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The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2022 col­lec­tion includes many themes. Adorable new crea­tures are appear­ing in Pan­do­ra’s ocean, and feath­ered friends are join­ing us in the col­or­ful jun­gle! In addi­tion to a fun selec­tion of exclu­sive coun­try-inspired charms, the sum­mer col­lec­tion fea­tures cute Dis­ney and Pan­do­ra char­ac­ters.
In addi­tion, we have a selec­tion of col­or­ful jew­el­ry added to the fun Pan­do­ra ME line­up and more valu­able Pan­do­ra Dis­ney Parks col­lectible pen­dants. All in all, an adorable col­lec­tion!




The Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2022 Col­lec­tion will be released world­wide on Thurs­day, May 26, 2022, both in store and online.


Bracelet Pandora Braided leather bracelet with T‑clasp 591675C01‑C

The braid­ed leather bracelet is giv­en a makeover with a new ster­ling sil­ver T‑clasp! Fea­tur­ing the icon­ic snake chain pat­tern, the T‑bar clasp brings a mod­ern edge to this relaxed bracelet. Sim­ply thread the T‑bar through the small­est cir­cle inside the large ser­pen­tine ring to make sure the bracelet is secure­ly closed. Please note that since leather is a nat­ur­al mate­r­i­al, nat­ur­al wear and tear may occur over time. Wear alone or dec­o­rate with charms or pen­dants for a unique look. Avail­able in three sizes: S1, S2 and S3.


Chain bracelet with freshwater cultured pearls 591689C01

Who does­n’t love pearls? Inspired by the beach, one half of this bracelet fea­tures lumi­nous fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearls strung on a knot­ted blue cord. The oth­er half con­sists of an ele­gant sil­ver chain with a cara­bin­er clasp. A cute detail is the small disc next to the clasp, which is engraved with the Pan­do­ra O crown. Please note that nat­ur­al mate­ri­als such as pearls can wear nat­u­ral­ly. Avail­able in three sizes: 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.



Pendant Pandora Cherries 791583C01

Get fruiti­er and spruce up your look with the new Asym­met­ri­cal Cher­ry Fruit Pen­dant! This fun pen­dant is craft­ed from ster­ling sil­ver and hand paint­ed with translu­cent red and green enam­el. Pan­do­ra has released sev­er­al cher­ry designs over the years, includ­ing the now dis­con­tin­ued Love Red Cher­ries Clip (791093EN39) and Sweet Cher­ries (791900EN73).

Jungle Creatures & Leaves Charm 791620C01

Keep your jun­gle mem­o­ries alive with the new Jun­gle Crea­tures & Leaves charm! This intri­cate open­work pen­dant fea­tures a back­drop of lus­cious palm leaves with hand-enam­elled cute jun­gle crea­tures. Trop­i­cal birds and but­ter­flies in pink, pur­ple and green enam­el hide among the leaves. This charm real­ly reminds me of Walt Dis­ney World’s Enchant­ed Tiki Room and I think it would be per­fect for the Dis­ney Parks bracelet theme.


Pendant Pandora Chameleon 791676C01

This cute col­or-chang­ing chameleon pen­dant is a won­der­ful sym­bol of adapt­abil­i­ty and change. A sweet reminder of life in all its spec­trum of col­ors! Two ele­ments hang from a sil­ver base; curled up chameleon and a sil­ver disc engraved with the inspi­ra­tional mes­sage “You are mag­ic”. The chameleon char­ac­ter is hand-paint­ed with a spe­cial ther­mochromic enam­el that changes col­or depend­ing on tem­per­a­ture changes. The col­or changes from light turquoise to dark blue on the body and dark pur­ple to pink on the stripes.
Although it’s not a Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra pen­dant, it does remind me of Rapun­zel’s friend Pas­cal and would fit per­fect­ly with the theme of the Rapun­zel: Tan­gled bracelet.

Pandora Moments
Tropical starfish and shell clip 791678C01

Com­plete your Pan­do­ra Ocean themed bracelets with the new Trop­i­cal Starfish & Shell clasp! Inspired by the sea, surf and sand, this sil­ver clip depicts trea­sures found on the beach. Beau­ti­ful­ly bead­ed starfish and shells rise above sparkling marine pavé of blue and turquoise crys­tals. This clip has a sil­i­cone grip that holds it in place. It can be hung any­where on your bracelet for a care­free beach vibe, and it will look per­fect on a turquoise Pan­do­ra Moments Seashell Clasp braid­ed leather bracelet.


