Global Meaning of Pandora Charms — FRAGOLA

Meaning of Pandora Charms — FRAGOLA



Pan­do­ra charms are brand’s design­er beads. They are used to fill the bracelet. There are sev­er­al types of charms — clip-on ear­rings, pen­dants, dividers and clas­sic mov­able ones. Clips and dividers divide the bracelet into sec­tions, while clas­sic beads define the col­or and theme of the jew­el­ry as a whole. The val­ue of the charms is select­ed inde­pen­dent­ly.

Meaning of Pandora Charms
Charms Pan­do­ra

Pan­do­ra is a brand with mean­ing. Its con­cept was not invent­ed like ordi­nary jew­el­ry. Here they invest­ed the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bassembling the prod­uct on their own. All com­po­nents are made in a spe­cif­ic theme. All Pan­do­ra charms and their mean­ing — these are sep­a­rate sto­ries that the girls them­selves write, and the man­u­fac­tur­er does not impose on them. Such a con­cept became unique and fell in love with a mil­lion-strong audi­ence of fans. What can you tell about when cre­at­ing a bracelet? How to empha­size your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty? Under­stand­ing pan­do­ra beads val­ues will help answer these ques­tions.

Pandora is a brand with meaning.
Pan­do­ra is a brand with mean­ing.

What is charm?

Pan­do­ra is a brand that makes indi­vid­ual pieces of one piece of jew­el­ry. Of course, there are inde­pen­dent prod­ucts in the arse­nal — ear­rings, rings, neck­laces, but spe­cial atten­tion is paid to bracelets. The bracelet con­sists of a base and charms. They are bought sep­a­rate­ly and col­lect their dec­o­ra­tion. There are mod­els already in the assem­bly, but most ladies pre­fer to do it them­selves.

The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of sil­ver, gold, leather or tex­tiles. It can be mold­ed, woven, or, as in the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ion col­lec­tion, flat. Cre­at­ing a mas­ter­piece, the base is filled with charms. A charm is a small bead that is worn on a bracelet. It is made in the form of let­ters, sym­bols, num­bers, ani­mals, and so on. It is dec­o­rat­ed with enam­el, cubic zir­co­nia or engrav­ing. The mean­ing of charms dif­fer­ent and depends on the top­ic and type.

The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of silver, gold, leather or textiles.
The basis of the bracelet is a jgut made of sil­ver, gold, leather or tex­tiles.

What are the types of charms?

Charms not only dec­o­rate the bracelet, car­ry mean­ing, but also have some pur­pose. By pur­pose, charms can be divid­ed into 5 types:

  • clas­si­cal
    Clas­sic prod­ucts are beads only for dec­o­rat­ing a bracelet. They are mobile on the basis and are made in com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent shapes.
  • Clips
    Charm clip — a bead that is fixed on the base. It is fixed and acts as a con­di­tion­al sep­a­ra­tor of clas­sic charms. The clips are most­ly round.
  • Sep­a­ra­tors
    The divider charm is designed with a spe­cif­ic pur­pose in mind. This bead sep­a­rates groups of charms or serves as a tran­si­tion from one theme to anoth­er. It is not attached to the bracelet.
  • pen­dants
    The mean­ing of the pen­dants on the bracelet pure­ly aes­thet­ic. This type of charms con­sists of a mov­ing part and a fas­ten­ing part. Looks nice and makes sense.
  • Mura­no
    Mura­no beads are made from a sil­ver base and Mura­no glass. Their unique­ness is unusu­al del­i­cate col­ors and over­flows.
Murano beads
Mura­no beads

Pan­do­ra Charms Mean­ing invest­ed even in its func­tion­al com­po­nents. Visu­al­ly, the clip or sep­a­ra­tor will not dif­fer from ordi­nary beads. They are just as bright and mean­ing­ful, but car­ry func­tion­al­i­ty. Prices and style of each of them is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. We have select­ed sev­er­al exam­ples in the table.

Pan­do­ra charm Col­lec­tion Price
Charm “Open­work infin­i­ty” Pan­do­ra Rose 650 hryv­nias
Mura­no charm White glass Pan­do­ra Shine 775 hryv­nias
Charm clip “Heart pavé” Pan­do­ra Reflex­ion 710 hryv­nias
Pan­do­ra pen­dant “Me My luck” Pan­do­ra Me 435 hryv­nias
Clip “Bril­liant track” Pan­do­ra Shine 1220 hryv­nias

What is the meaning of Pandora charms?

