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PANDORA Winter, PANDORA Winter Collection 2021–2022


Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2021 Col­lec­tion inspired by the star­ry sky and con­sists of dec­o­ra­tions with beau­ti­ful star motifs. Vin­tage designs and hol­i­day charms are also in the col­lec­tion, along with new adorable Dis­ney jew­el­ry! Plus some super cool ruthe­ni­um-plat­ed jew­el­ry from the Man­dalo­ri­an Star Wars col­lec­tion.

Win­ter col­lec­tion Pan­do­ra 2021 will be released world­wide on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 28, 2021.



Pandora Moments Shining Asymmetric Star Bracelet (599639C01)

Give your look a celes­tial glow with the Pan­do­ra Moments Asym­met­ric Star Chain Bracelet. The hand-craft­ed ster­ling sil­ver star-shaped clasp of the bracelet is cov­ered on both sides with sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia pavé. Wear it alone for a sim­ple, under­stat­ed look, or lay­er it with oth­ers. The sparkling clasp means it will look stun­ning alone or with pen­dants.


Bracelet sparkling disk Pandora Moments (590038C01)

Sparkling and ele­gant, the bracelet fea­tures a large sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia in the cen­ter sur­round­ed by a dou­ble halo of tiny stones. The back of the clasp is engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo and embell­ished with a sol­id stone. Dec­o­rate the bracelet with charms or wear it alone for a chic look.


Pandora Moments Starry Galaxy Bangle Bracelet (590009C01)

Stars on top of stars adorn the Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet! On a smooth spher­i­cal clasp, tiny cubic zir­co­nias are insert­ed into cir­cles and stars. A com­bi­na­tion of small and large stars is embossed on the out­side of the sil­ver bracelet.



Chain bracelet shining blue stone (590039C01)

A clas­sic win­ter sea­son ten­nis bracelet fea­tur­ing a large blue princess-cut crys­tal framed in clear cubic zirko­nia in the cen­ter. The lob­ster clasp allows you to adjust the length of the bracelet. Wear it on its own or pair it with oth­er sparkling Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry for a time­less, clas­sic look.


Heart shining chain bracelet (590041C01)

The ten­nis bracelet is per­fect for a par­ty out­fit! This ster­ling sil­ver ten­nis bracelet fea­tures a large heart-shaped stone in the cen­ter, craft­ed from sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia. The bracelet is eas­i­ly adjustable in length with a lob­ster clasp.


Heart-shaped bracelet with T‑clasp (589285C00)

The pret­ty Pan­do­ra Moments chain bracelet with snake T clasp is now avail­able in a unique rose gold plat­ed fin­ish. Insert the T‑bar at one end of the bracelet into the heart-shaped disc at the oth­er end to close the bracelet secure­ly. One side of the heart-shaped clasp is engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo.


Chain bracelet radiance of the heart Rose (580041C01)

Take your stack of ten­nis bracelets to the next lev­el with a new ten­nis bracelet made from a unique rose gold plat­ed alloy of met­als. The arti­fi­cial pink orchid crys­tals look amaz­ing against the beau­ti­ful blush of rose gold. A large heart-shaped crys­tal adorns the cen­ter of the bracelet. It can be adjust­ed in length with a lob­ster clasp. Wear the bracelet alone or pair it with oth­er Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry for a sparkle that shines from afar.


Chain bracelet green glow Rose (580044C01)

Add a fes­tive touch to your out­fits this win­ter sea­son with an ele­gant ten­nis bracelet set with stun­ning emer­ald green stones. The lob­ster clasp allows you to eas­i­ly adjust the length of the bracelet. Wear it on its own or pair it with oth­er shim­mery Pan­do­ra pieces for an incred­i­ble look.



Murano Charm Starry Galaxy (790015C00)

This strik­ing Mura­no glass charm cap­tures the beau­ty of the night sky. Hand­craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver, this galaxy-inspired pen­dant is set with bril­liant blue Mura­no glass sur­round­ed by asym­met­ri­cal sil­ver stars of vary­ing sizes. Wear this charm to stay in touch with the pow­er of the stars and plan­ets of the galaxy wher­ev­er you are, or gift this charm to some­one sig­nif­i­cant to show you care.