Jungle Parrot Pendant 791679C01

Spread your wings and fly with the new col­or­ful Jun­gle Par­adise Par­rot pen­dant. An adorable par­rot, hand-paint­ed in rich blue, green and yel­low enam­el, dan­gles from a mas­sive sil­ver brace. My favorite detail is the etched tex­ture of the feath­ers, which can be seen through the translu­cent green enam­el.
Pan­do­ra has pre­vi­ous­ly released oth­er par­rot designs such as the Trop­i­cal Par­rot Dan­gle (791903ENMX).

Strawberry charm with seeds 791681C01

One of the orig­i­nal Pan­do­ra Moments charms was a sil­ver straw­ber­ry that was hon­ored with a spe­cial 20th Anniver­sary Lim­it­ed Edi­tion. Since then, sev­er­al straw­ber­ry designs have appeared, such as the Sweet Straw­ber­ry (791091EN09) and Pavé Straw­ber­ry (791899CZR) charms. The new Seed­ed Straw­ber­ry pen­dant is now hand-fin­ished in translu­cent red enam­el with real­is­tic seed detail cre­at­ed by the grooves under­neath the enam­el. Dec­o­rate it with oth­er fruit dan­gles, such as the new cher­ry dan­gle, for an equal­ly cute look!


USA Independence Day Pendant 791684C01

Cel­e­brate the 4th of July with this hol­i­day charm! Inspired by Unit­ed States Inde­pen­dence Day cel­e­bra­tions, this ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant fea­tures hand-applied enam­el details depict­ing the US flag in red, white and blue. A new way to put up a star-stud­ded ban­ner at the 4th of July cel­e­bra­tion.

Murano glass bubble tea pendant 791685C01

A fun new Mura­no glass pen­dant is a cre­ative way to dis­play your favorite drink or vaca­tion mem­o­ry. This bean tea pen­dant is craft­ed from spe­cial­ly craft­ed Mura­no glass with a real­is­tic milky white to brown gra­di­ent and adorned with soft black tapi­o­ca pearls. Iri­des­cent milk foam, ren­dered in ster­ling sil­ver, is the fin­ish­ing touch to this minia­ture repli­ca of the icon­ic drink.


Pendant Camping Under the Night Sky 791686C01

Keep the mem­o­ries of camp­ing and get­ting back to nature with this dou­ble charm charm. Ahead is a small camp­site with a sim­ple tent and a sparkling orange stone fire. Hang­ing behind is a beau­ti­ful scene with a turquoise enam­el lake and shim­mer­ing blue moun­tains and a night sky embossed with a sil­ver moon and stars. A sparkling star is attached to the shack­le, and the phrase “Sleep­ing Under the Stars” is engraved on the back of the pen­dant.

Charm Ocean waves 791691C01

Inspired by the shim­mer­ing blue ocean waves reflect­ing the sum­mer sun, the Opales­cent Ocean Blue Charm is my favorite piece from the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2022 col­lec­tion. This stun­ning lab-cre­at­ed opal pen­dant shim­mers with blues, pinks, pur­ples and teals, mak­ing it the per­fect addi­tion to your sum­mer look. Each stone is unique, just like you.


Cute Octopus Murano Glass Pendant 791694C01

Explore Pan­do­ra’s ocean and dive into the deep blue sea with this cute Mura­no glass octo­pus pen­dant! Our new under­wa­ter friend hangs from a sparkling base adorned with arti­fi­cial crys­tals in three shades of blue. Large green-blue Mura­no glass forms the body of an octo­pus with a wavy open­work pat­tern on the back. Its eight ten­ta­cles coil under it, adorned with a beau­ti­ful bead­ed tex­ture rep­re­sent­ing suck­ers. Above the two front ten­ta­cles, two sparkling blue crys­tals act like the eyes of an octo­pus.

