Global How to wear Pandora bracelets > read on

How to wear Pandora bracelets > read on


Every girl wants to look stun­ning and makes every effort for this. We care­ful­ly think over our out­fit, make-up, select shoes. We approach the choice of acces­sories no less respon­si­bly — after all, they are an inte­gral, if not the main part of our image. The choice of jew­el­ry should be approached care­ful­ly and remem­ber the main rule — do not over­do it. Well, today let’s talk about how to prop­er­ly wear a Pan­do­ra bracelet and how to cor­rect­ly fit it into your style.

Pandora how to wear, is there an age limit

When choos­ing a bracelet, I always help to deter­mine the opti­mal size, not only accord­ing to the size of the wrist, but also accord­ing to your pref­er­ences, I advise you to take a larg­er or small­er size. You can read more about this here.

Pandora how to wear, is there an age limit

The range of bracelets is so diverse that it is easy to pick up a piece of jew­el­ry for both a young girl and a mature woman. Of course, the younger gen­er­a­tion is more prone to bold exper­i­ments, so most of the prod­ucts are aimed specif­i­cal­ly at this audi­ence. But a lot of jew­el­ry is out of age — they look har­mo­nious­ly on both young teenagers and respectable ladies.

But if we are talk­ing specif­i­cal­ly about bracelets, then I would clas­si­fy bright leather prod­ucts as more youth­ful (although on a sum­mer day these bracelets look great on ladies of any age).

Def­i­nite­ly, all fab­ric and tex­tile bracelets are a more youth­ful option.

pandora textile bracelets how to wear

There is even a spe­cial teenage prod­uct line called PANDORA ME — I would advise you to choose it for very young girls.

pandora me what age is it for

One of my favorite Pan­do­ra lines — PANDORA ESSENCE — very beau­ti­ful unusu­al bracelets and charms for smart, mature and self-suf­fi­cient women. In this col­lec­tion you will not find charms depict­ing cats, flow­ers and cars — there is a deep­er mean­ing.

pandora essence for what age
How to wear Pandora — on which hand

I will imme­di­ate­ly answer the ques­tion that there is no dif­fer­ence on which hand to wear a Pan­do­ra bracelet, you choose the option that is con­ve­nient for you. The only thing I want to clar­i­fy is rigid bracelets — ban­gles are not very com­fort­able on the right hand (if you write to her) pre­cise­ly because of their rigid shape. Many wear not one, but two Pan­do­ra bracelets on one arm — also a beau­ti­ful option.

How to wear a pandora bracelet

You can absolute­ly safe­ly com­bine the bracelet with oth­er jew­el­ry and brands. There are many dif­fer­ent brands of type­set­ting jew­el­ry. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all of them are rep­re­sent­ed in Ukraine. Many replen­ish their col­lec­tions while on vaca­tion abroad. Some of these pieces of jew­el­ry are paired with Pan­do­ra and you can eas­i­ly com­bine them even on the same bracelet. Well, no one for­bade wear­ing sev­er­al bracelets from dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers in par­al­lel.

How to wear Pandora with a watch

Very often I see how they wear a Pan­do­ra bracelet and a watch on one hand. Is it pos­si­ble to com­bine them like this? Why not! If the bracelet is not too heavy and does not inter­fere with you. The main thing is to make sure that he does not hit the clock and does not scratch them.

How to wear Pandora with a watch

A leather bracelet with weav­ing and a watch strap to match it also looks beau­ti­ful — I myself real­ly like this com­bi­na­tion for the sum­mer.

If we are talk­ing about a sil­ver or gold bracelet, then it is bet­ter to choose the mate­r­i­al to match the col­or of the dial. That is, we com­bine a sil­ver bracelet with a met­al light dial, and a gold-plat­ed bracelet with a sim­i­lar col­or, that’s the prin­ci­ple.

