Global 10 most expensive rings in the world

10 most expensive rings in the world


Among celebri­ties, celebri­ties and mul­ti­mil­lion­aires, the strug­gle for the first place in the rank­ing of expen­sive jew­el­ry own­er­ship has been going on for more than a year. What are the most expen­sive design­er rings in the world and who owns them, we will tell in this arti­cle.

What determines the value of the ring?

From the ratio in which noble met­al and pre­cious stone are com­bined with the tal­ent and imag­i­na­tion of the best jew­el­ers.

If we add its his­tor­i­cal and sen­ti­men­tal sig­nif­i­cance to the mate­r­i­al val­ue of a piece of jew­el­ry, then the title of the most expen­sive ring in the world should belong to Princess Diana’s ring. This unique sap­phire sur­round­ed by 14 dia­monds has already become the cul­mi­na­tion of the great love of many. It was made in Lon­don’s old­est jew­el­ry work­shop Grown Jew­el­er Garrard&Co. This ring orig­i­nal­ly cost £65,000. Now its price has risen to 300 thou­sand pounds and con­tin­ues to increase every year.

On Novem­ber 16, 2010, Prince William pro­posed to Kate Mid­dle­ton with a ring sim­i­lar to the one Prince Charles gave 30 years ear­li­er to William’s moth­er, Princess Diana.

The most expensive women’s rings in the world

  • Blue Dia­mond ring

This 0.5 carat light blue dia­mond aver­ages $26,280. Deep blue and bright blue dia­monds cost much more, around $75,000 for a 0.25 carat dia­mond ring. Depend­ing on the col­or inten­si­ty and carat weight, blue dia­mond rings are priced between $100,000 and $200,000.

  • Ring The Vivid Pink

A hot pink dia­mond ring from Fine Jew­els UK, Anti­nori Fine Jew­els and Emilio starts at $708 and goes up to $2 mil­lion. On aver­age, these items sell for $8,000.

  • Ring The Bul­gari Blue

Break­ing con­ven­tion with its bold two-stone com­po­si­tion, con­sist­ing of one 10.95 carat Fan­cy Vivid tri­an­gu­lar bright blue dia­mond and anoth­er 9.85 carat clear tri­an­gu­lar dia­mond, the jew­el is val­ued at $15.7 mil­lion. Accord­ing to auc­tion house Christies in New York and the US Gemo­log­i­cal Insti­tute, this is the largest bright blue tri­an­gu­lar dia­mond. This Bul­gari ring is val­ued at over $15 mil­lion. It was first sold in 1972 for $1 mil­lion at an auc­tion in Rome.

  • Chopard Blue Dia­mond Ring

A blue oval dia­mond set sur­round­ed by minia­ture white dia­monds is set on an 18K white gold ring. It costs $16.26 mil­lion.

  • Ring The Vivid Yel­low

Rings with fan­cy yel­low dia­monds weigh­ing 4.38 carats are more expen­sive than white ones, but cheap­er than oth­er col­ored ones. On aver­age, their cost is 20 thou­sand dol­lars.

  • Per­fect Pink Dia­mond Ring

Leibish&Co’s vibrant 0.71-carat Radi­ant Shape pur­plish pink dia­mond ranges from $10,000 for a less intense pink dia­mond to $700,000.

  • The Win­ston Blue Dia­mond Ring

The price of a 13.22-carat dia­mond is almost $1.8 mil­lion per carat, a world record for a blue dia­mond. Har­ry Win­ston pur­chased the world’s largest known flaw­less bright blue dia­mond for near­ly $23.8 mil­lion at Christie’s Gene­va Mag­nif­i­cent Jew­els auc­tion.

  • The Graff Pink Dia­mond Ring

The Pink Graff is clas­si­fied as a Type II col­ored dia­mond and has a per­fect rat­ing, giv­ing it a price tag of around $1.85 mil­lion per carat. In Novem­ber 2010, the ring sold for a stag­ger­ing $46 mil­lion.

  • Pink Star Dia­mond Ring

A soft plum-col­ored dia­mond weigh­ing 59.60 carats and worth $83.2 mil­lion is one of the most sought-after dia­monds in the world.

