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Autumn collection Pandora 2021

Get back to nature with the Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion…

Sim­ple tones and deep hues make for a stun­ning back­drop for the Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion. Inspired by nature, the col­lec­tion is filled with beau­ti­ful pine cones and leaves, as well as a fun array of new hob­by-themed charms.

Along with the new charms, the fall 2021 col­lec­tion also includes cre­ative ways to dec­o­rate your Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry with inter­est­ing charm hold­ers. As well as incred­i­ble new items from the Pan­do­ra Star Wars and Pan­do­ra Dis­ney col­lec­tions!



Pandora Moments Disc Clasp Bracelet

Express your style with the disc-engraved Pan­do­ra Moments Ser­pen­tine Bracelet. The bracelet is adorned with the icon­ic Pan­do­ra snake chain, with addi­tion­al engrav­ing on the disc-shaped clasp. One side of the clasp is stamped with the Pan­do­ra logo, but both sides have room to engrave your per­son­al inscrip­tion, such as ini­tials or an impor­tant date.


Bracelet double Pandora Moments

Dou­ble up the style with the Pan­do­ra Moments chain bracelet with bar­rel clasp. This dou­ble-wrapped bracelet fea­tures the icon­ic snake chain and four strands for end­less looks. Glit­ter­ing, clear zir­co­nia stones are set in a bar­rel-style clasp for a glam­orous look. Can be worn on a bracelet for up to 18–25 charms or pen­dants, or worn as a neck­lace!


Pandora Moments Heart Clasp Bracelet

Show off your cre­ativ­i­ty with this bracelet. Charms can be worn both on a snake chain and on a heart-shaped clasp. The heart-shaped clasp works like a cara­bin­er, but can also be adorned with two charms or pen­dants!


Bracelet for engraving Pandora (599523C00)

Brand new Pan­do­ra engraved link bracelet. In the mid­dle of the volu­mi­nous sil­ver chain bracelet is a pol­ished sil­ver bar, which can be engraved with ini­tials, an impor­tant date or a spe­cial mes­sage. The cara­bin­er clasp allows you to adjust the size of the bracelet by one size.


Rose Sparkling Heart Pandora Bracelet (589543C01)

Add some pop of col­or with the new sparkling heart-shaped chain bracelet. 14K rose gold plat­ed snake chain bracelet with syn­thet­ic rubies and pink crys­tals on a cylin­der clasp. A tiny heart hangs from the bot­tom of the clasp.



Charm Pandora Dancing Queen (799524C01)

The new open­work charm is per­fect for ABBA fans or just those who love to dance! At the top of the charm, above the danc­ing queen inscrip­tion, is a sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia stone. It is he who depicts a dis­co ball with the words “Danc­ing queen”. A mix of lit­tle hearts and stars are scat­tered around the charm to get you into the par­ty vibe.


Charm Gratitude (799527C01)

The Thank­ful Heart and Stars charm is a sweet reminder to be thank­ful for all the hap­pi­ness in your life. Tiny stars are depict­ed on the heart shaped charm, while larg­er stars extend beyond the charm. One side is engraved with the word “Grate­ful” and the oth­er with the word “Blessed”. Bright blue crys­tals attract with their radi­ance from three stars.


Charm Pandora cute mushroom (799528C01)

Add some play­ful­ness and fun to your bracelet with these mush­rooms! The new Cute Mush­room charm is real­ly cute and looks like a char­ac­ter from Nin­ten­do. Expres­sive black­en­ing and tex­ture dec­o­rates the top of the mush­room with pol­ished dots and hearts. Glit­ter­ing black crys­tal eyes peek out from under the mush­room, and tiny mush­room-shaped arms hang down the sides. This fun charm is one of my favorites from the Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion.


American Football Pendant (799530C01)

Although tech­ni­cal­ly the sym­bol of Amer­i­can foot­ball, this pen­dant can be used as an Aus­tralian foot­ball or ruby ​​ball. The brown skin of the ball is depict­ed with many micro-crys­tals of brown col­or, and tiny trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stones are insert­ed into the base. Sil­ver lace details adorn one side of the charm, while the oblong side is engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo.