Charm Fly Away Rainbow Sky & Travel 791695C01

We hope that this year some of us will be able to fly away on the wings of adven­ture and enjoy the hol­i­day, and the new Fly Away Rain­bow Sky & Trav­el charm will be the per­fect sou­venir. This cute open­work pen­dant depict­ing a sky full of fluffy clouds that trav­el is hand-paint­ed with white enam­el. A cheer­ful yel­low enam­el sun and a mul­ti-col­ored rain­bow light up the sky, through which bal­loons and an air­plane fly. Also note that the bal­loons match the col­ors and style of the Blue Trav­el Bal­loon Pen­dant (798064NMB) and the Sparkling Pink Bal­loon Pen­dant (789434C01) — a fun design detail! The sweet mes­sage “FLY AWAY WITH ME” is engraved on one side of the pen­dant.

Pendant Pandora Lemon Slice 791696C01

When life gives you lemons, make lemon­ade or gin and ton­ic! Bright hang­ing sparkling fruit with lemon slices is a fun way to show off your zest for life. Hang­ing from a sil­ver base is a real­is­tic lemon slice full of beau­ti­ful real­is­tic details, includ­ing a tex­tured lemon peel cre­at­ed with translu­cent yel­low-green enam­el over a sil­ver microbead. The front and back of the pen­dant are adorned with shim­mer­ing enam­el details on a lemon cross-sec­tion with four sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones to add sparkle.

Pendant Fish, sea turtle and shell 791697C01

Dive into Pan­do­ra’s ocean and have a snor­kel­ing adven­ture with the new Fish, Sea Tur­tle and Shell Triple Pen­dant. This beau­ti­ful pen­dant charm is made up of three ele­ments; a pol­ished sil­ver shell, a small fish and a cute sea tur­tle. The fish is based on the design of the pre­vi­ous­ly released Blue Scaled Fish pen­dant (799428C01) with hand paint­ed turquoise enam­el details. While the tiny tur­tle is a sim­pli­fied ver­sion of the Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Dan­gle Pen­dant (798939C01) with a gor­geous two-tone blue-green Mura­no glass as a shell. A minia­ture starfish adorns the oval-shaped shack­le, which is engraved with the words “Explore” and “Dream” on both sides.


Charm Pan­do­ra Ocean Bub­bles & Waves Octo­pus Charm 791698C01

Fish are friends, not food! Now you can strike up a new friend­ship with the cute Ocean Bub­bles & Waves Octo­pus pen­dant, fea­tur­ing a unique bub­ble and wave enam­el effect in shades of blue over sil­ver. This friend­ly guy has two smooth blue arti­fi­cial crys­tals for eyes, and eight ten­ta­cles dec­o­rat­ed with cute hearts!


Pendant Pink Sea Turtle 798939C02

One of our favorite Pan­do­ra Ocean charms, the gor­geous Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Pen­dant (798939C01), is now avail­able in a beau­ti­ful pink. A mix of pink and pur­ple faux crys­tals is insert­ed at the base of the pen­dant, while frost­ed Mura­no glass acts like a tor­toise shell. The shim­mery sequins in the glass sparkle in the light, mak­ing it tru­ly beau­ti­ful. Like the orig­i­nal ver­sion of this charm, the sea turtle’s bel­ly has a sil­ver scale pat­tern with a hid­den heart on one side.


Blue Stone Pan­do­ra Secu­ri­ty Chain 791688C01-05

Pro­tect your ocean trea­sures with this beau­ti­ful ster­ling sil­ver safe­ty chain. The sea-inspired chain is adorned with three blue imi­ta­tion crys­tals placed along the chain to add an ocean­ic touch to your look. Each shack­le has a thread inside to secure the charms to your Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet. The beau­ti­ful blue hue is also per­fect for a Cin­derel­la-themed bracelet.


Cultured Freshwater Pearl, Starfish and Shell Triple Pendant 781690C01

Inspired by ocean trea­sures, this two-tone pen­dant fea­tures three dif­fer­ent pieces to make you take the beach with you! A lumi­nous 14K rose gold plat­ed seashell, a lumi­nous fresh­wa­ter cul­tured pearl and a small starfish adorned with domed microbeads. The sweet mes­sage “You are my trea­sure” is engraved on the oval tem­ple.


Murano Glass Pink Sea Turtle Pendant 788939C01

The stun­ning Mura­no Glass Sea Tur­tle Pen­dant (798939C01) is now avail­able in gor­geous mat­te pink and 14k gold plat­ed met­al. Sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones look ele­gant in a rud­dy bow, while mat­te pink Mura­no glass forms a tor­toise shell. Glit­ter­ing specks catch the light from inside the glass, and the sea turtle’s bel­ly has a carved pat­tern with a hid­den heart.


