Global March 8 with Pandora? Give not jewelry, but emotions!

March 8 with Pandora? Give not jewelry, but emotions!


March 8 is a spe­cial day for all women. They are wait­ing for gifts, atten­tion, care and flow­ers! Pan­do­ra has already pre­pared many options for gifts, and you just have to wrap your beloved with atten­tion and care! If you don’t know what to give your beloved on March 8, then give emo­tions that will always be there as a beau­ti­ful dec­o­ra­tion and a pleas­ant mem­o­ry.

What to give on March 8?

A mod­ern gift should car­ry some mean­ing. Jew­el­ry from Pan­do­ra is just such a prod­uct. If your soul mate does not wear this brand yet, then you will open a bright world of emo­tions and impres­sions for her. For those who already know what Pan­do­ra can give them, you just need to pick up a new one for her.

What to give for March 8 from Pan­do­ra? Unfor­tu­nate­ly, in 2021, the brand did not please us with exclu­sive nov­el­ties for Inter­na­tion­al Wom­en’s Day, as it was in 2019. Dur­ing this time, Pan­do­ra has released many oth­er jew­el­ry, among which there are suit­able gifts for March 8th. You can choose the main direc­tions of jew­el­ry:

So that you do not get lost in the diver­si­ty, we have pre­pared for you a selec­tion of jew­el­ry from each direc­tion that will be appro­pri­ate for the Spring Fes­ti­val, based on love, flow­ers and Pan­do­ra nov­el­ties.


Bracelets are the main­stay of Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry, but if your lady does­n’t like too many mov­ing parts or prefers some­thing lacon­ic in gen­er­al, then you can choose a piece of jew­el­ry for her that does not require addi­tions.

Pave style.
“Pan­do­ra with pearls” is an inde­pen­dent piece of jew­el­ry. It does not require addi­tion­al charms, pen­dants, dividers. The bracelet is made of pavé beads of dif­fer­ent sizes and dec­o­rat­ed with a pearl in the cen­ter. For the set, you can choose ear­rings in the same style. Anoth­er good exam­ple would be the Pavé Spheres bracelet. This is a sim­i­lar mod­el, only the cen­tral dec­o­ra­tion here is not pearls, but a bead, which is dec­o­rat­ed with small stones of trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia.

Sparkling cubic zir­co­nia.
“Blue Sparkling Pavé” is a lacon­ic and bright bracelet, con­sist­ing of cubic zir­co­nia stones of blue and trans­par­ent col­ors. This dec­o­ra­tion can also be com­plete­ly trans­par­ent — Sparkling Pavé. A com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent bracelet-slid­er “Sparkling sparks”. It con­sists of a soft chain part and a cen­tral dec­o­ra­tion made of sev­er­al cubic zir­co­nia stones.

Sim­plic­i­ty with mean­ing.
For those who like a heap of stones, but some­thing themed or sim­ple, bracelets such as “Pan­do­ra Me”, “Infin­i­ty Sym­bol”, “Love Ties” will do. All these dec­o­ra­tions are made with spe­cial anchor weave. They dif­fer in the size of links and mean­ing.

A com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent kind of jew­el­ry that Pan­do­ra offers is clas­sic bracelets designed for charms and pen­dants. They are rarely worn on their own and will look bet­ter if you pick up a few charms as a gift right away. There are quite a few exam­ples of such dec­o­ra­tions. From can be divid­ed into 3 main areas accord­ing to the type of cas­tle:

clas­sic cas­tle.
The clas­sic ver­sion of the cas­tle is a round-shaped charm bead, most often with a brand logo or style. For exam­ple, prod­ucts “Pan­do­ra Ban­gle”, “With P‑Cock lock”, Pan­do­ra braid­ed bracelet, “One in a Mil­lion” and oth­ers.

fan­ta­sy cas­tle.
Fan­ta­sy bracelets include those that do not look like clas­sic beads. Most often they are made in the shape of a heart (“With a heart clasp”, “Fam­i­ly for­ev­er”, “The sym­bol of our love”), a flower (“With a charm clasp”, “Flow­ers”) and oth­er var­i­ous solu­tions (“Shin­ing lioness”). When choos­ing such a bracelet, you should know exact­ly what your lady dreams about and what she loves.

Bracelets from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion.
Bracelets from the Pan­do­ra Reflex­ions col­lec­tion dif­fer not only in the shape of the lock, but also in style. This is a col­lec­tion of a flat shape, respec­tive­ly, and the cas­tle is flat. Under such a bracelet, a series has been released in the col­lec­tion that will fit under such a bracelet

Charms and pendants

Charms and pen­dants from Pan­do­ra — a huge num­ber of pos­si­bil­i­ties! You can choose a charm or pen­dant for any style and hol­i­day, and most impor­tant­ly a bracelet. Con­tin­u­ing the theme of flow­ers and love for March 8, we have pre­pared for you a selec­tion of the newest charms and pen­dants.

Jew­el­ry from the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion in the shape of a rose. This is the per­fect solu­tion for a gift for March 8th. The charm is set with red cubic zir­co­nia stones, which gives the flower a red hue. You can give your beloved not only a bou­quet of flow­ers, but also a rose for a long mem­o­ry.