Charm Master Chef (799531C01)

The culi­nary themed pen­dant con­sists of three sus­pend­ed ele­ments: a spat­u­la, a whisk and a fry­ing pan. Two sparkling cubic zir­co­nia stones are a gourmet plat­ter on the front of a tiny fry­ing pan with carved hearts on the back. This fun charm is just a god­send for gourmets and chefs.


Pandora Red Apple Murano Glass (799534C01)

The new Mura­no glass red apple charm is sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous­ly released Snow White’s Red Apple (791572EN73) and Poi­soned Apple (797486CZRMX) charms. How­ev­er, instead of glossy red enam­el, this pen­dant uses beau­ti­ful apple-shaped red Mura­no glass. My favorite details are the heart shaped stem and engraved leaf. Sparkling trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia are placed in a thin oval base of the pen­dant.


Charm Kitten with a ball (799535C00)

This charm is one of my favorite charms from the Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion. Rolling on its back, the kit­ten plays with a ball of wool. Engraved details and cor­ru­gat­ed lines imi­tate fur spots, on the paws — embossed pads. Black­ened lines empha­size the kit­ten’s cute face, and its tail curls around its back. A small pen­dant engraved with the word “ME♥️ W” hangs from a ball of wool. This charm is def­i­nite­ly one of my favorites!


Pendant Shopping Bag Pandora (799536C00)

The Pan­do­ra shop­ping bag is per­fect for Pan­do­ra lovers! This pen­dant is a new ver­sion of the Pan­do­ra shop­ping bag (791184). A Pan­do­ra bag hangs from a sleek sil­ver base. Both sides of the bag are adorned with an engraved Pan­do­ra logo and the icon­ic Pan­do­ra bow is tied at the front. A tiny heart-shaped charm engraved with “I love shop­ping” dan­gles from the han­dle of the bag.


Pandora Pendant Opening Heart Locket (799537C01)

This heart-shaped medal­lion pen­dant fea­tures sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia on the front. Open the lock­et to reveal the engraved mes­sage “Be always in my heart”. Tiny clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set into the base of the pen­dant for added glam­our.


Pandora Pendant Sister’s Bound Heart (799538C01)

Share your sis­ter­ly love! This pen­dant fea­tures two inter­con­nect­ed open hearts, each adorned with sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia and an engraved mes­sage. One says “Sis­ter” and the oth­er says “Sis­ter”. Both hearts are adorned with tiny heart cutouts and “I will always have a friend” slo­gan. Two hearts can be sep­a­rat­ed so that one can be worn and the oth­er giv­en to a sis­ter.


Pendant Pandora 15th Anniversary (799540C01)

The pen­dant with the num­ber 15 is pol­ished on the front side, and dec­o­rat­ed with microbeads and hearts on the back. A small pavé crown dan­gles from the front of the pen­dant. And addi­tion­al cubic zir­co­nias are insert­ed into the base of the pen­dant.


Purple Green Leaf Charm (799542C01)

Add nat­u­ral­ness to your look with this charm. The translu­cent pur­ple and dark green enam­el is incred­i­bly com­bined with the translu­cent tex­tured details of the sheet. Although this charm is based on the shape of a leaf, it also resem­bles a tree and will look beau­ti­ful in any nature themed style.


Pendant Sport Love Pandora (799545C01)

I can final­ly lift a dumb­bell! This pen­dant charm fea­tures a tiny dumb­bell sus­pend­ed inside an open heart. The han­dle is cov­ered in translu­cent pink enam­el, and a heart is embossed on each end of the dumb­bell.


Pandora Cats in Love Pendant (799546C01)

This pen­dant fea­tures two cats in love on the front, with their tails curled togeth­er to form a heart. Trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia dec­o­rate the tail of one cat and the col­lar of anoth­er cat. One cat is adorned with shim­mer­ing hand-applied sil­ver enam­el, while the oth­er is adorned with pol­ished sil­ver. On the oth­er side of the pen­dant, stars sparkle and the mes­sage “I will always be by your side” is engraved. Addi­tion­al stars adorn both the reverse side of the pen­dant and the for­ma­tion itself.


