Global The most anticipated new items from Pandora in 2021!

The most anticipated new items from Pandora in 2021!


No mat­ter how dif­fi­cult and unusu­al 2020 may seem for us, Pan­do­ra con­tin­ues to delight us with new addi­tions to the basic col­lec­tions, as well as unex­pect­ed new prod­ucts. Even such a well-known glob­al brand has expe­ri­enced quite a few upheavals in 2020 — the tran­si­tion to online mode, the dis­rup­tion of the release of the col­lec­tion and the loss of past pow­er­ful sales. But at the same time, such extreme con­di­tions forced the brand to dis­cov­er a whole new way of work­ing — online. What awaits brand fans in 2021? Updates or brand new col­lec­tions Intro­duc­ing the upcom­ing items from Pan­do­ra 2021!

Pandora Winter Collection 2021

All win­ter col­lec­tions from Pan­do­ra are a huge num­ber of pat­terns, stones and oth­er win­ter themes. At this time, you can take a moment and fill your bracelet with unusu­al New Year’s charms or oth­er fes­tive ele­ments. Con­ven­tion­al­ly, Pan­do­ra pro­duces win­ter col­lec­tions in two direc­tions — win­ter and New Year hol­i­days. With these themes, Pan­do­ra fills almost all col­lec­tions in which you can find such jew­el­ry:

  • rings;
  • ear­rings;
  • bracelets;
  • charms;
  • pen­dants;
  • sep­a­ra­tors.

You can choose your favorite jew­el­ry, but with a new sto­ry!

Despite a tough year, Pan­do­ra’s new arrivals have not bypassed us. You can buy dec­o­ra­tions for the hol­i­days and the cold­est time in such col­lec­tions as Pan­do­ra Shine, Pan­do­ra Dis­ney, Pan­do­ra Moments, Pan­do­ra Rose, Pan­do­ra Me, Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions and Pan­do­ra Har­ry Pot­ter. The most exclu­sive offer on the thresh­old of 2021 is a win­ter orna­ment! The brand also took care of Christ­mas gifts. You will be able to pur­chase sev­er­al sets to choose from for moth­er, grand­moth­er and daugh­ter at an afford­able price.

Collection off-season from Pandora 2021

The most antic­i­pat­ed col­lec­tion of 2021 is “Col­ors”. This is a nov­el­ty that should please us at the begin­ning of the year as part of the renew­al of the brand and its style. There will be all sorts of col­ors and shades in this col­lec­tion! As in any full-fledged col­lec­tion, there will be all the com­po­nents from which you can cre­ate your own jew­el­ry. The “Col­ors” col­lec­tion will include:

  • bracelets;
  • charms;
  • pen­dants;
  • rings;
  • neck­lace;
  • ear­rings;
  • dividers;
  • clips.

With bright col­ors, as usu­al, we will be pleased with cubic zir­co­nia stone in all its man­i­fes­ta­tions and forms. Such a bright Pan­do­ra has not yet been, as it will be next spring!

Valentine’s Day with Pandora 2021

No jew­el­ry brand can miss such a love hol­i­day, but only Pan­do­ra makes it so gen­tle, styl­ish and bright! Col­lectible love-themed jew­el­ry is not new to the brand, but Valen­tine’s Day is a spe­cial hol­i­day that pairs per­fect­ly with Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry. Nov­el­ties on this top­ic will begin to go on sale from mid-Jan­u­ary. It will be an extrav­a­gan­za of hearts, flow­ers and con­fes­sions that no girl can resist!

Pandora Spring 2021 Collection

After the Valen­tine’s Day, every­one’s favorite time of the year fol­lows — spring, and after it the new col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra. This time of the year every­thing smells of fresh air, in which notes of sum­mer are already heard. Bright spring col­ors and, of course, flow­ers are the hall­mark of the Pan­do­ra spring 2021 col­lec­tion! Pan­do­ra Jew­el­ry House in 2021 will give spring fresh­ness to such basic col­lec­tions:

  • Pan­do­ra Shine;
  • Pan­do­ra Dis­ney;
  • Pan­do­ra Moments;
  • Pan­do­ra Rose;
  • Pan­do­ra Me;
  • Pan­do­ra Reflec­tions;
  • Pan­do­ra Har­ry Pot­ter.

