Global Elegant Pandora in the Reflexions collection

Elegant Pandora in the Reflexions collection


The Pan­do­ra brand is a con­stant styl­ish nov­el­ty. Most of the bracelets and jew­el­ry that are already pre­sent­ed are uni­ver­sal prod­ucts for the fair sex of any age. You can safe­ly buy such jew­el­ry for a teenage daugh­ter, wife, moth­er and grand­moth­er. It all depends on the con­tent. This put Pan­do­ra in the ranks of “every day” jew­el­ry, but what about those who are used to busi­ness attire? Busi­ness women, edi­to­r­i­al stu­dents, girls who man­age their own lives, styl­ish, fash­ion­able, pur­pose­ful. The Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion is just for those occa­sions! Com­mon­ly referred to as “flat pan­do­ra. I pro­pose to plunge into the world of ele­gance and style with the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions or “Reflec­tion” col­lec­tion right now!

flat pandora

The release of the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion of flat jew­el­ry took place back in 2018. Since then, it has been replen­ished with charms and pen­dants reg­u­lar­ly. A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of all jew­el­ry and bracelets of this line is its shape. If in past col­lec­tions all bracelets were round, then “Reflec­tion” was born flat. flat ban­gle Pan­do­ra is made with mesh pat­tern. It is sym­met­ri­cal around the entire cir­cum­fer­ence. There is one mod­el that is dif­fer­ent from the oth­ers. This is a sil­ver bracelet “With soft weave chains”. Here, a flat shape is formed by sev­er­al chains that do not inter­twine with each oth­er.

In col­lec­tion flat ban­gles pre­sent­ed in 3 alloys:

  • Ster­ling Sil­ver. These are pure sil­ver prod­ucts, dec­o­rat­ed only with the engrav­ing of the brand.
  • Pan­do­ra Rose. The famous Rose alloy was patent­ed by Pan­do­ra and is unique in its kind, used in the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion.
  • Pan­do­ra Shine. Gold-plat­ed mate­r­i­al with 18 carat gold plat­ing.

The clasp, as usu­al, is a charm bead. The unusu­al shape of the body of the bracelet oblig­ed the com­pa­ny to release a num­ber of jew­el­ry that could only be pur­chased in this shape. The unique design has made the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion a top choice among those who love ele­gant looks and strive to express a unique style per­son­al­i­ty.

What does Pandora flat offer?

Jew­el­ry from Pan­do­ra is always an extrav­a­gan­za of feel­ings and emo­tions, which results in prod­ucts and the Reflex­ions col­lec­tion is no excep­tion. Here is a huge num­ber of flat-shaped charms, com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent themes. flat pan­do­ra charms pre­sent­ed in the same three alloys as the bracelets. Flat-shaped jew­el­ry for a bracelet from the Reflex­ions series is offered:

As a gift, you can pick up not only a flat-shaped bracelet, but also the same ele­gant jew­el­ry for it.

Flat charms and connecting chains

Pan­do­ra flat charms are the same charms, only with the abil­i­ty to fix it only on a flat bracelet. For this, the form of fas­ten­ing here is spe­cial. All charms from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion can be divid­ed into sev­er­al types:

  • Let­ters. These prod­ucts include charms in the form of let­ters of the Eng­lish alpha­bet. They are made in a clas­sic design and are dec­o­rat­ed with the famous engrav­ing “PANDORA”. From such charms, you can eas­i­ly col­lect your name, the name of a dear per­son or just a tal­is­man word. Often they col­lect the word “LOVE” as a gift or sim­ply dec­o­rate the bracelet with one let­ter “L”. The pecu­liar­i­ty of let­ter charms is that they are all made exclu­sive­ly of sil­ver.
  • Themed charms. These dec­o­ra­tions are pre­sent­ed on dif­fer­ent themes: love, flow­ers, insects. The most pop­u­lar, of course, are charms about love. These include prod­ucts “Asym­met­ric heart”, “Heart and arrow”, “Sym­bol of infin­i­ty”, “Love” and oth­ers. Insect charms “Roy­al Bee”, “Sparkling But­ter­fly”, “Pink Lady­bug” and flower charms “Flower” look orig­i­nal on the wrist. Espe­cial­ly dec­o­rate flat gold bracelet charm “Roy­al bee”. It cre­ates the impres­sion that an insect has land­ed on a piece of jew­el­ry.
  • Oth­er charms. Oth­er charms in the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion include geo­met­ric shapes such as the Shim­mer­ing Green Cir­cle and the Pink Glit­ter Dia­mond, as well as oth­er unusu­al and sim­ply beau­ti­ful charms. The lat­ter from the col­lec­tion include “Impres­sive sophis­ti­ca­tion of Reflex­ions”, “Shine is not sub­ject to time”, “Adorable bow”, “Crown of Reflex­ions” and oth­ers.

Con­nect­ing chains for Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions are suc­cinct­ly released for three types of bracelets in match­ing met­als. These are mod­els such as the “Float­ing Chains” in Rose alloy, the “Float­ing Chains” in gold and the “Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions Secu­ri­ty Chain” in sil­ver.

Flat clips and pendants

Flat pan­do­ra bracelets, like the clas­sic ver­sion, are dec­o­rat­ed not only with charms, but also with clips and pen­dants. Clip-on ear­rings are a fixed charm that is fixed on the bracelet in a cer­tain place. In the case of the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion, there are some of the bright­est options for a gold bracelet: Logo­ma­nia, Sophis­ti­ca­tion, Radi­ance, Crown. A del­i­cate clip “Heart” is ide­al for a sil­ver bracelet.

Bracelets from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion are not very friend­ly with pen­dants. The shape of the prod­uct is not con­ve­nient for this type of charm. For ardent fans of pen­dants, jew­el­ry brand man­u­fac­tur­ers have also made such prod­ucts. A strik­ing exam­ple is the “Heart” pen­dant. Noth­ing super­flu­ous, only ele­gance, restraint and style.

Summing up

Flat pan­do­ra bracelet from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to cre­ate an orig­i­nal mas­ter­piece on your wrist. The ele­gance and style inher­ent in it will empha­size the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the girl. This jew­el­ry is appro­pri­ate for those who adore dress shirts, busi­ness attire or a mod­ern com­bi­na­tion of sports style and clas­sic. There is an opin­ion that the flat­ness in Reflex­ions makes the bracelet not very com­fort­able. Our cus­tomers think the oppo­site. Flat Pan­do­ra bracelet, reviews about which only mag­nif­i­cent ones are a bright addi­tion to your col­lec­tion of jew­el­ry from a famous brand!

What is flat pan­do­ra?

Flat Pan­do­ra is a piece of jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion, where the bracelet is not round, but flat. Made with an inter­est­ing weave. The clasp and charms for the bracelet are made in the same style.

? What is flat Pan­do­ra made of?

Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions is prefer­ably made of 925 ster­ling sil­ver, as well as using two more met­als — 18 carat gold plat­ing and the famous Pan­do­ra Rose alloy.

How to dec­o­rate Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions if the charms are designed for round bracelets?

For the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion, there is a line of charms, pen­dants, clips and con­nect­ing chains. All of them are designed only for this col­lec­tion and will eas­i­ly dec­o­rate your flat bracelet.

? How much is a flat pan­do­ra?

Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions is the same col­lec­tion as the oth­ers, only flat. Its cost depends on the mate­r­i­al of man­u­fac­ture, a spe­cif­ic met­al.


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