Pendant Korean Hanbok Doll (799499C01)

This doll pen­dant will be a won­der­ful sou­venir of Kore­an cul­ture. This Kore­an doll wears a han­bok dress, a tra­di­tion­al dress worn in Kore­an fes­ti­vals and cer­e­monies. The dress is dec­o­rat­ed with green and pink hand­made enam­el, while the hair, acces­sories and eyes of the doll are applied with black and pink enam­el. The base of the pen­dant is set with a pink cubic zir­co­nia stone engraved with the word “KOREA”.


Charm Pig with Pandora coin (799549C00)

Pan­do­ra has released sev­er­al pig­gy bank charms over the years, but this is the first time it has includ­ed a coin. Tex­tured lines are engraved on the edge of the coin, in the cen­ter is an engraved heart on one side and Pan­do­ra’s Crown O on the oth­er. The pol­ished sil­ver pig has heart-shaped paws, an upturned muz­zle, and a curled tail.


Charm Rubber Duck Pandora (799554C01)

“Oh, Rub­ber Ducky, it’s you. Swim­ming with you is real­ly fun! Show your love for tak­ing a bath or Sesame Street with the new Pol­ished Rub­ber Duck charm! This cute and whim­si­cal piece fea­tures an orange enam­el beak and black eyes. This quirky duck has a fluffy tail and cute bangs on its head.


Pandora Matte Green Murano Glass Charm (799555C00)

Gor­geous frost­ed Mura­no glass is now also avail­able in stun­ning Parisian green. This rich shade is per­fect for fall styles and pairs well with oth­er pieces in the col­lec­tion, such as the Vio­let Green Leaf charm (799542C01).


Pavé Feather Pendant (799561C01)

The sus­pen­sion con­sists of two discs. On the front there is an open­work pat­tern in the form of a large feath­er, bent into a frame, with V‑shaped birds in the dis­tance. The rear disc of the sus­pen­sion is adorned with a mix of pink cubic zir­co­nia and pink and pur­ple crys­tals for a warm hue. The back is engraved with the mes­sage “Spread love every­where you go.” A bright pur­ple stone is insert­ed into the base of the pen­dant.


Glittering Heart Pendant (799558C01)

Sur­pris­ing­ly, Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 has a fair amount of heart jew­el­ry. These sparkling hearts are fea­tured on a flat disc dec­o­rat­ed with a hand-cut heart pat­tern. Syn­thet­ic rubies and pink crys­tals are insert­ed into the hearts, which can also be seen on the back of the disc. The mas­sive ster­ling sil­ver base is engraved with a repeat­ing “I love you” inscrip­tion.


Sparkling ruby ​​red heart charm (798692C02)

Anoth­er love-themed charm is a sparkling ruby ​​red heart that appears to be hand-drawn. The open heart is adorned with bril­liant-cut syn­thet­ic rubies on both sides, while the edge of the charm is adorned with hearts and “X” sym­bols for a play­ful “XOXO” look.


Pandora Tape Clip (799502C00)

The new rib­bon clip has a sim­i­lar design to the braid­ed clip (791774). Both clips have a cross pat­tern, but in this ver­sion the lines are flat­ter and pol­ished like rib­bons. This clip does not have a sil­i­cone han­dle, so it will slide over the bracelet.


Charm Intertwined Hearts Pandora Rose (789529C01)

This hand­made 14k rose gold plat­ed charm fea­tures three inter­twined open heart shapes. The large heart has a pol­ished sur­face, anoth­er has grooved lines, and the third is embell­ished with pink cubic zirko­nia. On the edge of the charm are engraved the words “Love For­ev­er” (Love for­ev­er) and “Always” (Con­stant­ly).


Charm barrel with Pandora heart (789548C01)

The hand­made heart bar­rel charm match­es the clasp design on the Pan­do­ra Sparkling Free­hand chain bracelet. Syn­thet­ic rubies and pink crys­tals of dif­fer­ent sizes are insert­ed into the charm bar­rel. A tiny hand-shaped heart detail dan­gles grace­ful­ly from the bot­tom.