Charm Shining asymmetric star (790016C01)

A shin­ing asym­met­ri­cal star will add roman­tic starlight to the over­all look. This star-themed piece fea­tures an asym­met­ri­cal design in pol­ished 925 ster­ling sil­ver. Numer­ous rows of col­or­less pavé cubic zir­co­nia show exquis­ite hand­work, and the cen­ter is adorned with a star pat­tern. This har­mo­nious asym­met­ri­cal design is inspired by the end­less star­ry sky and inter­prets the aes­thet­ic con­cept of per­fec­tion.


Christ­mas Tree Charm (790018C01)

Get into the hol­i­day spir­it with a col­or­ful Christ­mas tree charm adorned with red and green cubic zir­co­nia stones and microbeads. At the top is a raised sil­ver star, and the mes­sage “The MAGIC of Christ­mas” is engraved on the back of the pen­dant.



Pendant Snow globe angel (790027C01)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Shake up your style with the snow globe angel pen­dant! A grace­ful snow angel with a heart-shaped body and wings radi­ates love from with­in a beau­ti­ful clear glass Mura­no glass ball filled with sparkles. The base of the globe has a vin­tage look with stars and swirls. Small sil­ver stars scat­ter around the edge of the globe and alter­nate with sparkling stones at the base. The low­er part of the pen­dant is engraved with the inscrip­tion “Peace Love Joy” — Peace, love, joy, and the year “2021” is engraved on the bale.



Charm Journey to the Galaxy (790028C01)

Cap­ture the serene beau­ty of space with the Galaxy Jour­ney charm. One side of the charm fea­tures a pear-shaped icy blue stone space­ship, a sparkling plan­et cov­ered in col­or­ful hand­made enam­el, and a star. Carved cres­cents, stars and sparkling stones in stars adorn the sides of the charm. Add the heav­en­ly beau­ty of the galaxy to any look!


Pendant Astronaut in the Galaxy (790030C01)

Do you want to go on a fan­tas­tic jour­ney through the galaxy? This 925 ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant is embell­ished with beads and col­or­less cubic zir­co­nia that adorn the suit and oxy­gen tank. Blue enam­el adds bright­ness to the visor of the hel­met. The cos­mo­naut’s hand is engraved with a heart encrust­ed with arti­fi­cial pre­cious stones, and in his hand a daz­zling star with a col­or­less cubic zir­co­nia is held high. This beau­ti­ful star theme charm always reminds us that our hearts are up to the sky and our feet are on the ground.


Northern Embrace Charm (790032C01)

The charm­ing charm of hug­ging polar bears will touch you to the core! In hon­or of uncon­di­tion­al love, the pol­ished sil­ver charm depicts a bear ten­der­ly hug­ging her lit­tle cub. Their noses are hand-paint­ed in high-gloss black enam­el, while oxi­da­tion brings out the details of their eyes and the pads of their feet.



Charm faith in miracles (790033C01)

This ster­ling sil­ver charm fea­tures San­ta Claus in a sleigh as he flies through a shim­mer­ing blue enam­el sky. Moth­er-of-pearl white enam­el is applied to the full moon, and a com­bi­na­tion of raised and carved stars illu­mi­nates the sky. Both sides of the pen­dant are adorned with a bead­ed frame, and “Do you BELIEVE in Mag­ic” is engraved along the edge.



Radiance separator (790046C01)

Add sparkle to your bracelet with a glit­tery ster­ling sil­ver divider. Embell­ished with beau­ti­ful clear cubic zirko­nia and lin­ear grooves on both sides. Inside there is a sil­i­cone tab that allows you to attach it any­where on the bracelet.