Airplane, globe and suitcase pendant 789435C01

I hope this year many of us will be able to pack our bags and go on an adven­ture. For those who can trav­el, the Air­plane, Globe and Suit­case Triple Pen­dant makes a won­der­ful sou­venir. Pre­vi­ous­ly avail­able in ster­ling sil­ver and pink enam­el, this charm is now avail­able in 14k rose gold plat­ed. Three trav­el motifs hang from an oval brack­et; a tiny plane, an old-fash­ioned spin­ning globe, and a suit­case adorned with a small pink enam­el heart-shaped “stick­er”.



Sparkling Desert Cac­tus Pen­dant 361687C01

Enjoy the sun with this cute cac­tus pen­dant. Because the cac­tus is a plant that thrives in the heat of the desert, the new Sparkling Desert Cac­tus Pen­dant is a beau­ti­ful sym­bol of resilience and bloom­ing vital­i­ty. Rows of emer­ald green crys­tals con­trast sharply with the 14K gold plat­ed pen­dant. At the top, a lac­quered imi­ta­tion pearl acts like a flower bloom­ing on one of the branch­es of a cac­tus. Wear it to your bracelets, neck­laces or even Pan­do­ra hoop ear­rings.



Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Bracelet with Stitch Bit­ing clasp 591683C01

This year marks the 20th anniver­sary of Walt Dis­ney’s Lilo & Stitch. As a result, Stitch cel­e­brates by doing all sorts of pranks, like tak­ing a big bite out of the clas­sic Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet! The reg­u­lar Pan­do­ra Moments Ban­gle now has a Dis­ney twist, with the mis­chie­vous Stitch hang­ing from the ball clasp and try­ing to bite off a huge chunk. His eyes, ear and nose are paint­ed in black and lilac enam­el, and the cute mes­sage “Love at First Bite” is engraved on the inside of the bracelet. Wear the bracelet alone or com­plete it with pen­dants. Avail­able in three sizes: 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Charm Lilo and Stitch 781682C01

Cel­e­brate what it means to be a fam­i­ly with the new Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Ohana Lilo & Stitch charm. Based on the usu­al heart-shaped charm design, this ster­ling sil­ver charm fea­tures Dis­ney’s favorite Lilo & Stitch char­ac­ters framed by a row of cubic zirko­nia. Wear­ing a red enam­el dress adorned with sil­ver palm fronds, Lilo leans in to kiss Stitch on the cheek. From the look on his face, Stitch is not very impressed! The bright blue enam­el is hand-applied to Stitch’s body with black and lilac enam­el high­light­ing his ears, eyes, and nose. Pink, pur­ple and yel­low hibis­cus flow­ers adorn both sides of the pen­dant, while the heart-warm­ing mes­sage “OHANA means fam­i­ly” is engraved on the back. Below the charm hangs a small 14k rose gold heart, which is also engraved with the word “OHANA”.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Charm Pixar Buzz Lightyear 792024C01

Trav­el to infin­i­ty and beyond with the new Buzz Lightyear charm from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar! This ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant fea­tures the fear­less Space Ranger from Dis­ney and Pixar’s Toy Sto­ry with a con­fi­dent smile. Pur­ple and green enam­el high­light the real­is­tic details of his suit and wings. Look under his foot to see where his own­er wrote his name “ANDY”.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pen­dant Pixar Dory 792025C01

Keep swim­ming and chan­nel your inner opti­mism with the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar Dory Pen­dant! Our favorite for­get­ful fish comes to life with hand-applied enam­el in clear blue, yel­low and black, with raised fin details and a dis­tinc­tive sun­ny smile. Her artic­u­lat­ed tail can move from side to side as if she were actu­al­ly swim­ming.


Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Sharm Pixar Edna 792026C01

Be sassy with the new Edna charm from Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar! The beloved fash­ion icon from Dis­ney and Pixar’s The Incred­i­bles fea­tures real­is­tic details, includ­ing Edna’s pose and facial expres­sions, as well as sig­na­ture black enam­el hair.