Pendant Glittering Heart Pandora Pavé (789565C01)

Hand-drawn hearts con­tin­ue in this stun­ning pen­dant. Pen­dant in 14K rose gold plat­ed met­al, hand-set with syn­thet­ic rubies and rose crys­tal pavé. Glit­ter­ing stones are also vis­i­ble through on the oth­er side.


Pandora sparkling feather pendant (789550C01)

Hand­craft­ed 14k rose gold plat­ed met­al and a tex­tured nib that curves from the base. A line of translu­cent, bril­liant-cut cubic zirko­nia shines from the mid­dle of the feath­er. Addi­tion­al stones are insert­ed into the base for extra shine.


Pendant Pandora oak leaf (789552C01)

Oak leaf pen­dant, per­fect for a nature theme, hand­craft­ed in 14K rose gold plat­ed met­al, embell­ished with pink cubic zirko­nia and sparkling pur­ple and pink crys­tals. Microbead­ing adorns the front of the leaf while the back is adorned with engraved lines. Insert­ed into the base, pur­ple stones fade into pink, cre­at­ing a beau­ti­ful ombre effect.


Pendant Pandora pine cone (789557C01)

The dan­gling pinecone is one of my favorite charms from the Pan­do­ra Autumn 2021 col­lec­tion. This pen­dant is hand-fin­ished in 14k rose gold plat­ed met­al and con­sists of two pieces. A beau­ti­ful tex­tured pine cone is dec­o­rat­ed with trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia. A nee­dle leaf dan­gles from the back with a cute heart detail at one end. Clear stones are set in a thin base for extra sparkle.


Matte Purple Murano Glass Pandora Charm (789547C00)

Frost­ed Mura­no glass is also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful roy­al pur­ple that looks stun­ning against a 14k rose gold plat­ed back­drop. This rich shade is per­fect for fall styles and pairs beau­ti­ful­ly with frost­ed green Mura­no glass.


Pandora Rose Ribbon Clip (789502C00)

Clip in 14k rose gold. The band lines are flat and pol­ished, and this clip does not have a sil­i­cone han­dle, so it will slide over the bracelet.


Security chain Family (789541C01)

Keep your charms safe with this styl­ish chain in ster­ling sil­ver and rose gold plat­ed met­al. This thread­ed chain has two hang­ing hearts. One is an open heart in warm tones with an infin­i­ty sign, and the oth­er is a heart shaped sil­ver disc engraved with “Fam­i­ly” on the front. A band of clear cubic zir­co­nia is laid at each end of the secu­ri­ty chain.


Pandora Shine Logo Clip (769042C01)

Add sparkle to your look with sparkling pavé lines and the Pan­do­ra logo. Hand­craft­ed in 585 gold-plat­ed met­al, this clip is embell­ished with two rows of sparkling clear cubic zir­co­nia pavé. The cen­ter of the raised row fea­tures the Pan­do­ra logo with del­i­cate microbeads on the sides. Both sides of the clip are embossed with hearts.


Security chain with Pave Shine (766322C01-05)

Keep your charms safe with that spark­ly chain. Hand­craft­ed in 14k gold plat­ed met­al and embell­ished with clip-on charms at each end. Each clip is embell­ished with sparkling clear cubic zirko­nia in var­i­ous sizes, cre­at­ing a pleas­ing con­trast against the warm-toned met­al. Sil­i­cone grips are inside each clip, which means they won’t fit into the threads.



Disney heart clasp bracelet (569563C01)

Inspired by the Dis­ney princess­es, this Pan­do­ra Moments bracelet fea­tures a mag­i­cal heart-shaped clasp with 14K gold plat­ed details. One side of the clasp resem­bles the bust of a dress, and trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia are insert­ed into the low­er half. The back of the clasp is engraved with the mes­sage “Nev­er give up on your dreams.” Under the clasp hangs a small 14K gold plat­ed heart with a tiny crown embossed on one side and a sparkling stone on the oth­er side.


