Global 2018 Pandora Jewelery Release Calendar > read on

2018 Pandora Jewelery Release Calendar > read on


This arti­cle will be use­ful pri­mar­i­ly to those who strive to always be in trend and fol­low the lat­est in jew­el­ry fash­ion. It will ori­ent you and give you a basic idea of ​​when the main col­lec­tions of the Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry brand come out, what main lines of jew­el­ry it has, and what types of met­als and alloys are used in pro­duc­tion. It will help you nav­i­gate and plan pur­chas­es and orders faster.

IMPORTANT! This arti­cle is updat­ed through­out 2018, along with the release of new col­lec­tions. There are active links to each released col­lec­tion, where you can get acquaint­ed with them in more detail.

PANDORA charms and bracelets have been around for many years and are right­ful­ly con­sid­ered one of the best-sell­ing jew­el­ry in the world. The com­pa­ny is in a state of con­stant devel­op­ment and expan­sion of its pro­duc­tion facil­i­ties and points of sale — con­cept stores where you can buy only orig­i­nal prod­ucts of the high­est qual­i­ty. After all, all jew­el­ry under­goes manda­to­ry pre-sale qual­i­ty con­trol.

Pan­do­ra stores are open in almost every coun­try in Europe, Asia, North Amer­i­ca, and even in Aus­tralia and New Zealand. On each of the 6 con­ti­nents. In 2018, the com­pa­ny has 7,800 stores in over 100 coun­tries.

Ukraine is not far behind. New bou­tiques open almost every year. Today, PANDORA stores oper­ate in such cities of our coun­try: Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zhy­to­myr, Cherkassy, ​​Vin­nit­sa, Cherni­hiv, Polta­va, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lut­sk, Sumy, Mar­i­upol, Kher­son and it is planned to open and new out­lets.

And for those who live far from Pan­do­ra stores, you can eas­i­ly order your favorite jew­el­ry in the offi­cial online store and receive them in just 1–2 days.

You can always order and choose jew­el­ry, because the com­pa­ny updates the range and releas­es new and new col­lec­tions sev­er­al times a year.

Let’s see what col­lec­tions are com­ing out in 2018 and when to expect them.

Pan­do­ra has four main col­lec­tions accord­ing to the sea­sons: win­ter, spring, sum­mer, autumn and sev­er­al spe­cial col­lec­tions with­in these main ones.


Win­ter is one of my favorite sea­sons. Snow, frosty air, spruce smell and of course every­one’s favorite hol­i­days! Win­ter col­lec­tion PANDORA 2018 / PANDORA win­ter 2018 will go on sale at the end of the year, but will be on sale for the entire win­ter sea­son 2018/2019.

Release — Novem­ber 2018. The col­lec­tion con­sists of:

PANDORA ROSE win­ter 2018 / PANDORA ROSE win­ter 2018

PANDORA DISNEY win­ter 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY win­ter 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE win­ter 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE win­ter 2108

PANDORA SHINE win­ter 2018 / PANDORA SHINE win­ter 2018

Valen­tine’s Day Col­lec­tion 2018 . Col­lec­tion release — Jan­u­ary. Start of sales on Jan­u­ary 14, 2018.

As part of this col­lec­tion, the 2018 club charm is also being pro­duced. This time it’s the globe.


The spring 2018 sea­son is very rich in new Pan­do­ra col­lec­tions. This is the sea­son of bright col­ors, new looks and sparkling designs. Among all the new prod­ucts, we high­light PANDORA spring col­lec­tion 2018.

Start of sale in stores world­wide — March 15, 2018. With­in its frame­work, there was a replen­ish­ment in the main lines of Pan­do­ra, name­ly:

PANDORA ROSE spring 2018 / PANDORA ROSE spring 2018

PANDORA DISNEY spring 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY spring 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE spring 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE spring 2108

PANDORA SHINE spring 2018 / PANDORA SHINE spring 2018

Moth­er’s Day Col­lec­tion 2018 one of the com­pa­ny’s most icon­ic and beloved col­lec­tions. Charms, bracelets and oth­er jew­el­ry are made in soft col­ors. Charms sym­bol­ize home, com­fort, mater­nal love and affec­tion. As part of the new col­lec­tion, changes will also be in all lines.

The release of the col­lec­tion is April 12, 2018.

PANDORA ROSE Moth­er’s day 2018 / PANDORA ROSE Moth­er’s day 2018

PANDORA DISNEY Moth­er’s day 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE Moth­er’s day 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE Moth­er’s day 2108

PANDORA SHINE Moth­er’s day 2018 / PANDORA SHINE Moth­er’s day 2018


Sum­mer is the sea­son of vaca­tions, inter­est­ing week­ends and unfor­get­table trips. There­fore, acces­sories dur­ing this peri­od should match and reflect our mood. Sum­mer col­lec­tion 2018 Pan­do­ra includes charms asso­ci­at­ed with relax­ation, light pas­time and cute expe­ri­ences.

PANDORA Sum­mer Col­lec­tion Release May 31st.