Disney x Pandora Pixar Joy Glow in the Dark Memory Sphere Pendant 792028C01

Find your inner joy with the glow-in-the-dark Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar Joy Mem­o­ry Sphere Charm. This ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant reflects the radi­ant and opti­mistic nature of the beloved Dis­ney and Pixar car­toon char­ac­ter Inside Out. Glit­ter blue enam­el adorns her hair, and the Mem­o­ry Sphere is cov­ered in spe­cial glow-in-the-dark enam­el to cap­ture the mag­ic of hap­py mem­o­ries.

Disney x Pandora Pixar Remy Pendant 792029C01

Get inspired by Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar’s new Remy Dan­gle charm and fol­low your dreams! This ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant fea­tures Dis­ney’s Remy and Pixar’s Rata­touille wear­ing his chef’s hat and mak­ing the chef’s kiss ges­ture. Hand-applied pink enam­el adorns his ears and nose, while black enam­el enlivens his eyes.

Disney x Pandora Pendant-pendant Pixar Wall‑E 792030C01

Spread the love of plan­et Earth with the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar Wall‑E Pen­dant. Big Heart Robot from Dis­ney and Pixar Wall‑E is depict­ed in sil­ver with real­is­tic robot details. The com­bi­na­tion of black, red, and glit­tery enam­el on his slant­i­ng eyes cre­ates depth to cap­ture his kind and curi­ous expres­sion, giv­ing the impres­sion of stars reflect­ing in his eyes. My favorite details are the track grooves and the WALL•E logo engraved on the front.

Disney x Pandora Pixar Sharm Sally 792031C01

Har­ness the pow­er of laugh­ter with Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Pixar’s not-so-scary Sul­ley charm! Inspired by Sal­ly, the benev­o­lent mon­ster from Dis­ney and Pixar’s Mon­sters, Inc., this ster­ling sil­ver charm is hand-fin­ished in pur­ple and translu­cent blue enam­el. Sal­ly’s big per­son­al­i­ty shines through in real­is­tic detail, from his horns to his toothy grin.

Pandora Disney Parks Summer Collection 2022

Disney x Pandora Pendant Pirates of the Caribbean 791637C01

Cel­e­brate the 55th anniver­sary of the Pirates of the Caribbean attrac­tion at Walt Dis­ney Park with this swash­buck­ling charm! The dou­ble hang­ing pen­dant fea­tures an inter­est­ing rope-pat­terned shack­le on each side and two hang­ing pieces. In the fore­ground, in a dec­o­ra­tive frame, is an intim­i­dat­ing-look­ing pirate skull mount­ed on two crossed sabers. On the back of the sil­ver disc is the “Black Pearl” at sea with bil­low­ing sails cov­ered in shim­mer­ing translu­cent blue enam­el. The back of the pen­dant is engraved with the Pirates of the Caribbean logo and a raised knot of rope.


Hap­py Place Charm 791672C01

Where is your hap­py place? For many Dis­ney fans, it is locat­ed in one of the Dis­ney parks and this charm makes the per­fect sou­venir. The clas­sic Pan­do­ra but­ton charm fea­tures the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle on one side and col­or­ful fire­works in the back. On the oth­er side are the words “My Hap­py Place” and four bal­loons in the shape of Mick­ey. Cut-out stars adorn the side of the pen­dant, while glit­tery pink, green, pur­ple, yel­low and orange enam­el cre­ate vibrant accents.


Pen­dant Stel­laLou 792032C01

The super cute Stel­laLu is back again in an adorable new Dis­ney Parks pen­dant charm. This dou­ble pen­dant fea­tures Daffy’s friend Stel­laLu wear­ing a tutu and bal­let flats in a clas­sic bal­le­ri­na pose. At the back hangs a beau­ti­ful flo­ral scene in blue, yel­low and pink enam­el. A raised pur­ple enam­el flower adorns the front of the pen­dan­t’s base, while a tiny pur­ple star adorns the back. The back of the sil­ver disc is engraved with the Stel­laLou logo and the words “Dis­ney, Duffy’s Friend, HONG KONG Dis­ney­land”. My favorite detail is the sil­hou­ette of lit­tle Mick­ey on one of Stel­laLou’s ears!

