Global Bracelet on the leg: why and how to wear it

Bracelet on the leg: why and how to wear it


Sum­mer is always asso­ci­at­ed with relax­ation, warmth, care­free fun, the beach and bare­foot walks along the coast. At this time, you can replen­ish your wardrobe with brighter and more catchy acces­sories, such as airy dress­es, sun­dress­es, a straw hat, open flip-flop san­dals and anklet (this is a leg bracelet). How to choose it and how to wear it cor­rect­ly, we will tell in this arti­cle.

What does it mean to wear a chain on your leg?

Wom­en’s ankle bracelets have been adorned for cen­turies. In ancient Egypt, they were a sym­bol of social sta­tus: the high­er the class of peo­ple, the more expen­sive items they could afford. A gold or sil­ver anklet was worn exclu­sive­ly by wealthy women. Poor vil­lage women them­selves made hand­i­crafts from shells, ani­mal skin, wood and bam­boo.

In ancient India, prod­ucts with bells (pay­als) were first the equiv­a­lent of an engage­ment ring, they were worn on the right leg. After the mar­riage cer­e­mo­ny, they were worn by mar­ried ladies as a wed­ding ring on the ankle of the left leg. The ring­ing meant that the rest of the peo­ple should stop talk­ing about inde­cent things in front of them and give them hon­or, that is, bow.

For young girls dancers from Per­sia and oth­er Arab states, a sol­id met­al rim con­nect­ed the ankle to the toe.

In East­ern coun­tries, the mean­ing of the bracelet on the leg is a tal­is­man that pro­tects from evil, dis­ease, quar­rels, wars and pover­ty.

In West­ern cul­tures, this acces­so­ry tes­ti­fied to eman­ci­pa­tion, free­dom of speech and inter­ests in the oppo­site sex. In some nations, it was a hall­mark of les­bians or priest­esses of love.

Today, a chain on a leg with or with­out a pen­dant is just a styl­ish dec­o­ra­tion, a dec­o­ra­tive ele­ment, thanks to which its own­er can feel even more beau­ti­ful, ele­gant and fem­i­nine.

What does it mean to wear a chain on your leg?

The peak of the pop­u­lar­i­ty of wear­ing leg chains in Europe came in the 90s. It was then that peo­ple began to get tat­toos, which were sup­posed to be com­bined with bracelets on their arms and legs.

These prod­ucts are back in trend. They are of three types:

  1. flex­i­ble — one or more chains, some­times sup­ple­ment­ed with pre­cious stones, pearls or curly pen­dants. Also, the basis of the dec­o­ra­tion can be a syn­thet­ic cord made of para­cord or fish­ing line;
  2. hard — sol­id met­al or leather strips. These mod­els may be closed or par­tial­ly open;
  3. bracelets made of beads made of wood, glass, plas­tic, pearls or amber.

A new trend in foot acces­sories is the slave bracelet, a piece of jew­el­ry that con­nects the ankle to the fin­ger. Its basis can be a chain or it is made using soutache tech­nique. To empha­size the open­work design, sophis­ti­ca­tion and beau­ty of this prod­uct, it is bet­ter to wear it with­out shoes on the beach, in the pool, as well as dur­ing ori­en­tal dance, yoga or the­atri­cal per­for­mances.

How to determine the size of the bracelet on the leg?

The cir­cum­fer­ence of the ankle should be mea­sured with a cen­time­ter tape in the widest place at the height of the bone and add 1.5–2 cm to the obtained indi­ca­tor. It is impor­tant that the orna­ment loose­ly sur­rounds the ankle, does not tight­en it, does not rub, but does not fall off either. Oth­er­wise, it will inter­fere with walk­ing, get­ting con­fused between the ankles with each step.

How to determine the size of the bracelet on the leg?

Which leg should I wear the bracelet on today?

It does­n’t mat­ter much any­more. It all depends on what effect you expect to get from wear­ing this acces­so­ry. How­ev­er, if you love to fol­low fash­ion guide­lines, remem­ber how to prop­er­ly wear a bracelet on your leg to look amaz­ing.

  • Chains with pen­dants and rhine­stones look great on a tanned ankle with high heels, but with­out nylon tights, stock­ings and socks. In com­bi­na­tion with light shoes, they are appro­pri­ate in evening and cock­tail looks, in offices where a strict dress code does not apply. Sol­id leather or woven bracelets look good even with sneak­ers. To wear chains on the leg, the feet must be care­ful­ly groomed, and the nails must have a neat and beau­ti­ful pedi­cure.
  • One of the options with which to wear a bracelet on your leg is boho-style cloth­ing. It goes well with pas­tel-col­ored dress­es, lace tops, airy light blous­es, mid-length skirts with a pat­tern, an open swim­suit worn with pare­os or shorts.
  • If you like del­i­cate jew­el­ry, put on ankle chains with dec­o­ra­tive pen­dants — coins, shells, months, stars, mul­ti-col­ored beads, pearls or balls. It is advis­able to match their shade and style to the rest of the jew­el­ry acces­sories so that they make up a sin­gle set or at least har­mo­nize with each oth­er.
  • If desired, you can com­bine sev­er­al chains or laces with dif­fer­ent weaves and wear them simul­ta­ne­ous­ly on one leg. To avoid injury, they must be removed before sports and long hikes in the moun­tains.

Do not for­get that jew­el­ry on your feet gets dirty much faster than on your hands, espe­cial­ly if you walk bare­foot on sand and asphalt. After each wear­ing, they should be thor­ough­ly washed under run­ning water and wiped dry with a nap­kin. Once a week — soak for 10 min­utes in a solu­tion of water with liq­uid soap, after dry­ing, pol­ish with a nap­kin to a shine if the sur­face is glossy met­al. In win­ter, when this prod­uct is not in use, it should be stored in a box, in a sep­a­rate com­part­ment from oth­er acces­sories. Then it will retain its orig­i­nal appear­ance for a long time, delight you with its beau­ty and orig­i­nal­i­ty for many years.

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