Pendant Gingerbread Man (799637C01)

Have some fun this hol­i­day sea­son with the mis­chie­vous Gin­ger­bread Man. The brown enam­el gin­ger­bread man is dec­o­rat­ed with col­or­ful red, pink and green enam­el icing and holds a red and white striped can­dy in his hands. A cute bow and but­tons and sil­ver icing on the wrists, legs and head bring the lit­tle gin­ger­bread man to life. Bril­liant red and emer­ald green stones are set in a star shape on the pen­dan­t’s mas­sive base, and the mes­sage “Life is Sweet” is engraved on the back of the pen­dant. — sweet­ness of life


Pendant Guiding Star (799640C01)

Car­ry a shin­ing exam­ple of who you are with this Guid­ing Star pen­dant. This charm is del­i­cate­ly set with a clear cubic zir­co­nia stone cut like a mag­ni­fy­ing glass to illu­mi­nate the stars that cov­er the back disc. Hand­craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver, the pen­dant fea­tures sparkling stones and asym­met­ri­cal carved stars. Wear it as part of your style sto­ry and a reminder to aim high and dream big.


Charm Moon and Stars (799643C01)

Add a celes­tial glow to any look with the Luna and Zyez­da charm. Hand­craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver, the charm has been metic­u­lous­ly hand-craft­ed with rows of cubic zir­co­nias and carved stars and cir­cles. Microbeads adorn the edges, while asym­met­ri­cal stars with stones and microbeads dan­gle from the sides. The cos­mic charm is engraved with “Dream big” to remind you to always reach high­er for the stars.



Pendant Night Magic (799645C01)

Add some night mag­ic to your day­time look with this pen­dant. The earth­ly beau­ty of the fam­i­ly tree takes on a new celes­tial form in this expres­sive charm, with a com­bi­na­tion of carved and star-shaped leaves adorn­ing the front disc and stars and plan­ets depict­ing the galaxy in the rear disc. Keep the won­der­ful secret of the earth and the night sky close to you.


Pendant Mother of God (799646C01)

This ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant fea­tures the Vir­gin of Guadalupe with fold­ed arms, stand­ing serene­ly on a cres­cent moon car­ried by an angel. Hand-applied black enam­el adds dra­ma, while the cloak is embell­ished with sparkling star-shaped stones and small microbeads along the hem. The base is adorned with a star on the front and hearts engraved on the sides.


American heart pendant (799649C01)

On one disc is carved a heart with a yel­low enam­el rib­bon — a sym­bol of the “Sup­port Our Troops” move­ment. The sec­ond heart-shaped disc fea­tures the Amer­i­can flag, dec­o­rat­ed with hand-applied red, white and blue enam­el and embossed micro stars. This pos­i­tive­ly patri­ot­ic amulet will add col­or to your image..


Clip Star Galaxy (790010C01)

Add star­ry beau­ty to any look with the Galaxy Star Clip. Hand­craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver, this sky-inspired charm fea­tures rows of clear cubic zir­co­nia and engraved carved stars. Stones and stars are con­nect­ed by shim­mer­ing, hand-applied, sil­ver-white enam­el strips. There is no sil­i­cone tab in the clip, so it can be worn on thick­en­ings (two con­vex par­ti­tions). Add this charm to your look as a reminder to always reach for the stars..



Security Chain Star Galaxy (790011C01)

Keep your charms and pen­dants safe with Star Galaxy Safe­ty Chain. A ster­ling sil­ver chain charm attach­es to each end of your bracelet for added peace of mind. The clasps are adorned with engraved stars and sparkling cir­cle and star shaped cubic zir­co­nia stones, which are con­nect­ed by hand-applied shim­mer­ing sil­ver-white enam­el bands. Com­bine style and safe­ty in one heav­en-inspired piece.789650C01-Pandora-Heart-Winged-Angel-Dangle-Charm-768x444.jpg

Rose Angel and Shining Star Pendant (789650C01)

The pen­dant is hand­craft­ed from a unique rose gold plat­ed met­al alloy, fea­tur­ing a detailed 3D angel clad in a robe. His lit­tle heart-shaped wings are fold­ed and he holds a sparkling cubic zir­co­nia star.


Charm shining three-tier heart Rose(789218C01)

Two large pink heart-shaped stones shine on both sides of the charm. Tiny pink cubic zirko­nia form a frame around the hearts, and carved hearts adorn the side of the charm. This incred­i­ble rose gold charm with a unique met­al alloy makes a roman­tic gift for your loved one.


Separator radiance Rose (780046C01)

The beau­ti­ful clip is also avail­able in a unique rose gold plat­ed met­al blend. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones reflect light for a glam­orous look. Thanks to sil­i­cone clips, the clip can be attached to the bracelet any­where.