Charm Magic Holiday Book Dangle 799176C01

Pack your bags and get ready for a mag­i­cal adven­ture! Record your mem­o­ries with the adorable Dis­ney Parks Our Mag­ic Book of Hol­i­days pen­dant. A cute open­able book hangs on a shack­le adorned with alter­nat­ing sil­ver and sparkling red stars. Four red cubic zir­co­nia stars also adorn each cor­ner of the book’s cov­er, along with the title “Our Mag­i­cal Vaca­tions”. Open the pages to see the engraved words “Best Day Ever” and a stamped image of the icon­ic Dis­ney cas­tle. A cute Tin­ker Bell and pad­lock motif is also embossed on the back cov­er.


Pen­dant Lin­aBell 781544C01

Lin­aBell is one of Duffy’s new Dis­ney friends. The smart pink fox debuted at Shang­hai Dis­ney­land on Sep­tem­ber 29, 2021. Lena Bell will also debut at Tokyo Dis­ney­Sea and Hong Kong Dis­ney­land in 2022. She loves flow­ers and solves mys­ter­ies and is often seen wear­ing a pur­ple orchid and hold­ing a mag­ni­fy­ing glass.

This two-tone pen­dant is the per­fect way to cel­e­brate Lena Bel­l’s arrival at the Dis­ney parks. Dis­ney Parks Climb­ing vines and leaves adorn the sil­ver shack­le with tiny stars and sparkling laven­der cubic zir­co­nia front and back. Lumi­nous in a 14k rose gold fin­ish, Lina Bell dan­gles below, hold­ing up her long, bushy tail. Beau­ti­ful lilac enam­el is hand applied to the orchid, cre­at­ing a super cute charm!


Head Hoop Pen­dant Min­nie Mouse 781581C01

The Min­nie Mouse pen­dant is back! This ver­sion of the Min­nie Mouse from Dis­ney Parks head­band fea­tures a beau­ti­ful two-tone design plat­ed in ster­ling sil­ver and 14k rose gold. A clas­sic Min­nie Mouse head­band dan­gles under a slen­der head­band embell­ished with clear cubic zir­co­nia stones. Min­nie’s icon­ic bow is plat­ed in beau­ti­ful 14k rose gold and adorned with sparkling stones. The ears are fit­ted with addi­tion­al cubic zir­co­nia stones that are light­ly oxi­dized giv­ing them a dark­er look com­pared to the pol­ished sil­ver band.

Pandora Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Charm Pendant 791674C01

Cel­e­brate 30 years of Dis­ney­land Paris with this com­mem­o­ra­tive charm! This dou­ble pen­dant is embell­ished with details, start­ing with pink crys­tals and clear cubic zir­co­nia stars set at the shack­le. Below are two sil­ver ele­ments. Framed at the front, Dis­ney’s Mag­i­cal Cas­tle is depict­ed in intri­cate detail, with star-shaped fire­works explod­ing in the back. Behind, a sil­ver disc dan­gles, hand-paint­ed in lus­trous blue enam­el with the 30th Anniver­sary logo in shades of pink and magen­ta. Del­i­cate sil­ver beads form a bor­der, while the back of the pen­dant is adorned with stars and engraved with the Dis­ney­land Paris logo.


Pandora ME Goals Open Ring 191893C00

Achieve your goals with the new Pan­do­ra ME Goals Open Ring! This sil­ver state­ment piece fea­tures the word “Goals” on a con­tin­u­ous line lead­ing to the ring. Wear it as a reminder to believe in your­self and achieve your goals. Please note that attempt­ing to reshape an open ring your­self may dam­age the ring.

Pandora ME Vibes ring 181986C00

This eye-catch­ing 14k rose gold-plat­ed acces­so­ry fea­tures the word ‘vibes’ on an unbro­ken line that flows into the ring. Wear yours and live your atmos­phere every day. Please note that attempt­ing to reshape an open ring your­self may dam­age the ring.


Pandora ME hoop earring in bright orange 291982C01

Feel the free­dom and lim­it­less pow­er of style with the Pan­do­ra ME Hoop Ear­ring! This pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver sin­gle hoop ear­ring fea­tures bright orange enam­el on the ring that glows under UV light. Equipped with a cara­bin­er for easy per­son­al­iza­tion, you can attach up to five mini charms or one medal­lion to the hoop.