  • Wit­tels­bach-Graff Dia­mond ring

The orig­i­nal Wit­tels­bach dia­mond is a 35.56 carat (7.112 g) grey­ish blue stone with a VS2 clar­i­ty. It was part of both the Aus­tri­an and Bavar­i­an crown jew­els. In June 2011, the Wit­tels­bach dia­mond ring was sold for $80 mil­lion to the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Chal­i­fa.

Who owns the most expensive gold and diamond rings in the world?

Until recent­ly, actress Eliz­a­beth Tay­lor was the own­er of the ring of record val­ue. The actress got mar­ried 8 times and each time she was giv­en a dia­mond ring for her engage­ment. She received a 33-carat dia­mond worth $9 mil­lion from Richard Bur­ton. Although Liz was twice mar­ried to Richard, both mar­riages end­ed in divorce.

In 2017, this record was bro­ken by the Russ­ian oli­garch Alex­ei Shapo­val­ov. The busi­ness­man gave his fiancee, Kse­nia Tsar­it­sy­na, who won the title of the most beau­ti­ful woman in Rus­sia, a 70-carat dia­mond ring worth $37 mil­lion.

Mari­ah Carey is the own­er of the most expen­sive engage­ment ring among the stars of show busi­ness. This 35-carat dia­mond jew­el­ry, pre­sent­ed to the singer by mul­ti­mil­lion­aire James Park­er, is worth about $ 10 mil­lion. Despite the man’s big ges­ture, the rela­tion­ship did not con­tin­ue, and the wed­ding did not take place. In this love sto­ry, the well-known say­ing was con­firmed: “dia­monds do not bring hap­pi­ness.”

The 24-carat dia­mond ring of the heiress of the Hilton Paris hotel empire is val­ued at $5 mil­lion. But four months after the pub­lic engage­ment, the wed­ding was called off. In 2018, Paris got engaged again to Chris Zyl­ka, wear­ing a $2 mil­lion ring with a 20-carat dia­mond on her fin­ger. How­ev­er, the groom did not guar­an­tee true love to the bride, they soon part­ed.

The own­er of the most expen­sive cus­tom-made engage­ment ring with a $4 mil­lion 8.5 carat dia­mond is Jen­nifer Lopez. But the mar­riage union with Marc Antho­ny broke up after 10 years. The sec­ond ring worth 3 mil­lion euros, the singer got from Alex Rodriguez. But this rela­tion­ship did not stand the test of time — the cou­ple broke up in 2021.

A 10-carat dia­mond ring sur­round­ed by 28 small­er dia­monds worth $2 mil­lion was giv­en to actress Cather­ine Zeta-Jones by Michael Dou­glas. The cou­ple got mar­ried in 2000 and are still togeth­er.

Fash­ion mod­el Kate Upton said YES in 2016. The mod­el was cho­sen by Justin Ver­lan­der, who pre­sent­ed her with an 8‑carat dia­mond worth $1.5 mil­lion.

For­mer US First Lady Mela­nia Trump wears a $2 mil­lion 15 carat dia­mond ring.

Blake Live­ly and Ryan Reynolds are con­sid­ered one of the most beau­ti­ful and cool cou­ples in Hol­ly­wood. Ryan gave Blake a 7‑carat pink dia­mond ring worth $2.5 mil­lion.

Kanye West gave Kim Kar­dashi­an a 15-carat dia­mond ring worth $4 mil­lion. In 2016, the ring was stolen from a hotel. The celebri­ty said in an inter­view that she miss­es him very much.

Rap­per Jay Z gave singer Bey­on­cé a $1.4 bil­lion 24-carat dia­mond ring. She trea­sures the gift so much that she keeps the orig­i­nal in a safe deposit box and wears a dupli­cate for just $5,000.

To make an unfor­get­table impres­sion, to impress with its ele­gance and exquis­ite taste, it is not nec­es­sary to be the one who owns the most expen­sive gold ring with dia­monds in the world. The cat­a­log of the Sil­vers online store presents a large assort­ment of rings with var­i­ous pre­cious stones. They look expen­sive and noble, despite the fact that they are much cheap­er. Order deliv­ery through­out Ukraine — and see for your­self that these prod­ucts look even more beau­ti­ful than in the pho­to on the web­site.


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