Pendant Santa on the Moon (769648C01)

This dou­ble pen­dant depicts San­ta sit­ting on a cres­cent moon in front of a sparkling night sky adorned with blue stones and raised sil­ver stars. A gold-plat­ed star hangs from the top of the moon, radi­at­ing a mag­i­cal glow. Carved stars and cir­cles min­gle with embossed stars on the far side of the moon. Glit­ter­ing stones are also placed in the form of stars on a sil­ver base, which is engraved with the words “Mer­ry Christ­mas every­one”.



Disney Eternal Rose Ring (190017C01)

Embark on a mag­i­cal world with this enchant­i­ng ring. Inspired by the enchant­ed rose from the Walt Dis­ney movie, the sil­ver ring fea­tures a rose set with crim­son cubic zir­co­nia stones, sur­round­ed by open­work leaves and curved branch­es. The per­fect way to cel­e­brate the imper­fect yet mag­i­cal love between Dis­ney Belle and the Beast.


Disney Princess Belle Pendant (790014C01)

Tell a tale as old as time with this stun­ning pen­dant from Dis­ney’s Beau­ty and the Beast. Belle’s sig­na­ture yel­low stones adorn her dress, which swirls as she waltzes with the Beast. Belle holds one rose in her hand, and a sec­ond rose adorned with clear cubic zir­co­nia is locat­ed on the front of the pen­dan­t’s base.


Pendant eternal rose in a flask Disney (790024C01)

Make a mag­i­cal con­fes­sion with this charm­ing pen­dant! Inside a trans­par­ent blue Mura­no glass flask ris­es a rose with red and green enam­el details. A line of hearts adorns the base of the flask, and tiny cut-out stars adorn the sides. Charm­ing sil­ver beads and two clear cubic zirko­nia adorn the base of the pen­dant, while the sweet mes­sage “Beau­ti­ful as a Rose” is engraved on the bot­tom of the pen­dant.


Charm Princess Belle and her Disney Friends (790060C00)

Claim the mag­ic of friend­ship with a detailed charm! On one side of the charm, beau­ti­ful Belle is read­ing a book next to Mrs. Potts and Chip. On the oth­er side, Lumiere and Cogsworth are shown stand­ing in front of an enchant­ed cas­tle, wait­ing for the spell to be lift­ed. Embossed rose motifs adorn the edges of the charm along with engraved words “Charm” and “Wait­ing”.


Pendant Dance Beauty and the Beast Disney (799014C01)

Beau­ty and the Beast are final­ly here! This dou­ble disc pen­dant rep­re­sents the ball­room depict­ed on a trans­par­ent yel­low disc in the back­ground. In the fore­ground, Belle and the Beast are danc­ing togeth­er, framed by ros­es adorned with gold col­ored stones. The phrase “Beau­ty lies with­in” is engraved on the back of the pen­dant, while the base of the pen­dant is adorned with beau­ti­ful embossed ros­es.


Disney tea set charm (799015C01)

Inspired by two of my favorite char­ac­ters from the Dis­ney movie Beau­ty and the Beast, this cute sil­ver charm fea­tures the kind Mrs. Potts with adorable lit­tle Chip sway­ing under­neath. The lilac, blue and pink enam­el is hand-applied on the porce­lain pat­tern, while the black enam­el brings out the cute faces of Mrs. Potts and Chip!


Olaf Disney Hugs Love Pendant (799638C01)

Every­one’s favorite snow­man is here! This cool pen­dant con­sists of two discs, the rear disc depicts a snowy land­scape cov­ered in icy blue enam­el. Stand­ing in the fore­ground, Olaf is ready for a hug, sur­round­ed by a frame of snowflakes adorned with clear and blue stones. Bright orange enam­el is hand-applied to Olaf’s car­rot nose, and Olaf’s famous say­ing “I love a warm hug” is engraved on the back of the pen­dant. Sparkling stones are set in a thin base, and beau­ti­ful snowflakes are imprint­ed on its sides and on the back of the pen­dant itself.


