Global We combine jewelry into one jewelry image

We combine jewelry into one jewelry image


Pan­do­ra has already released a huge amount of jew­el­ry. They are fold­ed into a bracelet, neck­lace or act as a sep­a­rate prod­uct. Even ear­rings are often com­ple­ment­ed with pen­dants. All these are sep­a­rate dec­o­ra­tions that remain sole. What if you need to cre­ate a tan­dem? For exam­ple, a bracelet and a ring. How about rings and neck­laces? There are sim­i­lar options in a huge num­ber of prod­ucts that the brand offers, but the per­fect look is at stake, so you need to know for sure! Let your­self be per­fect, match your Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry.

How it works?

How do you choose jew­el­ry for your­self? We are talk­ing about a pair of prod­ucts from dif­fer­ent direc­tions, less often from one. The lat­ter requires spe­cial skill. Most like­ly, the choice falls on the same theme or sim­i­lar appear­ance. A star flaunts on the ringlet, then you can pick up a neck­lace of the same plan. You can do the same with Pan­do­ra. The brand has made sure that you can eas­i­ly com­bine dif­fer­ent styles and types of jew­el­ry. Thanks to cer­tain col­lec­tions that have dif­fer­ent direc­tions. It is enough just to pur­chase prod­ucts from one col­lec­tion and the tan­dem has already been cre­at­ed. But you can look even more orig­i­nal. Choose a pair or trio of jew­el­ry for a par­tic­u­lar hol­i­day based on these few rules:

  • top­ic;
  • style;
  • con­cept;
  • col­or.


The theme in jew­el­ry is a cer­tain mean­ing that the jew­el­er includ­ed in them. They are assem­bled into a sin­gle whole accord­ing to sim­i­lar fea­tures. Pan­do­ra has been using themes for a long time. Due to the huge amount of jew­el­ry, espe­cial­ly charms, find­ing some­thing you need is often not easy. Thanks to the divi­sion into top­ics, this process will go faster. There are 16 themes on our site:

  1. abstrac­tion;
  2. but­ter­flies;
  3. let­ters;
  4. glam­our;
  5. love;
  6. Birth­day;
  7. chil­dren;
  8. friend­ship;
  9. beasts;
  10. Zodi­ac signs;
  11. clas­sic;
  12. New Year;
  13. pro­fes­sion;
  14. trav­els;
  15. a fam­i­ly;
  16. flow­ers.

Most of the prod­ucts of each theme are used on the bracelet togeth­er or can be com­bined in tan­dem (neck­lace + ring and oth­ers). But even this does not mean that any dec­o­ra­tions from the same theme are com­bined. Pay atten­tion to the style of the col­lec­tion.


The style of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry is divid­ed into col­lec­tions. The style that a brand offers in a par­tic­u­lar col­lec­tion runs the same sto­ry­line through all the pieces, no mat­ter how they look. Each col­lec­tion includes the items on which the prod­uct is cre­at­ed:

  • Appear­ance
    A great exam­ple is the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion. A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of all prod­ucts here is their spe­cial flat shape. For bracelets and neck­laces of this col­lec­tion, only charms, pen­dants, dividers and clips from it are suit­able. This is an authen­tic style, invent­ed by jew­el­ers, the only one of Pan­do­ra’s jew­el­ry does not inter­sect with oth­er prod­ucts, due to its unusu­al shape. Accord­ing­ly, in order to make the col­lec­tion com­plete, the cre­ators had to fill it with a whole range of jew­el­ry.
  • Com­po­si­tion of jew­el­ry (gold, sil­ver)
    The basis for all Pan­do­ra prod­ucts is sil­ver. Mura­no glass, enam­el, pink and yel­low gold sput­ter­ing are used here as aux­il­iary mate­ri­als. Mura­no glass prod­ucts are just charms. Enam­el is used as dec­o­ra­tion in any col­lec­tion. Gold plat­ing was used in the Pan­do­ra Shine and Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tions. Pan­do­ra Shine is an 18K yel­low gold plat­ed jew­el­ry. Pan­do­ra Rose is a rose gold plat­ing. Prod­ucts from these col­lec­tions are reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed with new ones. By the way, for the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion, prod­ucts are also made with a coat­ing of yel­low or rose gold.
  • Inlay
    For inlaid prod­ucts from Pan­do­ra, cubic zir­co­nia stones of dif­fer­ent col­ors, sizes and shades are used. They can dec­o­rate any kind of prod­uct, but are not a manda­to­ry ele­ment.
  • Weav­ing
    Jew­el­ry where weav­ing is impor­tant is bracelets and neck­laces. Most often, anchor weav­ing is used for chains. The dif­fer­ence will be the link size. In the lat­est nov­el­ties from Pan­do­ra, it is espe­cial­ly large. Bracelets are made in the same weav­ing or are lim­it­ed to the clas­sic look of Pan­do­ra bracelets. Tex­tile and pavé bracelets are a sep­a­rate type of con­nec­tion of ele­ments.
  • Oth­er char­ac­ter­is­tic ele­ments.
    The char­ac­ter­is­tic ele­ments that sep­a­rate into sev­er­al types of jew­el­ry is a stone. For exam­ple, a soli­taire ring is a char­ac­ter­is­tic of a par­tic­u­lar type of ring. All prod­ucts that fall under this char­ac­ter­is­tic can be called a group of soli­taires. Soli­taires can be clips or charms. A char­ac­ter­is­tic ele­ment for Pan­do­ra can also be called a logo on a prod­uct or its brand­ing. It is not present every­where, but is often found.