Pen­dant “Native heart near
Del­i­cate dec­o­ra­tion for a Pan­do­ra bracelet with a hint that you are crazy about your oth­er half. Why not talk about it again on March 8? The dec­o­ra­tion is made in the form of a cir­cle, in the mid­dle of which a heart with the inscrip­tion “For­ev­er and always” rotates.

charm“Bright Pan­do­ra String
Charm clip with Pan­do­ra logo and cubic zir­co­nia stones is a god­send for those who love this brand and every­thing con­nect­ed with it. A bright and func­tion­al gift if the girl already has a bracelet. Neu­tral col­or will com­ple­ment any charms.

Jew­el­ry for those who love the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion and gold jew­el­ry. Styl­ish and orig­i­nal charm, suit­able for a themed gift. The prod­uct is dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stones.

In addi­tion to flow­ers, words of love and grat­i­tude, you can pur­chase charms and pen­dants by March 8th for hob­bies, col­ors and likes. For exam­ple, for lovers of orig­i­nal­i­ty and retro, a pen­dant in the form of an old cas­sette “Ode to Our Love” would be appro­pri­ate. A girl who believes in the pow­er of tal­is­mans will suit the “Horse­shoe for good luck” pen­dant. For those who love bright col­ors, the brand new green, red and azure cabo­chon charms are per­fect. Among the bright pen­dants, col­ored disks in red and green will look win-win. The col­ors in all these jew­el­ry are giv­en by cubic zir­co­nia stones.


A gift ring is always appro­pri­ate and beau­ti­ful. Any woman loves to wear jew­el­ry, and rings in par­tic­u­lar. If you need some­thing bright and unusu­al, then the Pan­do­ra Rose col­lec­tion will help you choose a ring by col­or. This year, Pan­do­ra has released a series of Pur­ple Stone, Blue Stone, Blue Stone and Pink Stone soli­taires, per­fect for bright women!

Undoubt­ed­ly, the Blue Tiara ring can become a spe­cial dec­o­ra­tion for any fin­ger. An orig­i­nal dec­o­ra­tion in the form of a small tiara, which looks per­fect on the pha­lanx. The cen­ter­piece of this ring is a large blue cubic zir­co­nia stone.

For those girls who do not like pre­ten­tious­ness and bright col­ors, but pre­fer some­thing sim­ple and not strik­ing — the ring “With a stripe logo”. Lacon­ic sil­ver ring. Noth­ing super­flu­ous, just an engrav­ing of your favorite brand.

Ring lovers will rejoice with the Frozen Flower ring. This dec­o­ra­tion is for the styl­ish and chic. The ring-ring is made in the form of a large stone flower, the mid­dle of which is a trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stone. The flower petals here are also dec­o­rat­ed with small zir­co­ni­um stones.


Today, con­cise­ness and min­i­mal­ism are in fash­ion. Hoop ear­rings are a great option for your loved one. This is a clas­sic that is dif­fi­cult to spoil or mis­match. They are always up to date and look beau­ti­ful. You can buy them in bulk. There is anoth­er kind of rings in the Pan­do­ra Shine col­lec­tion — “Exot­ic Rings”. They are 18 carat gold plat­ed.

A spe­cial place has been occu­pied by stud ear­rings for sev­er­al sea­sons. Pan­do­ra has tak­en their clas­sic style to the next lev­el with flo­ral jew­el­ry (“Sparkling Snowflake”, “Daisies Trio”, “Daisies”), themed ear­rings (“Cin­derel­la Car­riage”, “Heart and Shell”, “Autumn Petal”) and vibrant col­or­ful ( “Rain­bow of Love”, “Heav­en­ly Per­fec­tion”).

Summing up

You can end­less­ly choose jew­el­ry for your beloved women on March 8, but what’s the point if you don’t nav­i­gate the choice? We have col­lect­ed all the lat­est offers from Pan­do­ra, which can be the per­fect gift. You can choose a ring and ear­rings or cre­ate a unique bracelet that only one girl will have, tell a charm about love or give a pen­dant as a keep­sake. In fact, it doesn’t mat­ter, the main thing is that this gift speaks of how dear the recip­i­ent is to you! Pan­do­ra made sure that the gift could be cho­sen for every taste! The main thing is to choose with your heart and remem­ber that women love atten­tion even more than the most expen­sive gifts!

❓ What to give for March 8th from Pan­do­ra?

Pan­do­ra is your oppor­tu­ni­ty not to rack your brains over a gift. On our site you can pick up bracelets, charms, pen­dants, ear­rings, rings and oth­er jew­el­ry! It is enough just to know what your lady loves and just place an order!

? How to choose a gift for March 8th from Pan­do­ra?

How dif­fi­cult it is to please women, but we can help you with this! The online store has a huge num­ber of prod­ucts that will help you sur­prise any­one! Bracelets, charms, pen­dants and more. You can pick up a whole set or buy one piece. If nec­es­sary, our con­sul­tants will help you decide and place an order!

? How much is a Pan­do­ra charm for March 8th?

The cost of Pan­do­ra prod­ucts by March 8th can be sig­nif­i­cant­ly cheap­er. Frago­la reg­u­lar­ly hosts pro­mo­tions for the hol­i­days! You can buy jew­el­ry at an afford­able price or get a good dis­count on your next pur­chase!

? How to place an order for March 8th?

To place an order on the Frago­la web­site, you just need to select a prod­uct, add it to your cart and pro­ceed to check­out. When plac­ing an order, spec­i­fy all the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion, pay for the goods and wait for ship­ment. In case of any ques­tions, we have a sup­port ser­vice.


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