Disney Friends Bambi and Thumper Pendant (799647C01)

This adorable pen­dant fea­tures two famous and insep­a­ra­ble best friends beau­ti­ful­ly ren­dered in 3D. Black enam­el details high­light Bam­bi and Thumper’s cute faces, while oxi­diza­tion high­lights a small but­ter­fly. A sparkling disk of snowflakes engraved with “Mer­ry Christ­mas” hangs next to the can­dy. Mul­ti­col­ored stones are set into the stars at the base of the pen­dant for a fes­tive look.


Charm fireworks 2022 Disney (799644C01)

Sparkle like the famous Dis­ney fire­works! Hot pink, white, blue and lilac enam­el details sur­round the sil­hou­ette of Dis­ney’s most famous char­ac­ter, Mick­ey Mouse. One side of the charm is embossed with “2022” with a zero in the shape of Mick­ey. Scat­tered over the charm are the mag­i­cal sym­bols of some of your favorite Dis­ney park mem­o­ries, includ­ing fire­works, hot air bal­loons and Mick­ey Mouse ear hats.


Disney book pendant (790062C01)

One of my favorite things to do at Dis­ney Park is to col­lect auto­graphs from dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters! This is beau­ti­ful­ly illus­trat­ed in the Dis­ney Parks Auto­graph Book. The pages real­ly turn and each one is auto­graphed by icon­ic char­ac­ters, includ­ing Dis­ney’s Plu­to, Goofy, Mick­ey Mouse, Don­ald Duck, Daisy Duck and Min­nie Mouse. The red, black and blue enam­el details are hand-paint­ed on the icon­ic four on the front of the pen­dant, while the logos of Dis­ney Cas­tle and Dis­ney Parks are embossed on the back. Sparkling bril­liant-cut cubic zir­co­nia stones are set at the base of the pen­dant for a glam­orous touch.




Double Black Leather Star Wars Bracelet (540031C00)

Carve your own path with the dou­ble black Pan­do­ra Moments leather bracelet with Star Wars clasp. Inspired by the Star Wars movies, this woven leather dou­ble bracelet fea­tures a ruthe­ni­um-plat­ed bar­rel clasp and the Star Wars logo. Wear alone or cre­ate a look with 14 charms or pen­dants, includ­ing your favorite pen­dants from the Star Wars col­lec­tion.


Charm Mandalorian Helmet Star Wars Ruthenium (740019C01)

Pos­si­bly the most icon­ic hel­met from the movies is now avail­able in this cool gray Pan­do­ra charm! This charm is part of Dean Djar­in’s gaze­bo from the Star Wars series. The Man­dalo­ri­an.” It is hand­craft­ed from a unique met­al alloy with ruthe­ni­um and black enam­el. The hel­met has real­is­tic details, includ­ing a macro binoc­u­lar plaque and embossed lines. The bot­tom of the charm is engraved with the clas­sic “This is the way” line, mak­ing it the per­fect charm for the Man­dalo­ri­an fan.


Charm Baby Yoda Star Wars Ruthenium (749253C01)

The pret­ty Yoda sil­ver charm is now avail­able in a unique met­al blend with a cool ruthe­ni­um fin­ish! Grogu stands in a “mag­ic hand” pose with a small out­stretched hand, and his large eyes are paint­ed in black enam­el. Oth­er details include the sig­na­ture fea­tures of the beloved char­ac­ter, their enlarged head, large ears, small body, and cape. Paired with the Man­dalo­ri­an Hel­met, your bracelet will fea­ture the main char­ac­ters from The Man­dalo­ri­an movie.




Necklace Shining asymmetric star (390020C01)

Cre­ate a star-stud­ded look with the beau­ti­ful, sparkling Pavé star neck­lace. Hand craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver with sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia, this is a sub­tle design, grace­ful shape with unique details. The neck­lace is adorned with an asym­met­ri­cal sparkling star pen­dant with a rotat­ing mini star and a stone in the cen­ter. Inspired by shin­ing stars, this sky-themed neck­lace is per­fect for those who want to add the mag­ic of the night sky to their look.


Necklace geometric radiance (390048C01)

An exquis­ite neck­lace that has stood the test of time is a mod­ern clas­sic. This hand­made sil­ver neck­lace includes a pen­dant con­sist­ing of two trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nias in two dif­fer­ent cuts and sizes: a small round stone and a square stone. This ver­sa­tile mod­el with adjustable chain length will com­plete any out­fit.


