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Cuffs are ear­rings that are attached not only to the lobe, but along the entire length of the auri­cle, some­times with­out the need to be insert­ed into the punc­ture hole.

This acces­so­ry was pop­u­lar in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, India and Thai­land — both among women and men — at hol­i­days, impor­tant cer­e­monies and offi­cial events. He tes­ti­fied to a high social sta­tus, author­i­ty and wealth. We will talk about how to wear cuffs fash­ion­able today and how to prop­er­ly care for them in this arti­cle.

How to wear ear cuffs?

The answer to this ques­tion depends on the design of the jew­el­ry and the own­er’s imag­i­na­tion — in the mid­dle of the ear, at the very top, or in sev­er­al places on the sink.

It is bet­ter to put on ear guards, hav­ing a short hair­cut or hav­ing a high hair­style, oth­er­wise they will not be vis­i­ble behind long hair.

Cuffs are worn on one ear or on two?

  • Min­i­mal­ist line ear­rings with­out gem­stone inlays are suit­able for busi­ness and every­day looks. Due to their light weight and lack of decor, they are com­fort­able to wear on two ears, even to the office. They look ele­gant, do not cling to clothes and hair.

  • A sin­gle mas­sive ear­ring with a stone in the form of a cuff in one ear, and in the sec­ond — a stud (car­na­tion) looks orig­i­nal with an asym­met­ri­cal hair­cut, Hol­ly­wood curls laid on one side and an evening dress with bare shoul­ders.

  • Cuffs with inserts of unusu­al ele­ments. The trend is eth­nic and boho style — plant and ani­mal motifs, such as the head of a lion, eagle, snake or pea­cock tail. They are also cus­tom­ary to wear only on one side, usu­al­ly on the left. Among bik­ers, rock­ers, emmu and punks, spikes and skulls are pop­u­lar.

  • With one or more chains that smooth­ly pass into hair acces­sories and allow you to cre­ate a wed­ding or evening volu­mi­nous hair­style.

  • Ear cuffs are worn in the mid­dle of the ear shell. There is no need to pierce the hole, since the cuff of a spe­cial shape is attached to the edges of the sink. These mod­els are suit­able for teenage, sports and casu­al style.

What can be worn with cuffs?

  • With glass­es — with ordi­nary and from the sun.

  • With dress­es with a deep neck­line or bare shoul­ders.

  • Bulky scarves, stoles and scarves around the neck.

  • With a big hat or crown.

  • With wire­less head­phones.

How to properly care for cuffs?

Due to the open­work design and bizarre shapes, the cor­ners of such prod­ucts are always dirty. As a result, they fade. To pre­vent heavy soil­ing, it is nec­es­sary to remove the ear­rings before show­er­ing, sleep­ing, clean­ing, exer­cis­ing and hid­ing them in a jew­el­ry box. This is nec­es­sary to com­plete­ly exclude con­tact with dust, air, mois­ture, chem­i­cals, house­hold, per­fumery and cos­met­ics.

Each time before putting on cuff ear­rings, it is nec­es­sary to check their integri­ty and clean­li­ness. They need to be cleaned month­ly.

The most effec­tive and cheap­est way is soak­ing for 2–3 hours in a solu­tion of warm water with liq­uid soap, ammo­nia. But with a high degree of con­t­a­m­i­na­tion, the prod­uct can be kept longer. Then you need to remove the jew­el­ry and rinse thor­ough­ly under run­ning water. After that, dry and pol­ish to a shine with a soft microfiber cloth.

Cuff earrings for girls and women: how to wear in 2022

The most pop­u­lar mod­els in 2022 are pearl cuffs in both sil­ver and gold frames. Pre­vi­ous­ly, pearl ear­rings were worn main­ly by adult women. Now they have become pop­u­lar among young fash­ion­istas and brides. Milky and light pink pearls on twigs and inflo­res­cences sym­bol­ize ten­der­ness and puri­ty. Gold, sil­ver and brown — give the image ele­gance and sophis­ti­ca­tion.

Cuffs with dark stones, such as emer­ald, ruby, gar­net, sap­phire, onyx, are appro­pri­ate in offi­cial busi­ness and solemn evening style.

  • Louis Vuit­ton this year released a col­lec­tion of gold-plat­ed cuffs with cubic zirko­nia in the form of all the signs of the zodi­ac.

  • Fash­ion house Dior has cre­at­ed an exquis­ite jew­el­ry series of dia­mond cuffs.

  • Oscar De La Renta jew­el­ry in 2022 impress­es with open­work cuff mod­els in the form of flo­ral orna­ments and stars.

  • No jew­el­ry col­lec­tion by Mai­son Margiela and Givenchy is com­plete with­out ear cuffs with sparkling rhine­stones. These are mas­sive jew­el­ry that is worn on one ear only and with an asym­met­ri­cal hair­cut.

  • Attached to the top of the ear with a strong clasp, Lan­vin ear­rings look like bright chan­de­liers.

  • Balen­ci­a­ga design­ers cre­at­ed the orig­i­nal snowflake-shaped cuff ear­rings, which imme­di­ate­ly became pop­u­lar in many coun­tries, even where there has nev­er been a cold win­ter.

A vari­ety of cuffs are worn by fash­ion­istas all over the world. Bey­on­cé, Rihan­na, Katy Per­ry, Emma Wat­son and many oth­er celebri­ties appre­ci­at­ed their orig­i­nal­i­ty. Do not neglect this dec­o­ra­tion, because there is nev­er too much beau­ty! Order it in the Sil­vers online store — and you will look no less bright and styl­ish than the stars of the cat­walks and the world of show busi­ness!


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