Rose Belle Disney Pendant (399525C01)

Belle’s style is cap­tured in a beau­ti­ful Dis­ney pen­dant. This ster­ling sil­ver pen­dant has a vin­tage look and fea­tures a large yel­low cabo­chon cut crys­tal placed inside the infin­i­ty sym­bol. The pen­dant is embell­ished with details rem­i­nis­cent of grapes, includ­ing thorns, leaves and a branched rose. Behind the stone is a sec­ond rose, which can be seen through a glow­ing yel­low crys­tal. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in a del­i­cate pen­dant base for added sparkle.


Disney Snow White Apple Pendant (399553C01)

Tell the sto­ry of Snow White and the Sev­en Dwarfs with this cute pen­dant. The large red cabo­chon-cut crys­tal is an apple with a sil­ver leaf pro­trud­ing from a heart-shaped bezel. Trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nia stones are insert­ed into the side parts of the base of the pen­dant. A tiny open heart cov­ered with stones is hid­den behind a bright red crys­tal.


Disney Cinderella Blue Star Pendant (399560C01)

A large blue cubic zir­co­nia sparkles in the cen­ter of the asym­met­ri­cal star. Two sil­ver swirls are locat­ed on the side of the stone, form­ing a car­riage shape, and anoth­er small carved gourd car­riage is locat­ed behind the gem. Clear cubic zir­co­nia stones are set in the longer edges of the pen­dant as well as the thin base.


Disney Rapunzel Charm (799498C01)

The new charms from the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra Princess col­lec­tion are the same size as the Har­ry Pot­ter X Pan­do­ra charms and come in a col­or that is spe­cif­ic to each princess. Rapun­zel’s dress is hand-fin­ished with lilac and shim­mery laven­der enam­el, and beau­ti­ful enam­el flow­ers are scat­tered through her hair.


Charm Jasmine Disney (799507C01)

Princess Jas­mine’s out­fit is hand-fin­ished in shim­mery translu­cent turquoise enam­el, while her neck­lace and ear­rings are fin­ished in bright yel­low enam­el. As with the Har­ry Pot­ter char­ac­ter, the new Dis­ney princess charms have fair­ly large heads com­pared to their body size.


Charm Little Mermaid Ariel Disney (799508C01)

Ariel’s sig­na­ture col­ors adorn the Dis­ney x Pan­do­ra The Lit­tle Mer­maid charm. Hand-fin­ished translu­cent green enam­el cov­ers Ariel’s tail, while dark pur­ple enam­el is applied to her top and hair­band. Inter­est­ing­ly, Ariel isn’t wear­ing her icon­ic shell biki­ni but is instead dressed in a ban­deau top.


Disney Cinderella Charm (799509C01)

The charm is dec­o­rat­ed with hand­made enam­el. Cin­derel­la’s dress is dec­o­rat­ed with enam­el from azure to arc­tic shades. Both the ear­rings and Cin­derel­la’s head­band are also embell­ished with bright blue enam­el, which adds even more vibran­cy to them.


Charm Princess Tiana Disney (799510C01)

Four col­ors of enam­el dec­o­rate this superb charm from The Princess and the Frog. Sparkling green enam­el adorns the top of Tiana’s dress, while the under­skirt is embell­ished with but­tery yel­low enam­el. The coat is hand­made in apple green shades, and the beau­ti­ful tiara is dec­o­rat­ed with translu­cent olive enam­el.


Madame Leota’s Haunted Mansion Pendant (799514C00)

Madame Leo­ta’s haunt­ed man­sion is a great option for fan­ta­sy lovers. The pen­dant is dec­o­rat­ed with an oval disk with a relief image of Madame Leo­ta’s tomb­stone. On the reverse side is an engraved mes­sage: “Dear sweet Leo­ta, beloved by all. Now she does not live with us, but is present at the ball. The front is a sil­ver frame adorned with intri­cate flo­ral embell­ish­ments.



Pendant Star Wars Falcon (769504C01)

The new pen­dants from the Star Wars series are very sim­i­lar to the orig­i­nal exclu­sive ver­sion. The hang­ing ele­ment on the new charm is plat­ed in 14 carat gold. The Star Wars logo is engraved on one side of the gold-plat­ed charm, while the reverse side is engraved with Han Solo’s quote: “Nev­er tell me about the odds.”