Necklace shining blue stone (390055C01)

Add some vin­tage glam­or to your look with this sparkling blue stone pen­dant neck­lace. A large blue cubic zir­co­nia stone is sur­round­ed by clear stones and dan­gles from a dain­ty sil­ver neck­lace. At the end of the exten­sion chain hangs a minia­ture blue crys­tal that allows you to adjust the neck­lace to dif­fer­ent lengths.


Sparkling pavé necklace (390059C01)

Pan­do­ra turns the icon­ic ten­nis bracelet into a neck­lace with a sophis­ti­cat­ed and ele­gant chok­er! The hand­craft­ed ster­ling sil­ver neck­lace is a mix of pavé and pol­ished bands with unusu­al larg­er cubic zir­co­nia crys­tals in between. The neck­lace can be adjust­ed in length.




Ring Shining Star (190026C01)

Inspired by celes­tial beau­ty, this del­i­cate ring fea­tures a smooth sil­ver band with a star-shaped clear cubic zir­co­nia at the cen­ter. The inside is engraved with the word “Dream­er” writ­ten in a star-shaped script on both sides. This daz­zling design looks great worn alone or paired with con­trast­ing Pan­do­ra rings in a range of metal­lic tones.


Ring Asymmetric stars (190029C00)

Add star­ry sparkle to your out­fits with the Asym­met­ri­cal Stars Ring. Inspired by heav­en­ly beau­ty, this ster­ling sil­ver ring fea­tures a band of asym­met­ri­cal open­work stars with del­i­cate mil­grain details. The cap­ti­vat­ing design looks equal­ly beau­ti­ful when worn alone or with oth­er Pan­do­ra rings. A clas­sic and sophis­ti­cat­ed addi­tion to any wom­an’s wardrobe.


Vintage three stone ring (190049C01)

Add sophis­ti­ca­tion to your look with a beau­ti­ful vin­tage ster­ling sil­ver ring. This sparkling ring fea­tures two oval-cut cubic zir­co­nias flanked by a large oval stone in the cen­ter. A pavé halo sur­rounds three large stones, while the thin band and open walls of the bas­ket of stones give the ring an ele­gant look.



Ring Shine of stones (190050C01)

Get a clas­sic look! This ster­ling sil­ver Eter­ni­ty ring fea­tures a band encrust­ed with sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Wear alone or with oth­er rings for a mono­chro­mat­ic look, or use con­trast­ing met­als for an eye-catch­ing com­bi­na­tion.


Ring Radiance of blue stones (190050C02)

The ring is also avail­able in blue. The sil­ver ring is adorned with a row of blue princess crys­tals. Wear the ring alone or pair with the clear ver­sion for a glam­orous ring set.


Ring of Perfection (190052C01)

This glam­orous ring will look sophis­ti­cat­ed in any out­fit. The hand­craft­ed ster­ling sil­ver ring fea­tures a sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia in a scal­loped set­ting that lifts the stone from a thin band engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo on the inside.


Blue stone ring (190056C01)

Gor­geous sparkling ring will dec­o­rate any occa­sion! This strik­ing ring fea­tures a large blue oval crys­tal, beau­ti­ful­ly cut to reflect the light. A pavé halo glis­tens from beneath the stone, and the ring is adorned with sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones in a tra­di­tion­al style.



Ring Shine of stones Rose (180050C01)

Add a clas­sic touch to your look with this exclu­sive rose gold plat­ed met­al alloy ring. The sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia forms a spe­cial piece that will look charm­ing when worn alone or in com­bi­na­tion with oth­er rings.


Ring Sparkling Pink Heart Rose (188421C04)

The ring is also now avail­able in rose gold plat­ing. Clear cubic zir­co­nia cre­ates a halo with a heart-shaped pink raised cen­ter stone that looks very fem­i­nine.


