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Jew­el­ry made of med­ical steel is ide­al for every­day wear. They are more durable, scratch and warp resis­tant than sil­ver or gold jew­el­ry and will not rust or oxi­dize.

Since this 316L alloy is nick­el-free, even aller­gy suf­fer­ers can wear this jew­el­ry. But she has one major draw­back. After a while, it dark­ens, los­ing its orig­i­nal col­or, and begins to stain clothes and leave marks on the skin. This is due to the reac­tion of this mate­r­i­al with air, espe­cial­ly moist air, and skin.

To be able to enjoy the beau­ty and attrac­tive­ness of stain­less steel rings, ear­rings, bracelets for a long time, it is nec­es­sary to clean them peri­od­i­cal­ly. Here’s how to do it right.

Steel jewelry: basic principles of care

In order not to spoil or dam­age steel jew­el­ry, you must:

  • avoid their con­tact with salt and ther­mal water, chlo­rine and oth­er chem­i­cal com­pounds. Despite resis­tance to exter­nal fac­tors, con­tact with deter­gents or chem­i­cals should be lim­it­ed. Before doing house­work, cook­ing, clean­ing, remove rings, bracelets, or at least put on water­proof gloves;

  • do not allow acces­sories to be exposed to sud­den changes in tem­per­a­ture on the beach, in the bath, sauna, solar­i­um;

  • remove jew­el­ry before bed;

  • store them sep­a­rate­ly from oth­er jew­el­ry in a box, spe­cial box­es uphol­stered in soft mate­r­i­al (suede or velor), or in fab­ric bags.

Stain­less steel prod­ucts should nev­er come into con­tact with alco­hol and ace­tone. Even for the sake of get­ting a bright glam­orous shine, they should not be sprayed with per­fume and lubri­cat­ed with gel. These prod­ucts con­tain alco­hol, which destroys the top coat­ing and stone fix­ings. It is impor­tant that a lot of water and sweat do not get on the sur­face of steel jew­el­ry, so that they are not sub­ject­ed to strong mechan­i­cal stress. These acces­sories should be worn after apply­ing care and dec­o­ra­tive cos­met­ics, per­fumes and using hair fix­a­tives, espe­cial­ly spray­ing var­nish.

Can steel jewelry be washed?

Yes, but don’t do it too often. It is enough to wash your favorite acces­so­ry under run­ning water once a month. This pro­ce­dure takes no more than a minute. Then it must be wiped dry with a nap­kin or dried in the open air. But not under the sun, so that the stone insert or col­ored enam­el does not fade.

Anoth­er care for stain­less steel jew­el­ry should be when there are scratch­es or dirt on their sur­face. For light soil­ing, a mild soapy solu­tion of warm water or vine­gar can be used.

Jewelry made of steel: how to care for darkening

In case of severe dark­en­ing of the sur­face of jew­el­ry made of med­ical steel, you can use bak­ing soda with a small amount of water or tooth­paste with­out dyes. But in this case, you can not use rough and hard wash­cloths. A foam sponge, a soft cloth or a soft bris­tled tooth­brush is ide­al to avoid scratch­ing the top lay­er of jew­el­ry.

To fix the effect, after clean­ing and dry­ing, you can cov­er the chain, ear­rings or ring with col­or­less nail pol­ish. This will block the access of air to the mate­r­i­al. If you do not want to cov­er the entire sur­face, you can treat only the part that is in direct con­tact with the skin.

Jew­el­ry made of med­ical steel must be worn, admired and loved, but this must be done care­ful­ly and care­ful­ly. Then they will repay with excel­lent bril­liance and good con­di­tion for many years. But if the above meth­ods turned out to be inef­fec­tive and the orig­i­nal appear­ance of the jew­el­ry can­not be restored, you can always pur­chase new med­ical steel jew­el­ry in the Sil­vers online store. Choose your favorite prod­ucts from the cat­a­log and order them with deliv­ery in Ukraine.


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