Star Wars Yoda Pendant (799501C01)

Yoda is one of my favorite Star Wars char­ac­ters and I’m sure the new charm will 100% be a fan favorite. This dou­ble pen­dant is inspired by the famous scene on the swampy plan­et of Dagob­ah. Hang­ing from the front is a sil­ver open­work design depict­ing the wise Yoda stand­ing with his chimera stick in the cen­ter of an ivy frame. Hand-applied translu­cent green and blue enam­el is vis­i­ble on the for­est disk, and Yoda’s advice is engraved on the back: “Do it. Or don’t. Don’t try.” An emer­ald green stone is insert­ed into the base, which is also engraved with the inscrip­tion “JEDI MASTER”.


Charm Star Wars Han Solo and Leia (799506C00)

A new amulet from the Star Wars col­lec­tion, Han Solo and Leia’s kiss illus­trates an icon­ic scene from the Star Wars movie. One side of the amulet depicts Han Solo and Princess Leia about to kiss. While the famous Mil­len­ni­um Fal­con space­ship flies among the stars. The side of the charm is engraved with the words “I love you” and “I know” among tiny stars.


Baby Yoda Charm in Star Wars Lullaby (799511C01)

Every­one’s favorite child on the charm! Grog, baby Yoda, the star of The Man­dalo­ri­an, sits com­fort­ably in his lul­la­by, wav­ing his “mag­ic hands”. Black­en­ing empha­sizes the details of the crib, while Grog’s large eyes are hand-paint­ed in high-gloss black enam­el. Although I already have Charm Baby Yoda (799253C01), the new charm is already on my wish list! It’s so cute!


Clip Death Star Star Wars (799513C00)

The dark gray niel­lo high­lights the intri­cate details of the space sta­tion. The clip has a pre­cise design and includes a crater on one side that hous­es the Empire’s dead­ly super­laser.


Pandora Collection Fall 2021 Charm Holders


Heart Charm Holder Pandora Moments

Cre­ate a styl­ish asym­met­ri­cal look with this charm hold­er. This heart-shaped coast­er fea­tures an open­ing hard snake chain and a ball clasp engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo. The hold­er can be dec­o­rat­ed with five pen­dants or charms. For com­fort and safe­ty, it is rec­om­mend­ed to wear it on a thick chain.


Pandora Moments Pendant Keychain (399566C00)

Now you have more oppor­tu­ni­ties to show off your favorite Pan­do­ra jew­el­ry with a new key ring. This ster­ling sil­ver key­chain includes a charm hold­er that is rem­i­nis­cent of the Pan­do­ra O pen­dant. and holds a max­i­mum of three charms or pen­dants. The key ring also has a small dan­gling charm engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo.


Pandora Moments Small Bag Keychain (399567C00)

The Pan­do­ra Moments small bag key­chain has a more com­pact look with a large sil­ver cara­bin­er engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo and mono­gram. Small rings con­nect the pen­dant hold­er to let­ter O style with clasp. The key­chain hold­er holds a max­i­mum of three charms or pen­dants.


Pandora Moments Medium Bag Keychain (399571C00)

Proud­ly show off your style with the new Pan­do­ra Moments Medi­um Bag Hang­er. This bag pen­dant fea­tures a large cara­bin­er engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo and mono­gram. Sus­pend­ed from a snake chain, the charm hold­er resem­bles the Medi­um O Pen­dant and holds up to five charms or pen­dants.



Ring Radiant Pandora Leaves (199533C01)

Two thin sheets meet on either side of a pol­ished sil­ver band. Each leaf is adorned with rows of round-cut trans­par­ent cubic zirko­nia. The two leaves are curved togeth­er and inter­sect at the ends, cre­at­ing a touch of ele­gance.


Ring Radiant Leaves Pandora Rose (189533C01)

The Shin­ing Leaves ring is also avail­able in rose gold plat­ing. I pre­fer the pink ver­sion as the ring takes on an autum­nal look when paired with sparkling leaves.