How to wear a Pandora bracelet with clothes

If you allow finances, you can col­lect a large and var­ied col­lec­tion of bracelets made of sil­ver, gold, rose gold or leather. You can buy a lot of charms in dif­fer­ent shades, a lot of bright mura­no and enam­el charms. Hav­ing such an assort­ment, you can eas­i­ly com­pose a bracelet for a spe­cif­ic out­fit, whether it is an ele­gant dress for a lady, a suit with a blouse or jeans with a T‑shirt. Pan­do­ra bracelet can be com­bined with any part of your wardrobe.

How to wear Pandora - on which hand

But in our real­i­ties, we often have 1–2 bracelets, and of course any girl would like it to fit any clothes and style. In this case, I rec­om­mend buy­ing a bracelet in a neu­tral col­or (sil­ver), and you can already buy com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent charms on it. Just a few col­ored charms or mura­no will make the right accent on your bracelet, and the result will sure­ly please you. Also, when choos­ing an out­fit, con­sid­er the length of the sleeve — it is desir­able that it does not cov­er the bracelet.

The combination of silver and gold on one bracelet — is it possible or not?

Even 10 years ago, wear­ing jew­el­ry made of dif­fer­ent met­als at the same time was con­sid­ered bad man­ners. It was not cus­tom­ary to com­bine gold and sil­ver, warm and cold shades in one image. And today it has become almost a trend. Look how many jew­el­ry are pro­duced in a com­bi­na­tion of dif­fer­ent shades!

The combination of silver and gold on one pandora bracelet

But the main thing here is not to over­do it: break­ing this rule does not mean that you need to wear sil­ver ear­rings in your ears, a gold chain around your neck, and a rose gold bracelet on your hand. No, every­thing should look har­mo­nious. Pick a base col­or for your­self and only slight­ly com­ple­ment it with anoth­er. If it is sil­ver — but you can put a pair of gold charms on the bracelet, which will only empha­size the unusu­al look.

Number of pandora bracelets

How many bracelets can be worn at the same time? There is no clear rule here — it all depends on your pref­er­ences. Some­one likes to wear one bracelet, some­one two, but some pre­fer to wear a lot at once. My only advice is that if you decide to wear sev­er­al bracelets at once, then do not add oth­er acces­sories, do not over­load your image. Let these bracelets become the main accent in your bow.

How to wear a Pandora bracelet with clothes
Can you wear a Pandora bracelet without charms?

This is one of the fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions. Many peo­ple like Pan­do­ra bracelets as an inde­pen­dent dec­o­ra­tion. Believe me, such min­i­mal­ism is only a mat­ter of your taste. The bracelet looks quite self-suf­fi­cient and gen­er­al­ly with­out beads and with a small num­ber of them. Also in the assort­ment of the com­pa­ny there are many mod­els that do not include wear­ing charms at all. There are also no clear guide­lines on how to prop­er­ly wear charms. Do not for­get the main mes­sage of the brand — you cre­ate your own sto­ry and only you can decide what charms will be on your bracelet, because it is a reflec­tion of your inner world, your soul.

How to wear a miniature Pandora element: a chain or a bracelet

Pan­do­ra released sev­er­al medal­lions a cou­ple of years ago. They come in dif­fer­ent sizes and are designed for both chain and bracelet. These medal­lions can be opened and you can put var­i­ous minia­ture ele­ments of dif­fer­ent designs in them. There are no rules for com­pil­ing such minia­ture ele­ments either — you select them accord­ing to your own taste. Just pay atten­tion to the max­i­mum occu­pan­cy of the medal­lion. Depend­ing on its type and size, you can place from 1 to 5 minia­ture Pan­do­ra ele­ments inside.

Pandora miniature element how to wear

I hope that all the sim­ple tips and ideas that I wrote above will help you and help you achieve the desired result and your image in com­bi­na­tion with Pan­do­ra will always be styl­ish and ele­gant, and your mood will always be on top.


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