Ring Sparkling Emerald Heart Rose (188421C03)

A beau­ti­ful sparkling sub­lime heart ring is now avail­able in a new col­or! Hand­craft­ed in a unique rose gold metal­lic blend, the piece fea­tures an emer­ald green heart-shaped raised cen­ter stone sur­round­ed by a halo of clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Bright ring in fes­tive col­ors!


Vintage ring with three emerald stones Rose (180057C01)

Full of vin­tage glam­our, this unique rose gold plat­ed met­al ring is hand set with three emer­ald green stones! A large crys­tal in the cen­ter is flanked by a small­er one, and a sparkling halo of clear pavé sur­rounds the three stones.


Triple helix ring with Rose stones (180051C01)

Cre­ate a state­ment-mak­ing look with the Triple Spi­ral Ring, hand­craft­ed in a unique rose gold alloy. This wide ring has the appear­ance of a triple wrapped band, embell­ished with sparkling bril­liant-cut cubic zirko­nia. Two large square shaped stones adorn both ends for extra glam­our.



Stud earrings Shining asymmetric star (290012C01)

Add some sparkle to your look with these sky-inspired stud ear­rings. Hand­made ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings with sparkling cubic zirko­nia are embell­ished with asym­met­ri­cal pavé stars and microbeads. Let them shine on their own or pair them with oth­er Pan­do­ra stud ear­rings for an eclec­tic mod­ern look.


Stud earrings Shining star (290023C01)

Add star­ry sparkle to your look with the Shin­ing Star Stud Ear­rings. Hand­craft­ed in ster­ling sil­ver, these studs fea­ture a star-shaped clear cubic zir­co­nia at the cen­ter and are set in prongs. The design inspired by the celes­tial beau­ty of the galaxy will remind you of the beau­ty of nature.


Geometric glow stud earrings (290036C01)

These clas­sic sparkling round and square ear­rings will bright­en up any look. The hand-fin­ished ster­ling sil­ver studs fea­ture a round cubic zir­co­nia set under a large square stone. The met­al part with square edges is tapered, which allows you to set the ear­rings with any stone up or down.


Earrings-studs shining blue stone (290040C01)

Cre­ate a glam­orous style with sparkling chunky ear­rings. Stun­ning blue oval faux crys­tals framed by sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia stones cre­ate an antique heir­loom feel.




Sparkling Pavé Hoop Earrings (290043C01)

Refined and ele­gant, these dain­ty Pavé Ster­ling Sil­ver Hoop Ear­rings fea­ture sparkling pavé clear cubic zir­co­nia, high­light­ed by five large stones of vary­ing heights. The sparkling pavé runs halfway around the out­side and half around the inside of the ring, giv­ing the front stones full vis­i­bil­i­ty and bril­liance.


Earrings dangling geometric radiance (290045C01)

These clas­sic sparkling round and square ear­rings are embell­ished with square and round cubic zir­co­nia. These hand-fin­ished ster­ling sil­ver ear­rings fea­ture a square stone on top with three dan­gling stones under­neath. Wear them alone or with a match­ing neck­lace for a har­mo­nious and ele­gant look.


Double pavé hoop earrings (290058C01)

Enhance any look with hand­craft­ed ster­ling sil­ver hoop ear­rings. The hoops fea­ture two bands, one with a row of small­er sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia pavés and the oth­er with larg­er ones. Mixed stone sizes and set­tings bring a con­tem­po­rary twist to a clas­sic hoop ear­ring.


The Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2021 Col­lec­tion will be released world­wide on Thurs­day, Octo­ber 28, 2021.

The Pan­do­ra Win­ter Col­lec­tion 2021 is great and I love all the star motifs! My favorite pieces are the sparkling asym­met­ric star bracelet, Mura­no Star Galaxy charm and Angla Snow Globe pen­dant, Nordic Embrace charm The new jew­el­ry from the Beau­ty and the Beast col­lec­tion is so cute, espe­cial­ly the Princess Belle and Friends charm and the Mrs. Potts charm. Also, I love the cool gray Star Wars details, espe­cial­ly the hel­met. I real­ly hope that Pan­do­ra will con­tin­ue to make ruthe­ni­um jew­el­ry.

What are your favorite pieces from the Pan­do­ra Win­ter 2021 col­lec­tion? What will be on your wish list? Share your thoughts with us in the com­ments below…


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