The main mes­sage of the Pan­do­ra brand is the idea in every charm. Pan­do­ra mean­ing always invests espe­cial­ly and cov­ers a huge num­ber of top­ics and areas of life.

  • trav­els;
  • a fam­i­ly;
  • flow­ers;
  • abstrac­tion;
  • friend­ship;
  • chil­dren;
  • glam­our;
  • ani­mals;
  • love;
  • Zodi­ac signs;
  • let­ters.
PANDORA Family Tree Pendant
PANDORA Fam­i­ly Tree Pen­dant

Each prod­uct is made in a cer­tain style and means some­thing spe­cial for you. Thanks to this con­cept, every girl col­lects a bracelet for her­self from hap­py moments, sig­nif­i­cant dates and hob­bies. Charms are rel­e­vant in the gift ver­sion. Want to tell how much you love? Give a heart shaped charm engraved with words of love. Does your mom love daisies? Pan­do­ra has charms in the shape of this flower.

Invest in шармы pan­do­ra mean­ing can be com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. Of course, there are obvi­ous dec­o­ra­tions, but some of them eas­i­ly adapt to your orig­i­nal, some­thing spe­cial and inti­mate. The theme of abstract beads will help to make a flight of fan­cy.

How to assemble a Pandora bracelet with meaning?

Required time: 1 day, 1 hour and 1 minute.

Pan­do­ra beads in their mean­ing real­ly dif­fer­ent. In addi­tion to the seman­tic load, they are also bright. Most of the prod­ucts are dec­o­rat­ed with cubic zir­co­nia stones of dif­fer­ent shades. How to assem­ble a bracelet that will look cool, with mean­ing, but at the same time not “messy”? There are secrets that we are ready to reveal!

  1. Choose a col­lec­tion

    Pan­do­ra con­sists of col­lec­tions that are already endowed with a cer­tain con­cept. They are dif­fer­ent and are select­ed for every taste. Every year the brand sup­ple­ments them with new prod­ucts. To make it eas­i­er for you to choose, choose one style with the help of the col­lec­tion and jew­el­ry from not.

  2. Decide on a col­or

    If you want some­thing bright, we focus on col­or. We choose a shade, and then the search for the right charms nar­rows down to prod­ucts of this par­tic­u­lar col­or scheme. But the main thing here is not to over­do it.

  3. Define with theme

    If there is an ini­tial idea, it will already be eas­i­er. For exam­ple, a love-themed bracelet will include del­i­cate shades of the same col­or and all sorts of love-shaped charms.

  4. Cre­ate like an artist

    You can cre­ate a mas­ter­piece only with the help of a flight of fan­cy. Imag­ine that the bracelet is your sto­ry that needs to be con­veyed in beads and the con­cept will flow by itself.

The bracelet does not have to be com­plete­ly filled with charms. It is worn half emp­ty or with only one pen­dant. For those who want to cre­ate a sto­ry, we rec­om­mend using clips and dividers. They will con­di­tion­al­ly divide the bracelet into sec­tions. This will help to col­lect a bunch of dif­fer­ent top­ics. Unite every­thing with col­or and mean­ing of pan­do­ra charms play as it should!

The bracelet does not have to be completely filled with charms.
The bracelet does not have to be com­plete­ly filled with charms.


What do Pan­do­ra charms mean?

Pan­do­ra is a brand that helps you cre­ate. The val­ue of the charms is up to you. In addi­tion to the obvi­ous options, you can choose abstract sym­bols, the mean­ing of which will be known only to you. Here is where to roam! Vis­it the Frago­la web­site and col­lect a themed bracelet for your­self or as a gift!

How to choose Pan­do­ra charms?

The eas­i­est way to select charms is to buy from one col­lec­tion. Here the con­cept has already been thought up for you and every­thing will def­i­nite­ly fit togeth­er. Do you want some­thing orig­i­nal? Trust the flight of thought. Use dividers, clips, con­nect­ing chains — this will make the dec­o­ra­tion full.

How much do Pan­do­ra charms cost?

The cost of each charm depends on the col­lec­tion and jew­el­ry on it. Prod­ucts with stones and gold plat­ing will cost more than an engraved sil­ver charm.

How to order Pan­do­ra charms?

You can order Pan­do­ra charms on our web­site in one click. Just add to cart, place an order, pay and wait for deliv­ery. Free ship­ping is valid for pur­chas­es from 1500 UAH.


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