Global Everything about Pandora packaging — review > read on

Everything about Pandora packaging — review > read on


A lot of ques­tions arise about the pack­ag­ing of Pan­do­ra — box­es for bracelets, box­es for charms, bags, pouch­es and so on.

The pack­ag­ing mate­ri­als that Pan­do­ra offers are very diverse and often change their appear­ance. In this arti­cle, I will try to cov­er all these prod­ucts and tell you more about them. So, let’s begin.

Copy of the general photo

Box­es for bracelets

Often when buy­ing Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry, we see two types of box­es — white-pink and black (inside). Which one is orig­i­nal? For quite some time, Pan­do­ra has been sell­ing its prod­ucts only in white box­es with a black inte­ri­or. Rebrand­ing of pos-prod­ucts took place in 2011–2012, so it is unlike­ly that you will see old box­es from sell­ers of the orig­i­nal.

Inside, there are also sev­er­al types of black box­es: with a pil­low and uni­ver­sal, which is suit­able for both bracelets and Pan­do­ra pen­dants.

Var­i­ous inte­ri­ors

copy inside part

Box design until 2012

Copies -_57

Mod­ern box design. Size 9 cm x 9 cm.

Copies IMG_8929

Box­es for charms, rings, ear­rings

Exact­ly the same as for bracelets, only small­er — 5 cm x 5 cm.

Copies IMG_8926

Bags for charms and rings

Pan­do­ra stores in Ukraine have stopped receiv­ing box­es for charms (infor­ma­tion as of sum­mer 2015). As the sell­ers clar­i­fied to me, they are unlike­ly to appear, they switched to bags.

They also come in sev­er­al forms, such as:

copy pouch
Copy pouch1

Pan­do­ra bags (small)

Usu­al­ly such pack­ages are sent by for­eign online stores. The pan­do­ra charm is wrapped in wrap­ping paper with the Pan­do­ra logo, the pack­age is sealed with a stick­er. The size of the sachet is 6 cm x 9 cm.
copy sachet

Pan­do­ra bags (large)

When buy­ing in a store, your order is placed in a large Pan­do­ra pack­ag­ing bag and tied with a rib­bon. The pack­age looks like this, but the col­or of the rib­bon may vary depend­ing on the col­lec­tion. The stan­dard rib­bon is pink. It comes with and with­out logo emboss­ing. Depend­ing on the sea­son, they are pro­duced with dif­fer­ent rib­bons (to match the col­or of the col­lec­tions). Win­ter 2014 — blue, sum­mer 2015 — white. The stan­dard rib­bon is pink. Size 16 cm x 16 cm.

copy package

Pan­do­ra box­es

Peri­od­i­cal­ly, the com­pa­ny pro­duces a vari­ety of box­es for stor­ing charms and bracelets. Pre­vi­ous­ly, they were sold in the pub­lic domain, but for a long time I have not seen them. You can only find them at auc­tion sell­ers (ebay).

copy box

Small box­es are usu­al­ly released in cap­sules for the hol­i­days and sell sets of jew­el­ry in them. In my opin­ion, this is the most prof­itable way to get a stor­age box. The price of the set is cheap­er than buy­ing sep­a­rate­ly, and the box is com­plete­ly free.

Copy box 2

I should also note that all the pack­ag­ing prod­ucts men­tioned above are intend­ed only for offline Pan­do­ra stores, online stores prac­ti­cal­ly do not receive them. And if in a real store, when buy­ing, you can ask to pack each unit sep­a­rate­ly, then Pan­do­ra’s online stores often send only paper bags with prod­ucts. Some­times they can send a box with a large order. Large pack­ages were nev­er sent to me. Even the offi­cial online store in the Unit­ed States does not sell pack­ag­ing, but sends it at its dis­cre­tion (and most often does not send it at all).


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