.
  2. stones. All prod­ucts from Pan­do­ra use cubic zir­co­nia to dec­o­rate jew­el­ry. This is a syn­thet­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed stone, made from zir­co­ni­um oxide. It is asym­met­ri­cal. The main advan­tage is the col­or. Cubic zir­co­nia ranges from bright blue (“Blue Round”) to soft pink (“Peach Blos­som”). Ide­al for mak­ing jew­el­ry and cre­at­ing a bright image.
  3. Forms. A suit­able size and shape empha­sizes the advan­tages and remove the dis­ad­van­tages. You need to pay atten­tion not only to the shape of the jew­el­ry, but also to the shape of the face. These com­bi­na­tions must match.
  4. A hair­style. The posi­tion, length and type of hair empha­size the over­all pic­ture, so you need to choose ear­rings based on the hair­style. She can change the shape of the head, which is impor­tant.
  5. eye col­or. A tan­dem of col­ors on your face and in your image is a won­der­ful accent. If pos­si­ble, choose every­thing by col­or, com­bine shades.
  6. Style. Here the choice depends sole­ly on the place, time of day and cloth­ing. The Pan­do­ra brand has made sure that you always have some­thing to wear. If you need every­day small ear­rings, “Drops of Pavé” or “Rain­bow of Love” are ide­al, for an orig­i­nal bright out­fit for a club par­ty — “Shim­mer­ing Leaves” or “Bal­loon and Heart”.
  7. Age. Girls and women of any age can wear com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent types of jew­el­ry, but there are moments that can make your look more open and whole. The beau­ti­ful half is a lit­tle old­er, you should choose prod­ucts of a more mas­sive style, with a lot of stones. An exam­ple would be the Vin­tage Charm mod­el. Large ear­rings will take your eyes off them and visu­al­ly hide imper­fec­tions on your face. For young ladies, you can pick up defi­ant ear­rings.

Earrings according to the shape of the face

Very often, women choose what they like, but do not turn to ele­men­tary styl­is­tic advice. This refers to the ratio of forms and com­bi­na­tions. Ear­rings are the face. Our face can be of dif­fer­ent shapes, respec­tive­ly, and dif­fer­ent ear­rings may or may not suit us. There are 6 face shapes:

  1. round;
  2. square;
  3. “pear”;
  4. elon­gat­ed;
  5. “dia­mond-shaped”;
  6. “tri­an­gle”

It is bet­ter for chub­by peo­ple to choose elon­gat­ed ear­rings — “Sin­cere Love”, “Sparkling Feath­ers”, “Daz­zling But­ter­flies”. For girls with a “square” face, smooth lines are suit­able — “Weaves”, “Daz­zling daisies”. Clas­si­cal forms are ide­al for a pear-shaped face, with­out a pro­nounced accent — “Sparkling Zir­co­nia”, “Sil­ver Hearts”. For an elon­gat­ed face, on the con­trary, choose bright ear­rings of a round shape of the “con­go” type — “With the Pan­do­ra Logo”, “Pearls”. Girls with a dia­mond-shaped face will suit not too hang­ing smooth shapes — “Heart and Shell”, “Mod­ern Love­Pods”, “Ele­gant Beau­ty”. A tri­an­gle-shaped face with a nar­row chin will fit ear­rings of the same shape, but with an exten­sion to the bot­tom — “Princess’s Desire”, “Abstract Ele­gance”.

Hairstyles and earrings

The hair­style visu­al­ly changes the shape of the face, the styling itself looks com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent if you pick up dif­fer­ent ear­rings. Updos are a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to wear long ear­rings, or chain ear­rings, such as the mod­el Shoot­ing Stars. For low­er beams or buns, round ear­rings are suit­able — “Infin­i­ty”, “Shin­ing Love”. Just flow­ing long hair is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion with small pen­dants. Great exam­ples from Pan­do­ra are Ele­gant Beau­ty and Mod­ern Love­Pods. To add explo­sive feel­ings to curly hair of any shape and length, bright ear­rings — “Shin­ing Ele­gance” will help. Lovers of asym­met­ri­cal hair­styles will be able to bal­ance the look with ear­rings of dif­fer­ent shapes. Such orig­i­nal­i­ty of Pan­do­ra can­not be tak­en away! Under the asym­met­ric hair­style, “Bal­loon and heart”, “Gift of the gods” are suit­able.

Eye color earrings

If the col­or of the eyes and ear­rings are com­bined, this is a com­plete image. In this case, Pan­do­ra wins like no one else. Thanks to cubic zir­co­nia, which adorn the ear­rings, the brand has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate any col­or and shade. This means that you can most suc­cess­ful­ly choose ear­rings for the col­or of your eyes. In this case, you have 2 options — choose ear­rings with a col­ored stone to match or play with con­trasts.

For blue-eyed girls, ear­rings with blue or blue shades are ide­al — “Eter­nal Ele­gance”, “Bril­liant Snowflake” or play on con­trasts — orange, yel­low. To the last, a great ver­sion of the But­ter­fly ear­ring. Ear­rings with turquoise inserts are com­bined with green eyes — “Mag­ic Feath­ers”, “Heav­en­ly Per­fec­tion”. Dark brown eyes go well with brown, dull yel­low, red and green stones, as well as just gold ear­rings.

When choos­ing ear­rings to match your eye col­or, remem­ber that the col­or should not be brighter and over­whelm your eyes, but empha­size them.

Summing up

Choos­ing ear­rings is quite easy, you just need to turn on your log­ic and imag­i­na­tion. In thick hair­styles, small ear­rings will be lost and will not have any effect, but for a short hair­cut with an open ear, they will be just right. Explore our tips, ana­lyze your style, and your per­fect ear­rings are already wait­ing in the Frago­la online store! ї

❓ How to choose ear­rings?

Pan­do­ra is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of fea­tures, style and price. Ear­rings from Pan­do­ra can be matched to eye col­or, face shape, cloth­ing style or hair­style.

?How to choose ear­rings accord­ing to the shape of your face?

It is easy to choose ear­rings accord­ing to the shape of your face. It is enough to choose the right mod­el that will com­ple­ment your forms.

?How to choose ear­rings for your hair?

Most of the time you use your every­day hair­style. For a sig­nif­i­cant event, we usu­al­ly change some­thing. Choos­ing the right ear­rings is very impor­tant, because a dif­fer­ent hair­style means dif­fer­ent facial con­tours. This affects the choice of hair­style.

?How to choose ear­rings accord­ing to eye col­or?

The clas­sic com­bi­na­tion of eye col­or and jew­el­ry such as ear­rings is tone on tone, but you can choose the jew­el­ry by play­ing on con­trasts. This option can be espe­cial­ly bright!


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