The Pan­do­ra spring col­lec­tion will go on sale at the end of March and will delight us with prod­ucts of a dif­fer­ent plan. It is still not known exact­ly what exact­ly can be pur­chased from the new prod­ucts on this top­ic, but you will def­i­nite­ly be delight­ed! As usu­al, the high­light of the col­lec­tion will be charms and pen­dants, which you can eas­i­ly add to an exist­ing bracelet!

Pandora 2021 celebrates Mother’s Day with us

Moth­er’s Day is a spe­cial hol­i­day for each of us, includ­ing Pan­do­ra. On such a day, I want to con­grat­u­late my beloved and dear­est per­son with some­thing spe­cial, styl­ish and mean­ing­ful. Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry is just that! Here you will find any prod­ucts for mom­my. All this can be dec­o­rat­ed with words of grat­i­tude or bright gems. Plus, Pan­do­ra has made sure you can find the right gift every year! The brand annu­al­ly renews dec­o­ra­tions for Moth­er’s Day. About a month before the hol­i­day, brand new jew­el­ry appears on sale, which you can give to your beloved mom.

If your moth­er prefers a cer­tain col­lec­tion, then you can eas­i­ly pick up some­thing in the same style. For Moth­er’s Day, Pan­do­ra will release updates in the col­lec­tions: Pan­do­ra Shine, Pan­do­ra Dis­ney, Pan­do­ra Moments, Pan­do­ra Rose, Pan­do­ra Me, Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions and Pan­do­ra Har­ry Pot­ter. You will def­i­nite­ly find what you need!

Summer collection from Pandora 2021

Sum­mer is a time of light­ness and hol­i­days. In the out­go­ing year, not every­one had a chance to relax as usu­al, and we man­aged to enjoy the Pan­do­ra sum­mer col­lec­tion only in the news, but next year promis­es to be more jew­el­ry. pan­do­ra will final­ly release the full sum­mer col­lec­tion and we will be able to enjoy brand new charms, pen­dants, clips, bracelets on the theme of the sea!

In the Pan­do­ra 2021 sum­mer col­lec­tion, we are promised to please us with inter­est­ing charms with bright shades of blue, unusu­al sea shapes and oth­er sun­ny themes of the sum­mer sea­son. The TOP theme will be the sea. Not only sil­ver bracelets will be rel­e­vant here, but also leather prod­ucts in dif­fer­ent col­or inter­pre­ta­tions. At the end of this sea­son, we will not be bored for long and the autumn addi­tions to the Pan­do­ra col­lec­tion will be released as a pre­view of the main autumn nov­el­ties.

Autumn colors from Pandora 2021

The fall col­lec­tion from Pan­do­ra 2021 is gold tones and themed charms and pen­dants. This line of jew­el­ry will be calm and as light as pos­si­ble. It should not dis­tract us from rou­tine life, work or study, because it is in autumn that the peri­od of intense activ­i­ty begins. These days require a great return from us. A lot of for­est and autumn motifs are expect­ed in the Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion.

Summing up

Despite a tough 2020, Pan­do­ra has done the impos­si­ble and con­tin­ues to func­tion as hard as ever. We talked about what to expect in 2021 from the jew­el­ry brand, so if you were plan­ning to buy gifts or treat your­self to jew­el­ry from Pan­do­ra, then you can be sure that next year you can def­i­nite­ly choose some­thing new!

?What to expect from Pan­do­ra in 2021?

The com­plex­i­ties of 2020 have made us fear­ful of tomor­row, but Pan­do­ra is a brand that will nev­er leave us with­out jew­el­ry! Despite the dif­fi­cul­ties in eco­nom­ic and social terms. Pan­do­ra con­tin­ues to delight her admir­ers with nov­el­ties! An extrav­a­gan­za of emo­tions, col­ors and impres­sions awaits you only with Pan­do­ra!

?What new col­lec­tions will be released in 2021?

Pan­do­ra made sure that we had some­thing to give to loved ones and please our­selves! In 2021, you will find new items in the already beloved col­lec­tion, as well as brand new jew­el­ry! It’s worth the wait!

?How much do new Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry cost?

It is impos­si­ble to gen­er­al­ize the price of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry. The cost of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry depends on the spe­cif­ic jew­el­ry, as well as addi­tion­al ele­ments on it. In our online store you can choose for your­self any inter­est­ing brand prod­ucts at the most afford­able price or at a dis­count!

?How to choose a gift from Pan­do­ra?

Pan­do­ra has made sure that you do not rack your brains over the gift. In our online store you will find a huge num­ber of jew­el­ry on dif­fer­ent themes! Find­ing a gift for any occa­sion is easy!


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