Double Link Pandora ME Styling Tie-Dye 791904C01

Give your­self a care­free and col­or­ful vibe with this dou­ble link Pan­do­ra ME Styling Tie-Dye. Two inter­lock­ing links fea­ture a sheer enam­el gra­di­ent over ster­ling sil­ver for a unique tie-dye effect in teal, yel­low and pur­ple. The inside of each link is pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver to pre­vent scratch­ing of the enam­el. Style on Pan­do­ra ME link bracelets, neck­laces or ear­rings. Styling Tip: One dou­ble link is the same length as a styling link or four small links for end­less styling pos­si­bil­i­ties.


Pandora ME Styling Double Link Hot Orange 791971C01

Col­or your look and spice up your link chains with Pan­do­ra ME Styling’s bright orange dou­ble link. This dou­ble link, made up of two inter­lock­ing links cov­ered in bright orange enam­el, glows under ultra­vi­o­let light. The inside of each link is pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver to pre­vent scratch­ing of the enam­el. Wear with Pan­do­ra ME link bracelets or neck­laces or hang it on ear­rings for a unique accent. Styling Tip: One dou­ble link is the same length as a styling link or four small links for end­less styling pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Pandora ME Styling Heart Connector 791973C01

Cre­ate the look you love by adding this Pan­do­ra ME Styling Heart Con­nec­tor to your Pan­do­ra ME jew­el­ry. Hand fin­ished in translu­cent pur­ple enam­el, the inside of each link is pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver to pre­vent scratch­ing of the enam­el. Attach it to your Pan­do­ra ME chain bracelets or neck­laces to choose the shape and length of your jew­el­ry, then adorn up to eight of your favorite mini charms or up to three medal­lions. The heart-shaped con­nec­tor loop opens inward with a spring return func­tion to make jew­el­ry as easy and safe as pos­si­ble.


Pandora me Round Tie-dye Connector 792000C01

This round con­nec­tor is adorned with flut­ed lines under a clear enam­el with a gra­di­ent of yel­low, pur­ple and teal. The inside of each link is pol­ished ster­ling sil­ver to pre­vent scratch­ing of the enam­el. Attach it to your Pan­do­ra ME link bracelets or neck­laces to choose the shape and length of your jew­el­ry, then adorn up to eight of your favorite mini charms or up to three medal­lions. The styling con­nec­tor hinge opens inward with a spring return func­tion, mak­ing per­son­al­iz­ing your jew­el­ry as easy and secure as pos­si­ble.

Pandora me Love It Double Link 781699C01

Car­ry sym­bols of pos­i­tiv­i­ty wher­ev­er you go with Pan­do­ra ME Styling Love It Dou­ble Link. Craft­ed from 14k rose gold, this dou­ble link is shaped like a heart, embell­ished with three cubic zirko­nia and the num­ber 1. Styling Tip: One dou­ble link is the same length as the styling link, or four small links for end­less styling pos­si­bil­i­ties.


Pendant Pandora ME Light Me Up 781909C01

Chan­nel your inner strength with the Pan­do­ra ME Light Me Up Mini Pen­dant, adorned with two blue faux crys­tals and bold enam­el in a fear­less orange to red gra­di­ent. Light­ning is a sym­bol of cre­ativ­i­ty, strength and intu­ition. This mini charm is craft­ed to pair styl­ish­ly with Pan­do­ra ME open­ing con­nec­tors for bracelets, neck­laces, rings and hoops.

Pandora me Rainbow Heart Medallion 791793C01

Inspired by the rain­bow as a sym­bol of hope and free­dom, this asym­met­ri­cal heart pen­dant fea­tures iri­des­cent enam­el and a range of pur­ple faux crys­tals. This heart-shaped lock­et has a closed shack­le and is inspired by Pan­do­ra ME’s open­able con­nec­tors for styl­ish bracelets, neck­laces, rings and hoops, a cel­e­bra­tion of your authen­tic per­son­al­i­ty.


Pandora me Solar Power Medallion 781965C01

Feel warm with the Pan­do­ra ME Sun Pow­er Medal­lion, a sym­bol of ener­gy, vital­i­ty and empow­er­ment. This col­or­ful geo­met­ric sun medal­lion fea­tures 14k rose gold plat­ing and hand-applied enam­el embell­ished with clear cubic zir­co­nia. This lock­et has a closed shack­le and is inspired by the Pan­do­ra ME open­able con­nec­tors for bracelets, neck­laces, rings and hoops.

What do you think of the Pan­do­ra Sum­mer 2022 col­lec­tion? What prod­ucts are on your wish list?


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