Con­cep­tu­al jew­el­ry is sim­i­lar in appear­ance, theme, or style. Con­cep­tu­al­ly, Pan­do­ra is a very strong brand. Here every­thing is built on a spe­cif­ic con­nec­tion of prod­ucts. That is why they love her. Most of the jew­el­ry are com­bined with each oth­er and can cre­ate not only a tan­dem, but also a trio of jew­el­ry. They may not be from the same col­lec­tion, but are per­fect for one bracelet or pair well as stand­alone pieces.

Closer to the point

Have you fig­ured out how to sep­a­rate the whole bunch of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry? You can choose paired jew­el­ry. To begin with, we deter­mine what type of jew­el­ry you need to com­bine. Jew­el­ry fash­ion tells us that you need to cre­ate pairs from these types of prod­ucts:

  • ring+bracelet;
  • ring + neck­lace;
  • necklace+earrings;
  • bracelet+necklace;
  • earrings+ring.

In the mod­ern world, where the bound­aries of style have long been erased, these com­bi­na­tions should be con­sid­ered more of a clas­sic than a rule. In oth­er words, if oth­er pairs are suc­cess­ful­ly select­ed, this does not mean that they can­not be used. We have pre­pared sev­er­al exam­ples of jew­el­ry com­bi­na­tions by con­cept, col­or, style and col­or.


Pan­do­ra’s newest jew­el­ry, the Fam­i­ly Tree chain bracelet and the Fam­i­ly Tree neck­lace, are a per­fect exam­ple. The con­cept of jew­el­ry is built on fam­i­ly val­ues, and is also sup­port­ed by a sin­gle style and theme of jew­el­ry. This is the cre­ation of a ready-made pair of jew­el­ry from prod­ucts that are win-win com­bined with each oth­er. If you already have a bracelet, then you can com­ple­ment it with a pen­dant on the same theme “Togeth­er we are a fam­i­ly”, which will also work well.

A good option is the con­cept of col­or. Choose jew­el­ry accord­ing to the col­or scheme. There are two options — all in one col­or or a close shade. For exam­ple, a bracelet with a Vibrant Blue Disc pen­dant and an Azure Oval Cabo­chon charm will pair well with a Blue Stone soli­taire ring. All prod­ucts are made on the same basis with rose gold plat­ing.

The trio of the Glit­ter­ing Snowflake neck­lace and the Glit­ter­ing Snowflake charm bracelet and the Glit­ter­ing Snowflake charm con­verge in style, inlays and fit the theme of flow­ers. In order to avoid some kind of “smear­ing”, it is bet­ter to use one thing on the bracelet. Smooth­ly mov­ing on to the top­ic of flow­ers, we will clar­i­fy that not all of them will suit each oth­er. It is bet­ter to choose jew­el­ry with the same flower or a very sim­i­lar one. A suit­able exam­ple of a tan­dem would be the “Bril­liant Snowflake” ring and the “Flow­ers” ​​ear cuffs. These jew­el­ry pieces have a lot of stones, and they are mono­chro­mat­ic — this already unites them. The flow­ers on the ear­rings and the ring are not the same, but very sim­i­lar in shape, and giv­en that the dis­tance between the jew­el­ry will be quite impres­sive, this tan­dem will look like a sin­gle whole.

Prod­ucts that are very dif­fer­ent from each oth­er can only be com­bined by theme or con­cept. For exam­ple, the theme of the sea. Ear­rings “Heart and Shell” do not match the “Fish on the Waves” charm and pen­dants “Sea Tur­tle”, “Shim­mer­ing Dol­phin” at all, but they are unit­ed by a marine theme. It allows you to use dif­fer­ent shades, stones and even a com­bi­na­tion of sil­ver, yel­low and rose gold.

Summing up

A huge num­ber of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry sug­gests that the brand wants to please all of its cus­tomers. Every­thing is here to cre­ate a tan­dem of jew­el­ry, for each indi­vid­ual occa­sion. Mak­ing only sil­ver jew­el­ry cut off a fair­ly large seg­ment of cus­tomers who love gold and Pan­do­ra found a way out — sput­ter­ing. The pro­duc­tion of clas­sic pieces did not appeal to teenagers or chil­dren. The intro­duc­tion of the Pan­do­ra Dis­ney and Pan­do­ra Har­ry Pot­ter col­lec­tions expand­ed the mar­ket into two more tar­get audi­ences. In a huge vari­ety of jew­el­ry, Pan­do­ra sim­ply erased all bound­aries, but left clas­sic com­bi­na­tions that allow you to cre­ate orig­i­nal, styl­ish, con­cep­tu­al and bright images!

? How do Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry match?

Most Pan­do­ra col­lec­tions can be com­bined with each oth­er in any com­bi­na­tion, you just need to fol­low the gen­er­al rules. There are those that are com­bined only with­in one col­lec­tion, such as Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions. Due to the pecu­liar­i­ties of the form, you sim­ply can­not com­bine it with oth­ers.

? How to choose sev­er­al jew­el­ry at once?

Pan­do­ra made sure that you can eas­i­ly choose for your­self not only bracelets and charms for them, but also ear­rings and neck­laces can be eas­i­ly com­bined with a bracelet. To do this, it is enough to fol­low the ele­men­tary aes­thet­ic rules on the top­ic, col­or and con­cept.

? How much will a few Pan­do­ra pieces cost?

jew­el­ry cost Pan­do­ra depends on many fac­tors — size, prod­uct, shape, inlay. You buy more from us — you get more! If your order will cost more than 5000 UAH. as a gift, such a buy­er gets any charm as a gift.

? How to order a pair of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry?

The order of sev­er­al jew­el­ry is car­ried out in a stan­dard way. Just choose prod­ucts, add to cart, place an order, pay and get your jew­el­ry! Deliv­ery is car­ried out by New mail with­in 1–3 days.


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