Ring Three Stripe Pandora Shine (169057C01)

The ring from the Pre-Fall 2021 col­lec­tion is also avail­able in 14k gold. In this design, the three diag­o­nal stripes over­lap each oth­er. One inner band is engraved with the Pan­do­ra logo and the oth­er inner band is pol­ished sil­ver. Zir­co­nia pavé adorns the out­er band with beau­ti­ful microbeads. All three bands merge togeth­er at the back of the ring.


Pandora Shine Crown Ring (168289C01)

The clas­sic Crown ring is now avail­able in beau­ti­ful 14k gold plat­ing. A large clear zir­co­nia cen­ter stone is set into a crown shape that ris­es above the ring. Tiny shiny stones are also set in the front of the ring and around the base of the crown.



Pandora snake hoop earrings (299532C00)

Cre­ate a unique look with hoop ear­rings. The sil­ver hoops are adorned with the icon­ic Pan­do­ra Ser­pen­tine motif and are the same size as the small Pan­do­ra O pen­dant. Each hoop can hold up to three charms or pen­dants. Be care­ful not to over­load the hoops as they can weigh down your ears.


Pandora Double Snake Hoop Earrings (299562C00)

Embell­ish your style with dou­ble hoop ear­rings. Each ear­ring fea­tures Pan­do­ra’s sig­na­ture snake pat­tern. The low­er hoops open up to accom­mo­date up to three charms or pen­dants. The bot­tom hoop is for the charms to point for­ward and frame your face nice­ly.


Pandora Rose Snake Hoop Earrings (289532C00)

The new hoop ear­rings are also avail­able in a beau­ti­ful 14k rose gold plat­ed met­al fin­ish. Up to three charms or pen­dants can be placed on each hoop, cre­at­ing an orig­i­nal style. Be care­ful not to over­load the hoops as they can weigh down your ears.


Stud Earrings Sparkling Crown Shine (268311C01)

The Glit­ter­ing Crown Stud Ear­rings are now avail­able in 14k gold plat­ed. The ear­rings are adorned with rose cut clear cubic zir­co­nia in a crown set­ting. Inspired by Pan­do­ra’s icon­ic Crown O mono­gram, stud ear­rings look like crowns when viewed from the side.


Pandora Shine Heart Hoop Earrings (266317C01)

The pret­ty Heart hoop ear­rings are now avail­able in 14k gold plat­ing. Sparkling trans­par­ent cubic zir­co­nias are insert­ed into both the out­er and inner parts of the hoop, and the edges are dec­o­rat­ed with a pat­tern in the form of hearts. Geo­met­ric, sophis­ti­cat­ed and ver­sa­tile — all this is about these ear­rings.



Pandora Cable Braid Chain (399564C00)

This clas­sic style thick cable chain neck­lace can be worn in three sizes: 42cm, 43cm and 45cm. Its stur­dy sil­ver chain can hold small, medi­um or large Pan­do­ra O pen­dants, mak­ing this neck­lace the per­fect choice to show­case your favorite pen­dants and keep them close to your heart.


Pendant Heart Pandora Rose (389384C00)

Cre­ate an asym­met­ri­cal look with this 18-karat pink gold plat­ed pen­dant. The heart-shaped pen­dant is dec­o­rat­ed with the leg­endary snake orna­ment. It can be com­plet­ed with three pen­dants or charms. The Pan­do­ra logo is engraved on one side of the ball clasp, and a heart is engraved on the back. This pen­dant is designed to be worn on a thick chain for com­fort and safe­ty.


The Pan­do­ra Autumn Col­lec­tion will be launched glob­al­ly both in stores and online on Thurs­day, July 29, 2021.

The Pan­do­ra Fall 2021 col­lec­tion is sim­ply incred­i­ble! I love the new charm hold­ers and am excit­ed to have new oppor­tu­ni­ties to show­case my favorite Pan­do­ra charms. The Pan­do­ra Moments ear­rings also look great and I love the styl­ized images with the mix of dif­fer­ent details hang­ing from each ear­ring.

My favorite charms from the col­lec­tion are green and pur­ple frost­ed mura­no glass charm, cute mush­room, kit­ty yarn charms and pinecone. The Star Wars charms are also just adorable…!

What do you like about the new collection? Leave your feedback and pre-orders in our Telegram group.


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