PANDORA ROSE sum­mer 2018 / PANDORA ROSE sum­mer 2018

PANDORA DISNEY sum­mer 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY sum­mer 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE sum­mer 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE sum­mer 2108

PANDORA SHINE sum­mer 2018 / PANDORA SHINE sum­mer 2018

Pre-fall col­lec­tion or off-sea­son col­lec­tion PANDORA 2018 / PANDORA pre – autumn 2018.

It is dif­fi­cult to char­ac­ter­ize it, since this col­lec­tion has been released for only a few years and is dif­fer­ent every time. At dif­fer­ent times there were fab­ric bracelets and charms with zodi­ac signs and let­ters. There is no clear release date for this col­lec­tion yet, but approx­i­mate­ly the sec­ond half of July 2018.


Autumn is the begin­ning of a new busi­ness activ­i­ty, the start of train­ing ses­sions and new plans. In the fall of 2018, a new one will also be released. PANDORA autumn col­lec­tion, which, as usu­al, will be large and var­ied. We are wait­ing for a sol­id replen­ish­ment in the col­lec­tion of charms.

PANDORA ROSE autumn 2018 / PANDORA ROSE autumn 2018

PANDORA DISNEY autumn 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY autumn 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE autumn 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE autumn 2108

PANDORA SHINE autumn 2018 / PANDORA SHINE autumn 2018

In the frame­work of the autumn, and spe­cial charm BLACK FRIDAY 2018 / BLACK FRIDAY 2018. This is a themed charm ded­i­cat­ed to the most antic­i­pat­ed day of all shopa­holics — Black Fri­day, the day of the biggest sales.

The largest col­lec­tions in terms of vol­ume are spring and autumn. There are many types of bracelets, charms. New designs of rings, ear­rings and neck jew­el­ry are pre­sent­ed. Every year new col­lec­tions are replen­ished with new ele­ments. Last year it was a neck chok­er and open medal­lions. There are also new mod­els of bracelets — open ban­gles. What new items are wait­ing for us? We’ll see in due time.

Each col­lec­tion con­sists of sev­er­al lines of jew­el­ry, some of them are pre­sent­ed in sev­er­al met­als.

Today it is a line of sil­ver, gold, bicol­or jew­el­ry, which form the basis of the col­lec­tion. Fur­ther, this pink gold is PANDORA ROSE / PANDORA ROSE, PANDORA SHINE / PANDORA SHINE.


Since there are always many ques­tions about what met­al Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry is made of, I decid­ed to dwell on this in detail.


Pan­do­ra uses 925 ster­ling sil­ver in its prod­ucts. This means the puri­ty of sil­ver is 92.5%. The remain­ing 7.5% is cop­per. This alloy allows sil­ver jew­el­ry to be durable, since pure sil­ver is a rather soft mate­r­i­al. On such prod­ucts there is a test and mark­ing s 925 ale. Prod­ucts man­u­fac­tured before 2011 are marked 925 ale.


Gold charms and Pan­do­ra bracelets are marked g 585 ale. Used 14 carat gold, 585 test. Gold prod­ucts are made entire­ly of gold, this is not a coat­ing.


In the pro­duc­tion of bicol­or jew­el­ry, two met­als are used: sil­ver and gold. All gold ele­ments of prod­ucts are made of gold, gild­ing or oth­er coat­ing is not used here. The mark­ing of such prod­ucts is the same as on sil­ver ones, because sil­ver is the pre­vail­ing met­al here.


A spe­cial alloy of sil­ver and cop­per gives these pieces such a warm pink hue, while the unique coat­ing adds a warm col­or and ensures the dura­bil­i­ty of the fin­ish. The mark­ing on these items is pan­do­ra — ale r. This line of jew­el­ry has been on the mar­ket since 2014.


A new line of jew­el­ry, which began to be released in 2018. It is a mul­ti-lay­er jew­el­ry, the basis of which is sil­ver, then there is a lay­er of pal­la­di­um, and on top it is cov­ered with 18 carat gold (750 stan­dard), which is applied by elec­tro­plat­ing. The result is a very strong lay­er of gold with excel­lent resis­tance and dura­bil­i­ty. Mark­ing on such prod­ucts is the same as on sil­ver.

Pan­do­ra is increas­ing pro­duc­tion and sales every year. In 2017, 117 mil­lion units were man­u­fac­tured. The range is very diverse: bracelets, charms, rings, ear­rings, chains, pen­dants, medal­lions. And every year we get new mod­els.

Almost every sea­son, Pan­do­ra releas­es gift sets ded­i­cat­ed to cer­tain hol­i­days and events.

In Ukraine, new col­lec­tions go on sale on the same day as in oth­er coun­tries of the world. Often the com­pa­ny holds pro­mo­tions that allow you to save mon­ey — these are var­i­ous dis­counts on prod­ucts, gifts when buy­ing a cer­tain amount, and the like. Sales have also become a good tra­di­tion, thanks to which you can buy prod­ucts at a very pleas­ant price. You can buy orig­i­nal bracelets, charms and oth­er Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry both in the offi­cial store and in the online store, which will allow you to save a lit­tle.

For stock lovers, I advise you not to for­get to look into cal­en­dar of pro­mo­tions and sales for 2018it is also updat­ed peri­od­i­cal­ly.

As well as sub­scribe to the newslet­ter on the main page — then you will receive noti­fi­ca­tions about the start of pro­mo­tions and sales by mail!


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